Police Confirm 2 Dead Including Shooter After School Shooting In Washington

Details emerge after deadly school shooting occurs at Marysville High School outside of Seattle.
4:48 | 10/24/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Police Confirm 2 Dead Including Shooter After School Shooting In Washington
Marysville police where this occurred. Are confirming in fact that there are two fatalities from this morning's shooting at Marysville tow truck high school one of those the shooter a student. And also another fatality from the shooting. I wanna go to the news conference it was taking place just moments ago. Ten process now. As what I have for this afternoon. Man there's. Certain. So we are confirming to deceased at this time one is the shooter. And the second we are not confirming whether that is a student or staff quite yet. At that yes. The shooting did originate in the cafeteria. As we understand it. And so there was some type of activity there at in the cafeteria. It is not known. I do not know where the deceased. Were located and it when it seems to its online. News. I don't know that at this point. I don't know that at this point. Yeah and. I'm certain. Not this point. I will be just so you know I will be going to a command center briefing at 130. And I will get further information at that time and I'll be able to come back at the 230 briefing and have more substantial information. The and it's been reported. Twitter typical reporting chatter Twitter about this year the words what the motive would people have been injured where people have been. It just recap what I don't have yet at this point we're confirming that there are two deceased that are officers have swept the building. And buildings and that we are doing a second checked through those more thorough. And that's basically what I have I will learn more additional information app that command briefing here at 130. I'd I don't know what precisely is happening to at the scene at this time and we are still in the process of busing students to. There you reunification location. Committee second there's still. I do not know they have been transported or not. I do know that and there were no airlift transports. Pole vault transports were ground. I do not know they're still at scene immediately. I have no idea or any members injure. I don't know not confirming anything else other than their two deceased at this that it. And it. That that's a good question it is a large campus. And there are multiple buildings. And so it will take some time we're gonna take our time and make sure that everything is completely safe and clear. But I don't have a timeline of how long they'll take. It. Again. Not that I have been made aware of no. I don't know what it's. Out there. I will Bible I will have more of that information Torre at 230 that I will go to the command center at 130 were having a briefing I will have a lot of more information mattered to thirty briefing. Yeah. Well it's just to make sure that what. When we do an initial sweep it's very quick. And instant it's to locate students or any other shooters. So this one this we slow it down we do it by grid and we make sure all buildings are in fact clear. It. I don't know that. I don't know that they are all out no. We are we are getting help from so miscarriage sheriff's office in Arlington police and I'm here or at the the media center we have we have multi agency is. These snohomish county multi agency response team are Smart team. Is on scene. They will be assisting Marysville PD with the investigation. Iranian exiles. I have not heard back. He took a little bit about. Planning goes she added despite. Shed some light on here. Pachulia. Yet we work we have done training at the school lets it's. Whether swat team I cannot say when exactly that took place or when the last time that took place.

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{"duration":"4:48","description":"Details emerge after deadly school shooting occurs at Marysville High School outside of Seattle. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"26436992","title":"Police Confirm 2 Dead Including Shooter After School Shooting In Washington","url":"/US/video/police-now-confirming-dead-including-shooter-school-shooting-26436992"}