Phish Fans Rock In 2016

ABC News' Josh Haskell talks to Phish fans ahead of tonight's New Year's Eve concert at Madison Square Garden.
8:46 | 12/31/15

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Transcript for Phish Fans Rock In 2016
Here in New York we're still are preparing to ring in art when he sixteen meet up live picture. I think these are aerial about Times Square where of course the iconic. All drop will happen at midnight tonight you can see my match that city. Visiting all lit up. Already things are definitely heating up definitely heating up in this and warm climate that we have unseasonably warm weather they are honest people out absolutely more. We're just come upon about six and a half hours until that ball drops in the wild crowd of people just kindness piling into the piled in near time square in New York City. And though it's certainly certainly going to be a glorious night one night. Huge crowds already gathering a court they're expecting. I think upwards of a million people million people vast majority when are not from New York's we've got a lot of visitors joining us here in the city welcome thank you for coming. Thank you for coming and thank you for joining us if you're watching us right now and done on ABC's digital platform we've been. This kind of something all around the world in celebrating. Ring and then ringing in the new year. Absolutely speaking of jumping all over we're gonna jump now outside of Madison Square Garden were ABC's Josh Haskell joins. He had been with a very unique that New Year's Eve travelers that they spam. Getting ready for their annual UV concert got them there. On then Steve when I made my way down 33 street to NASA expert card notes at the bar earlier. And I'm here the line for general admission floor tickets. And these people have been here for very long time but earlier we were talking about family. With a PH will today. I also just realize that fish also means loved. I want you guys to meet hearing got men and Lacey bond they met here. Phish show in New York. In line. There's the line right there guys tell us the story live on ABC digital the story experiencing it's not Disco ball in the line and Rotterdam. Waiting in line ahead of me and I needed to to meter. That we aren't talking like England's and others for years later we're celebrating here again seeing this. We can accomplish. Here and the obviously and because slumped to beamer elected me and Tyler again. Sit tell our viewers. Why you love fish so much what is it about fits the music get it transcends. Everything I mean there's just no words and there's no word on the candidate can describe what their music does for us think logically. This is the greatest feelings in these guys need provides so much energy. It's ten since its days. We were talking earlier about the New Year's gap what do you guys expecting tonight from. Having the best part about this you never now on the radio different breed champion something different new and exciting so well if you happen that would hurt the degree upon. Him. They're just gonna give everyone including three years the line. Do it. And tell us how long you been reported that's cheer right there. Reason behind Sam Vincent. Come out here before the doors related for the 1230. Has been alive for me since Mike again last night so to assure us the spot tonight in front. So where's that friend out right now. He's doing something else media he knew how marvelous for us to be here's he he put it is time I took care of them as friend than an hour where we wanna be in operating premieres. How about that around and Steve couldn't love its fish. Look awesome incidental what was the pickle lines at the fifth confident that the film definitely. And I. Steve little longer acres there wondering what was the pick up line that happen in this security line behind us that I had sealed the deal of money. Thing is is not on magnetism and entertainment and even Spain and I saw her dealing with her work she works near. She was doing what works out so that was my hand by asking her about you know tickets he's doing it and an amendment dinner. It's C a guaranteed. As part. Love for each other it's obviously again where did that meal happening right here. Right here. You guys fell in love over the influence and so it. But here that I think at this week. Alone in my and you think pots and love overflowed its. It really isn't handling it really that Bentley. 88 anything up to hear from outside it looked like that line is getting longer honor. I'll give you a quick tour the line thanks guys don't like them we appreciated. There is scary and care they got a lot on ABC digital. Doesn't show. Actually and so as you can see behind me that line stretches along the back Madison square garden and they'll be. They'll be let in around 7 PM the shows related to start at eight. This evening and these people will be up close and personal business courts the best place to be pretty Phish show is on the floor but I'm and Steve and I want to bring in. Our friend airing middlemen. And Aaron keys this is your 63 children 965. I guess I can retire and a full pension. In era and tells you about the organization that you were worthy of bold and it has the music and also the election. On the song live organization called headcount or national nonpartisan nonprofit that's dedicated to registering voters and consequent vegetable. We're very excited for 2016 as you can imagine we're hitting the ground running tomorrow we're gonna he had a Google bordello show indeed. It means that we resident Chicago and in when he thinks the Atlanta I'm going over a thousand shows registering voters getting people leather blazer as. What they care about and by doing that. To vote but only until and it's all these things that how to counteract all the negativity. We'll talk about though the problems of the country all the negativity in the country with hedge that we want to build you won't want to bring people all of good Americans. We want to make America great we want to make everyone make America great the way they want to make America great. You that is going to show. We we have a great on surveys we have sixty volunteers and over forty districts over forty cities have. You want to know he's not just excited about vision also excited about the election all happening live. Outside Madison square garden and guys gotta tell you I ask aired earlier you just named a lot of bands a lot of music festivals. State fish and I sit Aaron so are you guys trying to get people to vote registered to vote here that they showed what was your answer area. Well. We we take New Year's Eve all we're not doing any here's your shows around the country also over personal stand Roy. I don't know about to register voters that if this. You an idea that's been music I don't wanna has won thanked him music I believe this is the fourteenth show unseeded honestly haven't missed the shot and his seasons when he and that. And I'm gonna get in line right behind those evil for this interview on the season here in music. If it. I think there's a theme here goddess. There's Dudley a theme here it's all without the music. I and that is exactly what we are picking it's got to leave it to you combine that campaign when he sixteen. To covering up they show on New Year's Eve back. He had house. Well we started talking politics and a septa gives credit to our producers. Back to ABC Israel who helps that this all up. But what's funny also is in addition to not have had signing up voters here. His boss is also fish fan couple other people they works with their fish fans so they'd rather be here in chilling. The holiday. And I think it's okay because as you said Tony sixteen is going to be crazy year for all of us. You go that it AV is is got half a live for us at Madison Square Garden. The sites. What's now in New Year's. Tradition in the diocese if are you Amanda runs and 26 ceemea we have got more show also some make an effort to get out the first sort of second I think that in the there and I will stand in line maybe I'll find some friends.

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{"duration":"8:46","description":"ABC News' Josh Haskell talks to Phish fans ahead of tonight's New Year's Eve concert at Madison Square Garden.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"36040055","title":"Phish Fans Rock In 2016","url":"/US/video/phish-fans-rock-2016-36040055"}