Pope Francis Offers Blessings, Kisses Along Parade Route

The 78-year-old pontiff rode in a Jeep Wrangler "Popemobile" to Cathedral of St. Matthew the Apostle.
18:02 | 09/23/15

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Transcript for Pope Francis Offers Blessings, Kisses Along Parade Route
This is an ABC news special report. Hope friends since in America. Now reporting from Washington DC and George Stephanopoulos. Welcome back to our live coverage of the pope's visit to America it's been a magnificent morning here in Washington T see the Pope welcome to the White House. I present Obama and what you see right there. He's just completed a meeting with the president in the Oval Office one on one. Would the president is about to depart the White House. In his Pope mobile specially outfitted Jeep Wrangler. This parade down constitution have a nice thank you see it right there in the back. About two around the corner. The Pope going to be greeted by a crowd of thousands. Out there on constitution avenue Cecilia Vega is out there are a lot of anticipation. But George you have no idea and it's funny. All morning long we've been hearing people singing and cheering in anticipation of the pope's arrival but now that we are literally just minutes maybe seconds away this. Here is. Quiet air silent. They cannot wait I guess I'm an earlier this morning you know what it were standing out here all night long since midnight when the Pope is going to Michael Mikey just or even every second. Just be in his presence she said is a blessing and it's something that is life changing for this family people out here have come from. Not just all of the United States yours are coming from all over the world in this crowd that is. Largely Latino I can tell you there's a real sense of pride among Latinos when it comes to this specific hope he is. We have representation. Of them in more than but he speaks directly to them they've been telling out you're fixing it you're hearing on this street this morning. Pop up and see style home rents that they have. And named her hand and adoration of him a lot for him. Concert. Yeah they've managed to turn and I hear he is just took the outside and. Quote mobile radio. How right you are Cecil his. Who wants to reach out and touch. Within troops spoke from the White House to spend some competitive. Himself and seen me Democrats won't own constitution hadn't called the gym more and more communities in. This pitiful few Jack loves this love me. The glasses side we. He wants to get close to people sometimes people end up babies and even you know coffee include things like that for him. What accommodation within their walls inside having appeared thomas' and continue to look at these pictures. How the Pope going to and you see this Secret Service agents running by the side. All of the Pope mobile as Walt and I don't know not gonna go to UPS because the clubs that participate. Dixie Chicks at this baby is actually went out and grab the day before him. I didn't chads are doing double duty today there. Security all across Washington DC. Unprecedented. I impressive you can seamlessly along with the Secret Service. Officers out there police along route every few feet or so I just spoke to a senior official Lagos. He said that they are looking forward to the possibility. We may actually get out of that hopefully really attach some people. Quote was this hope you never know. Doesn't show you think here. Think he's prepared to do that has warned his incompetent people will be applied. The archbishop Wilson from rural. He's on his way to saint Matthew's cathedral will be meeting with his basics here in the United States at home. It's to he will it's a traditional. Doesn't each country it's an opportunity for him to speak to the bishops were under his care and nuisance it is their boss and to talk to them and you obviously. Highlights in the things that this case has incurred them. This is the only. A bad choice in Washington we don't need a ticket. Everything else is in. Tickets it has been handled. I'm about by someone fan. The kindness the president's with the church. So this is the moment for the average citizen to get to loosen the sense that she didn't want to kill me again is it that night. Sit out the Pope does lose weight towards releasing audience. George we concede they have motorcade coming our way they're just a couple of blocks away now. And I can tell you everything camera every cell phone out. It wrecks people are so excited ethics think it is just infectious dirt I was out there. The prince is became. That's the that I had that night is the feeling that I have out here. Right now there is a sense of ride. There's a sense of devotion and there is a real excitement you're like I can even think of another word to describe it it's just overwhelming. It you can see if the city reflected on the pope's Guzman who get out and see who drew a lot of energy. Yet hold seventy hope for the people who took this pastor of the whole thing I find fascinating. The key cities in which is that iconic vehicle that the TI used in World War II made in Toledo Ohio but owned by the same company. I was riding in earlier. Yeah society have in getting the big cheer. As. What a special. Yeah. Yeah I saw him. An audience in. Some years where you're scary move in the you're seeing the successor of saint Peter the vicar of Christ but now it's important remember the full political discussions that are going around this is a pastor visiting. So he is coming music two spent the gospel for them and it's fascinating want to see moves weighed down it's almost as if he's lighting up the crowd. When you loose and and they're letting up consider he loves this most football and I think you know we'll see someone who will speak in. Lee and welcome to new American society he himself in. Lot about the American. He's made a special point plenty of reaching out to. The nuns this war in this in this country especially