Philly Installs 57 Fiberglass Donkeys in the City

ABC News' Charli James sees the hand painted donkeys representing the 50 states, Washington D.C., and six U.S. territories.
17:39 | 07/28/16

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Transcript for Philly Installs 57 Fiberglass Donkeys in the City
Hey everyone I'm fairly James and this is the Georgia donkey he is one that dean. Seven Ivan last donkey. That are. All over town in celebration of the DNC being here in Philadelphia. He is located here in City Hall. And want to bring in. The CEO of art John this hearing uncle and she is the one who's. Who works so hard to get all of these donkeys. And this project going up first gonna say for those of you who aren't from Philly I did. Giant is okay and where are again being harmed. Planes. That's the name came from. You. Pay very start and but let's get back to the dikes that wanna give a little closer look at him here. Turn the camera. And and her son talent tell us. Like these don't get me out. And a little bit longer on the mountain out. I think he. Is here the. Together and I wrote that he hurt me out of my heart I'm. And we have attempted to steal scenes here at 38 steals and they're not going anywhere. And you don't need a donkey not as great dog he's admitting. And of the once I we have his eighteen and is in the bank and on others Max and partner. That this means it's not eat meat and local art and all our concern and an honest I hit record he has displayed. Martin Luther King Jr. went into free at last eats we have Jimmy Carter Aaron. The 39 president we have this deep flatware. And then and his fourteenth calling down here on the lives of the donkey. The needs of the donkey. I'm represents. And have element from from the name yeah exactly lit actually bigger maybe got next donkey. Is that Ford donkeys on the little young or and that while we walked the next one and I said there's 57 of them it represented. That number represents the fifty states plus DC plus. That territories. Plus Democrats and we're on so there's an eighth and it really interesting process for our artists that. You know I would think that the typical American does not know what does that an exit here today under an incident lot of questions regarding YPD that it. And that was an educational atmosphere for definitely myself. Excited to learn that Democrats in front of the thing yet another and they have their own delegation here and that's. Big part of the point of this project is and all of the delegations that aren't here for the DNC. Can't find their talent you. Can. CE elements from where they're from as well and doesn't tell us. More about the design process that the delegation actually had a hand as well wouldn't just the heart he has this isn't really a democratic process and starts and it's. So that concept was not a former governor and written down and it brought in. Host committee they did a lot of work. Com and eat he reached out to me and then came would you mind health overseen this project. Effectiveness. Mom and part time and a lot of finger at practice and are next on college senior alert. Your alert is your own easy organ and leasing and the need that Mercury a lot of used in the near Pratt Dixon is eleven mentoring program. They also have been over 4000 murals around Philadelphia Hillary Clinton this year old city tomorrow. That mural arts program oversaw the that he acquisitions made over eat. Keeping track pants which was done out at its height of the Marines. Terminal on little sleep that we all fifty sitting down together and we're now and yeah he learned yeah there. Together they aren't as he could have been okay Paul and I. They're the glad yeah yeah yeah yeah. Leno flying range that he's. Art is not good as we'll learn we'll see an illustrator and CNN he's. Here is doing really phenomenal. And that they greens you know all ages all alone. That's in the background then. It really hurts. It's okay. And diversity of Philadelphia art. It is to get a little eyes little guidance as to where we are right now that City Hall that you're seeing behind the block. We're the next donkey on that area rather than a large amount of protests happening over that we. Today we haven't seen much there so far. And actually we were hanging out with the dirt on Lyle and seeing lots of people coming and taking pictures. Very very good night on them and not ride them that we didn't see anyone like. Saddle up onto the dot Netherlands and people leaning on them hiking mountain really fun couple from Georgia. Came to see their dogs into the picture I would. Fun evening getting from the delegates. A man Knight isn't really overwhelming lead in delegates and actually get involvement profits in the beginning of this well donkey front and tell us about me here but again. Though in the very beginning he has not very hard in this season and haven't eaten in your heart on dot com. They hadn't made it work pulling out their work there have been facing history and there. They're education history and in the delegate actually at this admit thick ice and that they want on it got. Ranging from eight flatware at C screen. Did land he's that they really more sent people that are really important is eight. Thumb on. They attack. Yeah exactly and then delegates on the back to get feedback about the night as well no it's elegant and an ardent. There have been easy for what they've done eat. Carried it back and think they need. And ending delegates eat eat at about midnight along with an era arts programs through each night and any secret that everybody has seen me. Everybody happy if the validity not even and they are not in the symbol of the Democratic Party and Jackson. And so that's obvious little political but the point of the incidents like this agenda or it's really bring. Yes it it with the concept that Ed Rendell at an evening you know and be great to get active eating and interacted with each other. And we need beatable and we have something in rock movement local actor visited together and it was not fun favors done. No you don't even really come home run people think they'll let them entry that there are people scavenger hunt think we're not making downloading. App called gathered guy and find on the donkeys on their and get prizes like. And we'll go a little more into the Ettinger and then that we have come up on the Colorado on key evidence that little lag. Videos Bellevue and don't pay now. And that the right thing that noticeable really let me pending hammer on. I he has. Here and it donkey with eating right how teen's definition. Fourteen color is down. Learn anything I am happy that got in the past race and he asked the artist's retreat next. Never requested by the delegate. Here we have wind down representing a lot of you. Yeah yeah. Every weekend here back here and very name now. Dying. Good to know that. 84 and their. How proud. Okay. Let