Name of Police Officer Who Shot and Killed Teen Released

Officer Darren Wilson has been identified as the shooter in the Michael Brown case.
12:41 | 08/15/14

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Transcript for Name of Police Officer Who Shot and Killed Teen Released
Fund then that there -- New York with some breaking news at this hour a new sheriff in town six days after a Ferguson Missouri police officer shot and killed unarmed black teen Michael Brown. The -- Highway Patrol has taken over control of the town and now the police chief Thomas Jackson is at the podium briefing press right now let's go there. Sorry about being -- I know that timeline hasn't really played out like I expected it would. But. As some of you are aware of had a lot of sunshine requests sunshine -- request. For information and documents about a variety of things some of which is not available to me. Anyway so I'm here to talk about. Two things first of all the name of the officer involved in the shooting and then I've had a lot of sunshine requests for information I'm going to be releasing information. About a robbery that occurred. On August 9 immediately preceding the altercation and shooting death of Michael Brown. It's important note that I. I have made contact with someone who is in contact with the officers -- family. To make them aware of this. Information be released. What we're making available today for the dispatch records. In the video footage of a robbery. A strong arm robbery. With use of force that occurred at a local convenience mart. I cannot discuss the and based investigation about the attempted apprehension. Of the suspect in this strong arm robbery that it goes this county prosecutor's office. I won't be taking any questions. Today right now and that I won't be taking any questions here I -- give it this information to you. Everybody digested. And then later on sometime afternoon we can get together again and and then I'll take questions. Com. So I just want to give a little timeline of what happened on August 9. From 1148 to noon the officer involved in the shooting. -- a sick calling Glenn art there was an ambulance present. 1151. There was a 911 call from a convenience store nearby -- this one. 1152. Dispatch gave a description of robbery suspect over the radio. A different officer arrived at the store where -- strong arm robbery occurred. A further description more -- -- was given over the radio. And stated the officers walking toward -- via suspect was walking toward quick trip. Our officer left the sick call he encountered. And counted the concern. At 1201 PM. Are officer encountered Michael Brown on Canfield drive. Patrol for a second officer arrived on the scene immediately following the shooting. At 1205. A supervisor was -- dispatched to the scene. And subsequent officers arrived there has been some questions about the calling of an ambulance the ambulance that was at the -- case on Glenn. Was. Coming by immediately following the shooting and they did respond to two -- Michael Brown. Sore thumb and but I have simply. -- officers going to be handing out packets -- have all the information that was requested. In the sunshine request. Concerning the robbery. We're gonna give those attacked -- first of all two. Those agencies that have made the sunshine request and then anybody else who wants them. Well I think we have enough to give out we've we've got quite a few. I'm sorry. The officer that was involved in the shooting of Michael Brown was Darren Wilson he's been a police officer for six years has had no no disciplinary action taken against him. He was treated for injuries which occurred on Saturday. Again I won't be taking any questions at this time but the tax will be handed out by my officers. And that are. -- the name is. -- NCAA. RR EN Wilson WI LS. ON and not. Thank you and I'll see against. It really helped me yeah. -- -- -- About his latest word from Ferguson Missouri there is first and police chief Thomas Jackson. Announcing the name of the police officer that was involved in that fatal shooting last Saturday of an eighteen year old unarmed teen Michael Brown the officer involved in that shooting is Darren Wilson a six year police officer with the force that you just heard -- from the chief. Not having -- -- previous record. During Wilson being treated for injuries related to that incident last Saturday that has the latest. On this development I want to bring in our legal analyst Ryan Smith who's standing by watching latest on this and Ryan the reason for the delay in naming the officer according to. For some police who -- the potential impact that he in -- could become a target himself. What do we know are police doing to keep him safe and his family -- most likely. This point there are giving him some sort of security round the clock it's got round the clock security some form of protective custody. Because the key for them is they want to make sure he's. Not subject to threats not subject to attacks so they'll probably make sure he's taking care of no matter where he is I'm guessing that. He might not even be at his home or maybe somewhere else to make sure that no one can threaten him or in their minds. Potentially attack. At this point he has not been charged any of the officers have not been charged in this case is that correct that's correct and that's because the investigation is ongoing and it may take some weeks or months to really figure out. Whether he'll be charged or not they have to take witness statements they had to gather information inspect the scene. And also take his statement a few times probably come back and forth with -- with questions so. It may be some time before we see charges six and 866 years on the force. He was treated for injuries did not have a previous record Darren Wilson as the officer involved in the shooting what other information now are we going to be looking forward as this case is going to be involved what I think one of the big things is he mentioned today information about a robbery that potentially happen somewhere in the area. Maybe what they're just trying to describe here. Is that a suspect was identified in that particular incident and somehow maybe an officer made a connection between that situation. And the situation involving the shooting we don't know that for sure we have to look at the information. But it seems that that may be a part of this. We'll have to look and see what what information yields in the coming days and hours but at this point that a lot more to go investigation wise. In talking to everybody in trying to really figure out what happened here is it likely that Darren Wilson the officer involved that he is -- retained a lawyer. Absolutely I would think he's got to obtain a lawyer at this point adding -- after the shooting he had to do