Pope Francis Holds Interfaith Service at 9/11 Memorial

ABC News' Lana Zak reports from Ground Zero in Lower Manhattan.
13:01 | 09/25/15

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Transcript for Pope Francis Holds Interfaith Service at 9/11 Memorial
A lower all of pylon as actors ABC news and outside of the 9/11 memorial. We just saw moments ago Pope rant this standing right there. Outside of the north of reflecting pool and you know there's a small crowd gathered here at the 9/11 memorial is interesting because every other place that he's gone there have been. Thousands tens of houses we know that he's going to be. Going through Central Park there's going to be 80000 people there. He's going to celebrate now at Madison Square Garden later today their that we know 20000 people there. But the crowd here. Maybe a hundred people. They've they've tried to keep it very small out of respect for a location. Hope for at this when he came at approximately ten different families of victims of nine Atlanta. But even with a small group I have to tell you we could hear there here's out in the years erupted when he came. They they shouted oh oh. And and he stopped here this is the site. The north tower where the north tower went to happen is if in Q. Now. Where we're a bit limited by by what we have here but. This beautiful location. Is the monument where that tower one died now it is worth this reflecting pool. And the Pope was there. Clear is day. Any spend quite a bit of time there just in quiet reflection he offered a prayer. He then went inside. And I want to show you some of those images he went inside. Then museum right behind us. He looked at have lots of different things of particular interest there were a couple symbol. Of nine elevenths that have men who lives view. CU. Catholics and to Christians alike. As well as others here they'll people here. Wine is that props that at one point the board in the wee hours maintenance deal. It the way that it fold it either the attack created across that became for a long time. A place of gathering sort of makeshift church here. So many. Sell many times people gathered offering prayers. There is this part of it looked almost like it was Trout and those profits fell within morning. Another image that is so powerful when you go into the museum at France's as an opportunity to take a look at now is the Bible. It was recovered like so many artists as part of regular light from ward an eerie day. Back. One out line. But because of the colony of the attacks. It was used together with the Matt. Where ever open to a particular page and in my memory serves me and and apology that I'm in her act on it. I believe that it is opened and now you. I'm 39. And that the that that is so well because it's when somebody write you to offer the he. And give in this open his message and the year of mercy he's all war. It seemed a fitting that. That that would be the section that forever open and on display there. Tell me any artifact. It. A really powerful museum for anybody seen and I think that. That the Pope no doubt had a particular interest in coming that this case to pray. And meet with families. In the long that he's he's not only meeting with Christians. But. Part of that part of stopped today is going to be an interfaith service. He couldn't you can see that right there. The group. People from around the nominee and we know that there are leaders will be offering. Buddhist prayers Hindu prayers there is paid Jewish rabbi who is welcoming. Oh rampant as. Well as a Muslim on line. You know in the context. Our political. Rhetoric right now as religion is such a prominent part. Political campaigns. It seems an interesting decision. Perhaps. They didn't think about it that much but it's hard for all of us who cover politics. And elections and this. Not to see that there is a man and the message that's universal about acceptance. And when Pope Brian this one is in the UN just before he came here. Before addressing the group. World leaders. He said he talked to the workers any fed for those of you who. Our religious please let me and for those people aren't related leasing company right now you can see him read ace. His remarks to that audience as part of the interfaith group. All gathered there views. One of the world's most spiritual leaders keep you in arguably our nation's most sacred mountain. I'm going to pause for a second. And let you all you just watch that moments herself. Hope print that. By. This year out and these offices. He mentions he says this book business. Important Boone hit batsman. A new we've. Or in this instance men and women. Who have beacons. Of his specialty. Simply. Because thing walk hopes. Who he hopes that them and we ask you. He compassion. Combating human. For the blues. Who because of pistons. He. Horton years as a whole. I'm keen to stuff. In Jews. Sentence. He used who. The pain of his review if conservatives. And who knows and over the line this piece tax. You've been staying to whom he Dave. Knives we've corners and hole. We my infamous when. Hostess who suffers. And doing. And loss and the same game. And they've banned them. And and stands he's Vincent de. It's oh and we did. That's talent. And base. Being and Stephanie. Quote of peace bring you peace who I am more. Peace in their products before me and then we win. And peace among the nation's. Soon though he you away all throughout. Fools. It's minds. And poems even wait a period. I'm who chest hit tune. In and name of religion. Look of understanding. Back then. Made in my into the east Texas he. We chic you and I and one pence. A sweet home from its past. If patents. And this proves. It's nice who this. My knees and school that didn't close here. And then cut beam. Who knows his way. Quote wrong. Whose photographs. Saying pass new coal. Thank you about the recent courage. To walk diets community war. When it true peace. Train among nations. And he de France hopeful order. Ladies and gentlemen. Kindly take your machines. The must they. Booms. Ten the good food. Us. You just heard Pope brands is delivering his his prayer. For peace. Very much a message that he has carried throughout his tour through Cuba and the United States urging world leader is urging. United States congress men and women PEE. Annie goes. Without notice that. As the Pope was speaking that crowd was completely wrapped. In attention as he. Slowly picked his word. You know the Pope has talked about his. It discomfort in speaking English. In feeling much more comfortable in either his native tongue. Spanish or. In Italian and probably even Latin. By when he sent September 11. It rang so true and so clear. And we can feed still that group down there is part of the interfaith ceremony. Listening as other leaders are offering their prayers and if you're just joining. I'm Lana Zack outside. 9/11 memorial here for ABC news is we're seeing Pope rampant. As part of an interfaith celebration. At the site. The 9/11 attacks. In the crowd is a small one. Purposefully south. I want Horry and Q2 where we are hearing in lower Manhattan. They're two reflecting pools the one closest to me that's the site where the north tower once stood. The one further away. Once the site where the south tower stood proudly and all. And then right behind them. If Andrew you can pan up I want to show you now what stands. As though the monument and then tributes to resiliency. That's one world trade. Standing an iconic 1776. Feet tall of course that number. Symbolic. For the founding of this country for the declaration of independence. Are very foundation. Nine in 1776. A message to the world about the United States are Ruth where we came from. A message that Pope Francis is very much touched upon. He's visited the people of the United States this is his very first time not only of the Pope but ever in his life. Becomes the United States. And after he leaves here. We understand he will go north up to Harlem where he's going to meet with immigrant families. And some children. That. That attend one of the Catholic schools there. All of this happened before his big celebratory mounts at Madison Square Garden. And he is and his writing through Central Park. We're 80000. People. Are going to be listening to the pope's words. I'm on his act for ABC news I need to go talk to some other stations now but you can continue to want our coverage. Which it will continue along every step of the pope's journey. Here on abcnews.com. And make sure to tune and it got a lot of information or you at the pope's historic visit the United States continues. Thank you for all of us here.

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