this young. And they end up. An eyewitness trailing night that's. Yeah. Here at the easily we actually have the podium that. He's ready Jessica. I'm that's okay. I'll walk to the next don't eat what next an ice snow we turn heading down CLU. I tell you there's 57 had been right now yeah. I mean it's a lot and nineteenth at other medal long wait forever I'm here I'm in Philadelphia at even if you aren't it's elegant even if you. Are a member of the media there's been so much attention on the city. Then act than I'm very busy week for every life. Following boxes next on power in Alabama. I'm neck and diet eat green. It was really neat scene selectively target teen mom convicted in the front and he's done in part on that. There on the screen you'll. What about you. Apparently that isn't happening I know. On them for now they can't. And you can find them by name and anything on their room back. Eight but in the end about why he says there. A couple of comments about their their act now. Pretty neat in an accident I think that's the group to do its huge project like this. Wouldn't seat gain. Endless race heats and billions of phone calls and emails and now that we have the Internet. Have been on monthly angry not particularly and then you said that you had thousands of people then you felt. But the donkey is that haven't been any stand out. Ali and we had been really Greek. The group could soon been taken like six years of their all of school. It's been really act let him beat them through. We thought that had. People who. Thank god. Free enough that he had last folks who are coming in and looking for their own home town and it. Accidentally from the reading your gun yeah thievery. Madonna yeah. Anything. And an amendment on is yeah. Yeah. I mean very. And peel and eat and in and they're painting and eat here and I'm. Germano. This is they want people's favorite design a little more people are he and stealing money I'm having all. Nary any. Talking to. Got a little construction here I think airwaves are final donkeys and I'm different treatment of double counting here is there. Design element that you you know a lot. And flowers at. Thing really popular because they're just such a colorful elements art it's really great that but that's. A lot of delegates submitted. With the clerk looking. Yes me day. And so we we haven't of funds as of moose and elk and we have been making anything donkey and this yet. Again I gets me is an ounce more popular in America that you live that day not to be confused and whose since world and pulled out you know big thing. Isn't as rating. Have because. Anything involving that they think and it needs a little bit competitive here at. So what are people writing on the parent have there been any particular document them come out of it like damn thing. I'll I would say Bryant it's hot and needed and it. You mentioned to me that you are saying that well written a favorite CN. Can't isn't done by at Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts grads they. Had eaten at Eckerd Gary. It lives up in Europe he's won only art is that traveled from out of CDs and it's unfounded. At her you know one of its compounds here in Philadelphia. But that's like when it's getting. But he actually teaches that new York University City are. And now he traveled down here just painted on each team meets next campaign. Yeah. It's happening and yeah. This phenomenon you got to Ortiz got don't know what's important love. And then he put averaging flickered on the god loves that they are that's great another fun element anchored at high speed horse that section wearing. Every race card and that I got aren't. Yes exactly and then as well. Sort coming up on DoubleTree so it's based on either inside to right at seven Guerrero where they're coming down will actually the host committee handled that for the host to many was really phenomenon. They hadn't Jimmy eat the women need insulin now and and it wants the executive director of the DNC. Andy oversaw all the details you're not getting the contacts and clean burning story that. The locations were OK with having a donkey and then be fitting it is secure. And this is here at the DoubleTree. Pennsylvania and our tests don't eat for the project that we had England not eats new all still on the officials and make sure it then. We had does yeah. The donkey Christian paying and handling. Turning to hammer out the lineup and his dream. Little more like real in the. A lot of seats yeah. Differently than any other fifties and it does yeah nine. Okay. Now. Email and on the other counties listed elegant new element to learn again. And an African American. From their back yeah. You now know. It's. More. Aaron your lead at the Pennsylvania friends with the keyword is. Museum and clean and even then. On the rebound and Iraq crowd. Thank you and on and on the scene we've gotten up and down right. In the background hugging. So I imagine that the hometown don't really is very popular and here. Fitting that we and porn bears no literally 57 of the hybrid that's not here. And you can go online and find and snapped. I mean arch on the web site up and down and yes they did read meaning that the donkeys can see it's Gavin I am after. I'm and link right. You can go on arts on the economy and creek don't eat and even thousands on arts and not coming down the right thing. Let's talk about that and Aaron. Today is the last name. Went along and donkeys here with the happens them happen. Did not isn't the and so that every night let them taking down and packed its entry. And through August heat have a couple more festivals here and is I'm the governor wouldn't eat them up and everybody immediately. And while they're up in August is actually a live oxy that's those different deep in territory and you know you're not eat thinking. And the arc democratic please let it called for decades and at one. Yeah I know that he is disappointed they all get together it scared the sale which is really awesome for me because I love. We'll work together yeah. You have after the temporary they'll and the donkey you're not feeling right now planning a trip they're all over town its arts and that sent. That woman apparently aren't. Or taking. I'm say five from Philadelphia opened the Pennsylvania donkeys and thanks much for watching an easy digital and on they've done. And that we have tons more. Coming up. Crump Philadelphia tonight in the last night the big night and he is all on ABC news. You know thank them.

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{"duration":"17:39","description":"ABC News' Charli James sees the hand painted donkeys representing the 50 states, Washington D.C., and six U.S. territories.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"40962688","title":"Philly Installs 57 Fiberglass Donkeys in the City","url":"/US/video/philly-installs-57-fiberglass-donkeys-city-40962688"}