Podcast convention hits Orlando

Brad Mielke, host of the ABC News podcast "Start Here," gave a preview of the annual podcast convention in Orlando, Florida.
3:23 | 08/15/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Podcast convention hits Orlando
Before we go we're checking on Alec convention for the cool kids if you love pod cast like really love them that you should probably be down in Florida or podcast movement between nineteen. On the conference where aspiring M professional podcasters. All over the country in our Brad milky host of ABC's award winning podcast start here is right there in Orlando. Bradley good to see I didn't even know there was a pod cast convention and what should we know about this. So I host a pod cast but I'm also just want asked nerd. An onion freaking out right now because this is what you look at when you come and and its dimensions of this started as. No group hobby it's just people who like making podcast Stewart's in Iraq and their raw edged. And would talk and microphones that's of course where a lot of this industry was all now. Look at this is the convention that we're looking at right now. And as you see like me. Groups like Spotify. Groups like Google is right over mayor I heart radio these big companies are pouring serious money. In shoe. Pod casting right now and so you've got this convention of 3000 people or so that are here today. Taping some pod cast is we speak right now there are people who are looking at audio equipment but more importantly. This is the placement can nerd out and meet your podcast idols I mean they've got the creators of true Klein podcast like dirty Jon Kolb got the creators of the Ron Burgundy podcasts for comedy geeks. They have a lot a lot of news podcasts including starts here and others. And a lot of people are sort of meeting all these podcasters throughout the day. And getting a sense of what it takes. Take what you don't and an actual rubble. I love this you're like a celebrity there I'll let you know before we go what are the trends in pod casting that people should be looking for because it's obviously grown a lot. Yeah bulls so like I said you so much more money getting involved. And that's important and should think about how that's going to affect would ever podcast diet eat like in the future so. If people you know have been really digging at. That show from you know and it their favorite content creators. And advertisers are learning how many listeners are listening these podcasts. And money Singaporeans are now you got brand new brands Himalaya. It's a new group that's been pouring money. Into podcasts look at Mary is actually created this new model where you're asking him. For your podcast and that's the big question everyone is wondering today Kimberly is. Is that what do you point where a lot of people are gonna start having these Netflix style subscriptions for their favorite podcast networks. And natural and people get nervous with podcasting has always been free to implement and testing so there's a little bit of anxiety but Kimberly to relieve people of that anxiety. Liggett asked. There's gonna copies. Yeah and a pocket puppy Bruce how kids get people some extra luck if you really stressed out. You've got to speak upon as being staged in about it which is where all been just an hour. Need to hang outs and puppies and make yourself a little bit more out. Brad that your amazing I would definitely subscribe to start here and pay for it you're awesome so thank you so much that lets. Amazing it looks incredible good luck we talked.

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{"duration":"3:23","description":"Brad Mielke, host of the ABC News podcast \"Start Here,\" gave a preview of the annual podcast convention in Orlando, Florida.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"64996225","title":"Podcast convention hits Orlando","url":"/US/video/podcast-convention-hits-orlando-64996225"}