Philadelphia police in standoff with suspect who injured several officers

Six officers have been shot by at least one gunman, authorities say.
2:34 | 08/15/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Philadelphia police in standoff with suspect who injured several officers
Around 430 today. Officers were serving a narcotics warrant and house 3600 block of fifteenth street. It already entered the premises. Got towards the rear kitchen area. When gunfire erupted. Shooter fired multiple rounds. Officers returned fire many of whom had to. Escape through windows and doors to get from a rise of bullets. Home right now we can tell you that there are six police officers who were struck by gunfire. Thankfully. All of them are in stable condition they were struck. Throughout their body one officer sustained a gun shot wounds and graze wound to escape thankfully that was all that was. Got an officer shot in arms. That officer shot in various parts of their body but. Fortunately. Everybody's going to be okay we have three here we have three at Einstein. We have a couple offices that were actually injured responding to the scene. I won't tell you. Having been at this scene for the last couple hours trying to talk that is male home he continues to fire rounds out of the window. So this situation is in no way resolved trying to talk it is male. Home trying to let him know that he can in this peacefully now we called him multiple times he has picked up the phone a couple times but he has not answer. So we've been trying to work family member home but right now we have not been successful. Despite several attempts to talk to him. Vocal and allows speaker. One a bullhorn and on telephone. We have been not been able to make contact within thus far. We're trying to get him to come out peacefully. But right now he for. Fuses to do so. Let me update just speak to the six officers are all in good spirits and obviously it was very traumatic experience for them. Talking at one of the officers had to graze wound. To the head in here too little boys looked like they were nine or ten years old eight or nine years old and kept on thinking about how their lives and changed just with a little bit more differences in space. And I just our our concern right now is for them for their families and we'll sort out all the other stuff what's the scene has been resolved. Over at that over. Over the shooting of where the shooting took place and I would just when we're thankful. Little angry about. Having someone having all that weaponry and an all that all that firepower but we'll get to that another day that's all about the officers and families right now and god bless them and about god save them all.

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{"duration":"2:34","description":"Six officers have been shot by at least one gunman, authorities say.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"64982370","title":"Philadelphia police in standoff with suspect who injured several officers","url":"/US/video/philadelphia-police-standoff-suspect-injured-officers-64982370"}