that because. Even though the police we'll have a representative who will represent his interest in anything Nichols on with the police force. He has -- makes your least in my mind that he's answering questions properly knows what to say knows how to discuss this. With police if they're asking him questions so my guess he's already -- up. And the question will be now will he face anything related to the shooting in this is the situation in -- and as we've been watching some of those nights of protest last night. Relatively peaceful after -- call -- from the governor Jay Nixon but also from the president as well. The Missouri state Highway Patrol they are now in control of the security forces there Saint -- -- law enforcement they're still in charge of the investigation. Do you expect this case it will be passed off than to a special prosecutor. It may very well be but I don't think will be there for a little while they -- a seat at the local investigators will continue looking at this case. But if there is a growing sense that they are not impartial there's a growing sense that there's not enough transparency at least transparency required by law. Then you may see a special prosecutor jump in. But the government is loath to do that they don't they don't want to intrude on a local investigation they don't have to in less the pressure is too big so right now. You've got these parallel investigations going local investigators also federal investigators looking at federal. Possible federal claim so. I think as long as that system is working -- will continue with it but it depends on where we go from here in is speaking of that lasso and ask you about that right. Because both the captain and the chief have been saying that they have -- will they will be keeping the public as informed as best they can. For information on this case how crucial is that as far as keeping relative called in Fergus it's absolutely crucial it's probably one of the biggest issues right now in this situation other than finding out what really happened in that shooting. A because what you want to do is -- people are very angry about the fact that there hasn't been a lot of transparency it seems like an adversarial relationship to people. Rather than as we like to say we talk about police -- protecting and serving situation so. I think as long as they are releasing information. That they are required to release I think in some ways it satisfies people because at least they know what's going on in this investigation. But if he continues to be a situation where police have to be sort of hold. To -- to offer information. I think it's going to be difficult to keep called. Right now the shift in the last couple of days and even hours I think is is a good -- showing by police to say we're trying to give as much as possible. But the flip side of this is the balancing test because it is an ongoing investigation. And there's only so much they can release so as long as they're doing what's required by law I think people have some sense of satisfaction. As you point out is an ongoing investigation in in the vein of releasing more information that chief they're talking about the fact of this armed robbery that had led up to the events. Possibly to this shooting that. Is -- -- isn't aware that the police -- has tried to connect the dots to something towards the simply a matter that he is trying to be more transparent as live up to that obligation that he. And the captain have made of the public well he. Starting with the idea that he's trying to be more transparent he's talking about the sunshine laws which basically is. You have to open certain things up to the public by law so for example in certain states when -- -- starts. You have to open up some of the information the police already have and there are certain things you have to do -- that made in Missouri. So he's saying. By the sunshine -- I have to offer up this information so I'm going to do that. But I think in some ways it helps and may help after we look at those documents. Explain the officers' actions at least from the police perspective and how they view this right now. So we'll have to see what those documents reveal but that's going to be critical because if the senses that there was a robbery in one place and they make some sort of connection. At this quick trip to to Michael Brown it or at least in terms of -- the officer thinking that he was and so we connected. May be that impacts this but still. That could still be stretched the problem with releasing information -- you're not doing all of that these people then we'll continue to ask questions why did the officer make that connection if there is one. There's a lot of ifs right now and we won't know for sure until we see that information. It is exactly and lasted -- do what I want to ask you about that because he was releasing those times the specific times right up until the new unit. Call those -- -- 911. And it seems that there wasn't necessarily a direct or fully outlined timeline of sequence of events that -- that the chief had had released that. Do we expect then giving that given the questions that will be obviously posing to authorities -- that we're going to be getting more information this afternoon. I do think there will be more information the question is timing how much more will be provided I think what he's going to try to do is exploiting the information that he's already provided. But it's going to be -- the -- because when you give out information especially when you start talking about time -- People want the gaps -- and so if for example there was an altercation in one place and then an identification was made somewhere else where police officer made a connection. And -- someone else might be involved or is this person involved. What went into that calculus why did that police officer think -- and again we're just speculating revealed -- this information yet. Why would a police officer think that one is connected to another. All of that has to be answered but now -- this information is out there the question will be what questions -- he now face. Based on that information -- you have to provide more and -- have to wait and see. Our legal analyst -- -- standing by on that case right thanks so much appreciated -- things. Pushing keep up with the story in real time by downloading ABC news App Store the -- for exclusive updates on the go. For now I'm down Cutler New York.

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{"id":24998532,"title":"Name of Police Officer Who Shot and Killed Teen Released","duration":"12:41","description":"Officer Darren Wilson has been identified as the shooter in the Michael Brown case.","url":"/US/video/police-officer-shot-killed-teen-released-24998532","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}