Pope Francis Dines with DC Homeless for Lunch

ABC News' Jim Avila reports from Washington, D.C., as the pope greets a group of homeless for lunch outside St. Patrick's Catholic Church.
9:54 | 09/24/15

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Transcript for Pope Francis Dines with DC Homeless for Lunch
Good afternoon from Washington DC saint Patrick's church on Jim modeling ABC news about we're awaiting now they hope you come outside. Those doors and inside the church now. And when he gets here will be meeting with about 300. Of the homeless. Here have been gathered from Catholic Charities. This has been go they've been waiting here for awhile now. And what they I could do was actually share lunch with the Pope in fact we were told that the Pope was invited to have lunch with members of congress and the senate. But he said no I have on our previous engagement I'm coming to the church to eat with the homeless. And of all the things of course we just saw a few minutes ago with the huge. Part of the of this today today's events and that was the big address. Through the joint meeting of the house and senate. A very important big words were said. But this meeting this event here. Really does kind of reflect the hopes ministry perhaps better than anything else that he's doing today. Canadiens. Meeting with the homeless meeting with the war. Taking time to read them. You can see that he is still inside the church at this point he met with some 200. Homeless inside the church along with staff the Catholic Charities and soon you'll be coming up you're right you're just a little while ago. Kamen became in the park the feet big beyond over there. Which is called a big car in Italy a small card here. Security lined up when that happened the homelessness now hear this and just outside the church. Profanity huge applause. Even though the Pope wasn't in the a little Fiat at that time he went in the front doors. Right now he's still inside and we can see that. We were waiting in front waiting him out. Through greeting the dignitaries. Also here. F in front of the church. Is the mayor of Washington DC. And the mother local church officials. But the real people that he's come here to meet today the Pope spoke to some of them about. What he wanted to what they wanted to say. For the Pope they've been given instructions. Already by people are here at Catholic Charities which tell him which it would help people here the homeless. Feel free to speak to feel free to ask him questions they'll try to greet him as holy father of the review or. According your holiness confident that no rules no restrictions they can speak to him he wants to be approached these are very approachable look well. We'll opening. He. Local church officials. We are good for the cardinal here well at the cardinal very. I would be Red Hat on. You know. Aaron we expect the Pope. Come out. Momentarily. And he is expected to address the homeless as well. Thank you coming to him. And to. Yes the disappointment. We hope. Address the so that's all right. Anyway we. In. Here we hope he's not only expected to speak but he expected. I'm into the crowd and then everybody here's been vetted they went and security they went through. The metal detectors their bags were checked. The homeless. Were also look jacked for the and and kind of an interesting fact about how they were chosen course there are some 7000 to 101000 homeless. In the Washington DC alone. Hadi get a ticket out of those folks do you get to be the ones who could come here and visit with the Pope but what happened was is that. I could send a letter there homeless he could send a letter. It couldn't send any kind of invite. So Catholic Charities runs. Two things a shelter here. A Soviet they went to this different shelters. Catherine shelters and invited. Those homeless there. It also. Invited. Those who participate in a Wednesday afternoon regularly. Scheduled Wednesday afternoon meal. People come here by the thousands dinner served a meal. What's that what's the deal today that the Pope. View today of some sliced chicken breast. Aaron to read and some Asian. Sit. Salad we're told. And would do everything in what can you keep the doors they'll. People who these meals and meals are already on the table right now. They receive them a little while ago in preparation for the book to get here. And they were asked please. Take the lid week. When we hope to their blessing over the food and there would be cool now. Is that borders. With a left. As is that there are some 300 people here and they've constructed especially hands outside think captures the attitudes. The oldest church. Catholic Church in Washington DC. In here for a long time. Still awaiting the Pope now he should be here shortly. Authority in the building and is as you may have seen on July history he's already given some remarks that people inside. Looks like there's more movement members of the Swiss guard his putting them at a courses Vatican. Well they're getting in their places. Everybody gets that. And beginning to see the Pope now they're. We're. Between golden. Mayor of Washington. Dignitaries and we hear me. Very shortly we'll. Microphone that is playing in front of him now. One camera confront by the way. Vatican from. Now he could drug is. The Pope is coming to the Mike. Always in front of the Pope at the beginning of these things. Small group of children and that's what he's doing now greeting. Won't recoup its civilians the head table. And as you might expect those who were asked to stay in your seat. I cannot tell you. It is thus fuel. He. He had he had an event. The it is because. Wouldn't be. So blessing. Blown up but deep. And lunches begun with the. Saint Patrick's church. In downtown Washington DC. We do expect the Pope to make his way. And with the remember this is a part of his primary mission. He and the Vatican. Spends many of his off hours. Building beds for the poor. He often been known to watch the fee to the floor. Says he wants to emulate Jesus who of course washed the feet of the poor and also washed the feet of prosecute criminals. In the post office says that that. If what he wants people to do in the clergy as well in fact he said yesterday at the meaning of the bishops that. They should have the scent. Of the poor on them but that's how close they should be with the Portland. He is taking that into account here and Clinton's running right up against them he. Green. And they have been encouraged to talk about it. C one woman really close to him with a big. Will there be an event has begun the focus here. You meaning the homeless people chairs some of these deals with them as well. This is well under way under the sign up now but we will continue our live stream here on abc.com. You'll be able to follow the Pope all afternoon and including this. For now on to modeling ABC news Washington.

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{"duration":"9:54","description":"ABC News' Jim Avila reports from Washington, D.C., as the pope greets a group of homeless for lunch outside St. Patrick's Catholic Church.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"34009758","title":"Pope Francis Dines with DC Homeless for Lunch","url":"/US/video/pope-francis-dines-dc-homeless-lunch-34009758"}