Phil Hartman tries helping wife with acting jobs as her drug abuse continues: Part 6

After Hartman tried and failed to develop two shows in which his wife Brynn would have roles, he moved on to star in the sitcom “NewsRadio.” Brynn, meanwhile, was in and out of rehab.
7:49 | 09/20/19

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Transcript for Phil Hartman tries helping wife with acting jobs as her drug abuse continues: Part 6
If the early ninety's and funny man Phil Hartman has the walled up for a he's got this fantastic career beautiful family in this wonderful house in Los Angeles. Please welcome fell Hartmann mr. Phil Hartman Mike. When he's not working with his family he can be found on the late night talk shows or if there's another one of TV's funniest stars bill heartland now. It was a guy. Whenever he was available to do show we've taken bill was on Letterman thirteen times that gives you an example of how highly thought of he was a go to guy always come on prepare the Letterman always trusted him and he knew the importance of getting that punchline. You'll like for your cigarette phenomenons look at it. He's a very entertaining talk show guest I want to thank you and your wife for a on your house. The voices in the gags are perfect for late night TV but in an air do you get little glimpses into the real guy. He talks about having a variety show well I'm gonna do my own show for NBC the Phil show its will be a sketch comedy show. Stillborn in the young comedy writers Kevin and Brian mall turned to develop the shell. Bush is going to be a series of sketches commercial charities not unlike what you would see on Saturday Night Live. But this one would be more fill centric. I am. And Kevin until arm and calling them back yard they're very angry and Alex and LA it's kind of stuff. I'm Craig. My wife Graham. So remember bridges and after fills to get hers and acting more. So still wants actually create a park for his wife and his Michelle and friends would seek. His assistance in her career. He told me that she. Pestered him over and over. That was a stress or in their relationship. The first time she'll run the prospect of bringing grin on as a cast member. Was a little bit awkward. My brother and I were both huge fans of Jan hooks and we thought that she would be perfect. In immediately. Key shot it down. Phil said my wife I think would be a perfect foil for me at which point my brother and I looked at each other and said. Well if she funny he said in her own way and we thought oh. And the more that he talked about it I can see that this was more about us. Trying to work on the marriage and placate her more so than maybe her being the most qualified. Person to do that job. They'll also try to develop a sitcom with a role program. She had a very prominent role in that I would have separate meetings with both of them and they all loved what I was writing and we had. Just hilarious times together. But neither that sitcom northern variety show ever made it to the pilot states. You're talking about going on to to start your own variety show the Phil show that's right half its not gonna happen but. He called for you know what I decided I just might be an actor in BC has the show called Newsradio. And it's. Perfect role for him. And so I'm just gonna do dance. At a certain point three and calls and she was really upset I said well you know make you don't work you into it. No no he's doing this because he doesn't want to work with me that's why. Just. Oh good evening. I'm Phil Hartman from the NBC sitcom. Newsradio yes. Exactly. Newsradio premiered in the springtime of 1995 inning start Phil Hartman Vicki Lewis and any death. It was a quirky ensemble sitcom about meat and eggs at a morning radio station. It's time for there it. Seeing. I'm your host bill McNeal. Bill McNeal was basically an ego maniacal. News radio personality. His character was she just so. Full of themselves. He's completely the opposite of his character it was very difficult to hate the character because bill was so lovable. Jerry Lee how do you weigh the fact that Jerry cycle we do a saying Newsradio. It gives you an idea of the degree to which Phil Hartman was regarded come on Jerry you know me. No I don't. He was happy that he wasn't carrying the show I mean she loved him. Well she sings. We'll timber and confided in me quite adept. I don't. She was up so we'll show all on one maybe two occasions where he would be due on a part of the Simpsons or news radio. He had mentioned a brand that you know maybe acting mutual part. And one had come home should sit well did you talk to about. You know giving me a pardon hits in order for god and should be upset about that. And her substance abuse issues really not go away. She wouldn't stop and there'd be a period of peace and then shoot him note. My Mother's Day in 1997. Print apparently went out and hand was in very bad shape when she came home the next morning film was furious he told his mother a little bit later I can Holland with someone who can't control drugs and alcohol and insisted. Then bring go to rehab. And so Graham ultimately agree. But months later she would relapse again. I was partied hard not ashamed. Tonight I never did yeah. So I'm at a Christmas party at Phil's house and with a win and one of her friends and they both say. Oh no again didn't we ask sheriffs are there they gave little bombs. Groups. Was already in relapse. Which I didn't even know she had a problem at all in the first place didn't know she took cocaine and printer too much of it an obscure her that is geared filled. Phil had a very strong. Opinion. He didn't wanna be mirrored someone that's addicted to cocaine. Previously told her he's gonna have a zero tolerance. Policy towards cocaine use. So bring goes back to rehab but she doesn't stand alone. 560s she left. She is missing just one view of the kids and she had the relapse and she felt. Terribly remorseful about it. This started to see only eight. And more. No signs of blaring caravan on him. Only occasional error call him coming and looking very unkempt. Which was out of character for him. I had shaped. And there were some marks snakes like the screen. And river saying to him. She doesn't have a gun does she and he sent reaction as a country as a gun for protection and in some protection against what you live in Encino. What went through my mind was the irony that here you are buying guns. Because you're afraid of home invasion. And in fact the enemy has been in your house ring heating your bed long.

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{"duration":"7:49","description":"After Hartman tried and failed to develop two shows in which his wife Brynn would have roles, he moved on to star in the sitcom “NewsRadio.” Brynn, meanwhile, was in and out of rehab. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"65734804","title":"Phil Hartman tries helping wife with acting jobs as her drug abuse continues: Part 6","url":"/US/video/phil-hartman-helping-wife-acting-jobs-drug-abuse-65734804"}