Across the Pond: Election day in Israel

Plus, anti-government protests in Sudan turn deadly, and the Australian lawmaker egged by a teen is cleared of assault.
6:30 | 04/09/19

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Transcript for Across the Pond: Election day in Israel
Let's go across the pot now to the London bureau a gradual incline is keeping an eye on the biggest international's. News good morning Julie yes let's start. The Sudan where the thousands of protesters have been demonstrating for days now and sometimes. We undertake clashing with security forces. Obsess over the basis what exactly are they protesting. Good morning guys yeah this is revenge thing happening in C Don right now this is the feds say add up contestants are taking part in a city ten. They outside an army compound vessels say headquarters of the security forces and some of the political apparatus. They've been sitting outside for several days not a bad demanding the resignation of a long time president Amar bash share. He has been winning Su Don since 19189. And these protests originally they started off as protests against the highest rising costs of living but band not the Monday and that the president sat down the sons found another band seem to take asked. And reports of casualties. Among some of the protest as by the security forces what's really interesting as got members of the minute she is soldiers. Have been scenes have been protecting some of the civilian protests as they've been giving some of them a shelter inside an army compound. Protestors are appealing to the military. To abandon Omar Bashir and to side with the protest as a security forces are about protecting the government. So I think this is really where the instinct ticketing given what we've been seeing recently in Algeria similar situation. Thousands of tests is protesting against dot president. I'm an outstanding C flick is against. Another long long running president NC Don. There's Wallace there's really a lot to watch there also today we are closely watching. The election in Israel prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu facing a tough challenge. As well as possible corruption charges we know that this is. Already being called a divisive election he is running for record fifth term. And security is a top concern for voters what are voters saying today as they're already heading to the polls. Exactly deny this really exciting rainy in this election because that we actually don't know and you might end up until all of this is a terrific closely fought election. Benjamin Netanyahu to as gain for historic fifth time in office as you say that would put him ahead. All of the founder of the state David Ben Gurion if he wins a fifth top he's up against Bennie downs he has a military veteran. And that's now hey we've just seen a few minutes ago actually a costing his base. He has not always made himself out as missed the securities and he is facing a formidable challenge. Against any guns on several of a senior for the most TV does and has alliance. Now ABC's Joseph Donovan has been in Tel Aviv and she's been speaking to bases there is a huge block of undecided very does that could. Swing the election either way let's take lick at his she's been talking to me. Why do you think it's so hard this year for you to decide. Because there are no good options and the current outstanding season I think most people just fun to replace our current news. So. Find out and is Andre. But I feel things that is employing the road tonight in if you don't know. Since I read in being can just go read and go home. And the selection like they're playing solidarity and I'm thinking the of those people were supposed to run our country. I'm just hoping that they'll be a bit more on Aaron people four of them Marla girl and wolf. Appreciate what Israel has become as well. And of course Tel Aviv is a liberal cities so vacant that may sway toward centrist parties whereas in Jerusalem as a lot more conservative. Kind of days bases will be do I Benjamin Netanyahu. Will be gang full he has been aggressively pushing a lot more rightwing policies in the last days of the campaign he's been talking a lot about Israeli settlement expansion and they sort of things. We should be getting the fast exit post shortly old though they are notoriously unreliable. I think we'll have to wait until the end of the day to see who comes out on top. And of course as soon as we have those results we will have them on all our ABC news platforms including ABC news alive. So we saw this video from Australia about a politician any attack egg by a teenager but apparently I'm that's all back in the news again because. We'll either of them face consequences were learning about not. Did this Susan Herman thought was sent around the wound. It no reaction to a seventeen year old boy. Two egg and Australian senate had not this happened because got senate's us under the phrase adding. In the wake of the New Zealand's terror attacks he made some massively controversial remarks when he at Pitt to place the blame. All of the terror attacks upon. Mus Lim migration. To the country had not received. The fifth backlash or led the wild. And shortly off the he made those comments at a press conference. Teenage boy who is nicknamed by the Internet as egg boy. He snuck into his press conference and smacked mag until Vince had not what happened next is that the senate at a time around he punched the boy. A couple of times and some of his has Kleiza support has been wrestled him to the ground impediments has called the what's happened today is up police. Have ruled that he was acting in self defense no will be made charges again instead. That the teenager and boys his name he's received a police questioned but he is also and no gonna face any charges. Police caution all right got it and before you go Julia. Curtis on our beyoncé earlier homecoming April 17 you got that Netflix over there right. To get Netflix yet. I mean I'm going to be at let's tell you why you mentioned the royal baby they have by the way coming from here in London for someone to say what royal baby coast. My name a little lore and. Yeah cut what moment I would you be looking out for what are you wanna see in this homecoming documentary. I mean I could start beyoncé just like drinking tea with biscuits like I'm baffled the the youngest kids Juliet you are. I don't want it I really beyond really are this is that I really am I could tell us. Either they're visiting like she takes after me biscuits and tea eaten. Your I think I'm Bertha NIC could be doing anything Monday in and I just feel it and say I am a queen bee loyalist very talented yes we salute you for a baton Juliet thank you so much for joining us beehive into.

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{"duration":"6:30","description":"Plus, anti-government protests in Sudan turn deadly, and the Australian lawmaker egged by a teen is cleared of assault.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"62269432","title":"Across the Pond: Election day in Israel","url":"/US/video/pond-election-day-israel-62269432"}