Police search for man who opened fire on crowded area in Miami Beach

Officer Ernesto Rodriguez, spokesman for the Miami Beach Police Department, gave the latest details on the search for the man who killed one person.
3:51 | 02/21/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Police search for man who opened fire on crowded area in Miami Beach
I'm vidro Kendall here in Miami Beach in front of police headquarters with officer and spokesman for the department at a sorority has right now there is an urgent manhunt under way. For suspected murderer here gunman who police killed one person fired a shot along ocean drive a Saturday night looking tell us so Fargo. Armed and dangerous. Man visiting Miami Beach Saturday night he fires one shot thankfully did that strike anyone near thirteenth street and RC wall. He then goes we track among video surveillance he then goes to fourteenth street and Collins avenue a very congested area. This time he fired multiple shots and strikes an individual. Knocking him to the ground. We transport and to the hospital unfortunately he died minutes after a right. You walk us to do the timeline here when we first see the suspect. On Kerry kind of like messes with this jacket now as a relic like 1130 Saturday night. That's toward the video we've we've shared its really its small fifteen minute window that you very active in the fifteen minutes. Very dangerous man for the from there he walks down by the sea walls. And fires a shot right along ocean drive but doesn't hit anybody there are no calls into Belize no thankfully does not strike anybody what's. A little bit alarming as we get we receive not 1911 call he goes from there overtook Collins I'm just a few blocks away. Few blocks away just really a couple minutes away gets and has some sort of altercation. With he with the man who died. And that's where several rounds or fired he strikes in each and every time which rendered today. Any word on a motive here. That's what we don't know we want to speak with the man it's clear images we want to speak with him to see if there's a reason for his eighth year. Right now it's really looking all of our resources are dedicated to finding this man. Any thing you can tell us about anything you may have learned about the suspect. The suspect we know he's a white male he's in shape and short here he is wearing a leather jacket or sandals. We believe he still has that firearm with them we believe he's a danger to anyone was around do you think he's our been dangerous right now. Absolutely armed and dangerous we see clearly envy you what he's capable of and we me through its it's imperative that we get him off the street and after the deadly shooting he tries getting into a hotel. That's correct after he leaves and that this is just the police of work of city surveillance coupled with private security cameras we then tracked him several blocks north to make things Miami beach hotel the one hotel. He's actually denied entry there initially. And then we really don't know where he went you do it why he was denied that it didn't let him inside because of the one hotels of it's very well known hotel popular spot for security just get a hold of this good. I think in and it's clear in the video he was and it doesn't seem to be in the right frame of mind he may be under the influence of drugs alcohol we don't know. That's just one of the possibilities one of the reasons why we think maybe he wasn't initially gained entry or dinning gain entry into the hotel. Do you guys think this might be a local or someone who is visiting. We we don't know we know the victim in this case although we have been able to publicly identify what can tell about the victim evenly can't public at that. We haven't been able to notify the next of being the victim onboard he does have an extensive criminal past right here locally in Miami Beach. But nonetheless all of our resources are dedicated to finding his killer no one deserves deserves nice but it's history. Right now somebody recognizes this man from the surveillance images wouldn't tell them to do. We tell them call call the crime stoppers line they're able to remain anonymous we have a pretty hefty 8000 dollar reward. For the right tip that land to spend in jail officers thank you so much for the time. We'll have much more navy's. ABC news life.

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{"duration":"3:51","description":"Officer Ernesto Rodriguez, spokesman for the Miami Beach Police Department, gave the latest details on the search for the man who killed one person.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"61203885","title":"Police search for man who opened fire on crowded area in Miami Beach","url":"/US/video/police-search-man-opened-fire-crowded-area-miami-61203885"}