Philadelphia Building Collapse Inspector Commits Suicide

City officials called 52-year-old Ronald Wagenhoffer an "outstanding employee."
3:09 | 06/13/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Philadelphia Building Collapse Inspector Commits Suicide
We are city. In deep and profound mourning. But the building collapse a week ago. We have now lost seven lives in connection with this tragedy. It is with sadness that I confirm reports that Ronald wagon offer. -- 52. A veteran L and I inspector. Has passed away from what appears to be a self inflicted gunshot wound last night. Shortly after 9 PM. Our thoughts and prayers. Go out to his family. His wife Michelle and his son. We ask. For continued privacy. During this time of morning angry. In a moment commission Williams. Will provide some details. One -- -- -- offers. Sixteen years of service. And with accommodations for his work. But yes mr. Wagoner -- was the inspectors -- who examined the demolition site at 22 and market streets on May fourteenth. After the department. Had received citizen complaints. When everybody to understand. That there is a -- -- hurt. And pain. Associated with the tragedy. That occurred on June 5 2013. We take that pain home with us that night. And we wake up to it each and every day. We -- to protect our citizens by enforcing. The building codes. And that's put Ryan. Did. He worked extremely hard. Prior to that tragedy. And he worked heart -- tragedy. He was is dedicated. Civil service not just out. He mentored by the young people. New inspectors. That came in. He was a professional -- always striving to be better. He had multiple certifications. The vast array of fields. He is a dedicated. Civil service employee. Who loved his -- This is a very. Difficult day. Fallen men and women in the department of licenses and inspections. We stand with his family. We are deeply saddened. And shot. Because he was an outstanding. And -- He started with the department of public property and worked his way. Who -- ranks. As one of our top court officials. Within the department of licenses and inspection. I asks. That in. All of this scrutiny. And all of this. Comics. That should be very respectful. Of what this person did throughout his sixteen year career. With the city Philadelphia.

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{"duration":"3:09","description":"City officials called 52-year-old Ronald Wagenhoffer an \"outstanding employee.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"19391300","title":"Philadelphia Building Collapse Inspector Commits Suicide","url":"/US/video/philadelphia-building-collapse-inspector-commits-suicide-19391300"}