remember that ABC special. Well that's right ladies especially sensitive man who'd been very helpful two immigrants on the border. He made of wheat first of all calling on her and then telling. I love you put this comes after. A period where in before France's. Let's hope there was eight. And in something of an investigation. Of American nuns by the Vatican and it was a very very painful period. And this hopeless and so just. Hateful is and and religious women not crowing about it because they don't know how to. Have any problems that they they noted in. This would condemn their side because they work in the margins that's what they do they say that aside it to the church. And this hope is very insistent people who knew him since its. It's silly we see that motorcade working its way down constitution avenue. George you know that at a baseball game where they do the way to the stadium fans with happening here as the his great north as the crowd. The cheers are getting a letter from what I did see my and it's played the arms are popping up in here every single person out here trying to get a picture of this scope and just look. The crowd isn't it I thought it. These people in these hundreds of people did but this do you see your look. Isn't this is no this isn't sure you beginning that he does this imminent and wounded people who couldn't get because they shut. Says down about an hour before the motorcade started you're talking thousands. And one little girl just got a very special greeting from the Pope she popped out of the barricade and Secret Service agents brought her out. As well 400 kids. Am. Give awards for bravery yes it up again. How my goodness look at the arsenal behind all of those hands and using the missile the Princeton so much. Breakfast and one point two billion Catholics. And. Moments that we forget for a moment that this provides six red and blue campus sits. Significant is this what unites us and affect some great things about the tendencies one of the few. It actually has the unifying. Persona I think actually his most beautiful quotations as we invested. Dixon that we need one another that we have a CA's responsible. For others in the room and. DC. His motion to listen. Right there may be encouraging. Cherie. But in terms. Here on the home right now so closings put this baby and holiday a little girl and has been sending out those kids are chosen as it looks like someone else's can be brought to right now. Also heat each incident gunmen and I think if you can take them both the enthusiasm. About love of the family but also you've seen. You'll often reach out and seeing these pictures 22. Lou until the disabilities or who are clearly these. What kind of medical that's what he had one. Sort of chip Fletcher it if you will with scrapping the the man who is designated it the got to do is get kids in Cuba what. Mothering. Tropical heat and Cuba by the time he got back on the plane at defense and all those kids used to wrench. I don't what I got them that last little baby kiss is one cool customer never let. Okay I'm happy Canadian didn't did not go anywhere if not all of the babies are always happy. That thing. You're talking about music group this tradition total since its effects that some. Mrs. that they won't actually X increased. Security in your side of the pool hasn't moved to. Informants. Taking no chances are you'll. Good to see a lot of the ball to imagine the noise is deafening to have us here in the studio. It is just like it sounds like intense and constant and haven't. Some public and him did so well. And it doesn't go that Cecilia. This concerns this is the the moment they have been waiting for this woman we have been waiting for I have to tell you being out here even as a journalist this is infectious and you cannot help. I'd be excited and be so crowd to be a part of this is. I think that people here are so excited and and just look over here is right here in front of us are to believe. I'm just going. Neither of its Indian flag and saying it cannot get enough of it just doesn't first. Like Brandon. Yeah every single them out here. He got the thumbs up I wonder if that was for the Argentine flag event at that moment. Pierre Thomas. Georgia struck by the iconic images who have the secret. Mixture of Secret Service agents with the Vatican security protecting the code and law enforcement officials say. Layers of security in this that you don't see swat teams at the ready for right now I think that this. Taking an Ollie and tried to make sure that everything goes smoothly and right now they're very happy so hard to. Incredible assault cardinal were. World and the vaccine wouldn't. The archbishop of Washington. With the pool there is it seemed to be losing his almost holding back tears as he was taking wouldn't say that this is a big moment. For more efficient home but won't come. The Pope it was absolutely. It's a very exciting thing for any archbishop to have the 400 pound and notices the the archbishop scene is people saying this plot turn out. All this enthusiasm with so much you know press about. People leaving the church here is the archbishop seeing this in turn out four. Didn't we see all this excitement happens in the days. A visit like this and congregations and communities. Can be draw. He's dealing we're seeing today. That's a very good question you know the elation I think it's designed for people that Catholic Church is something off so in that excitement. Lucy found an invitation. From god but I think you know once people are able to read. His thoughts of his homelessness. Reflect on the. Also here in his sights diocese. Won't have. Want something called walk with France's. And won't thousands and thousands of people who have signed up. I mean there's two perform an active service were to fade. Away to. In the community. And something Olson and and I think that we'll continue to live got CNN news. And this is the kind of moment for the people who are their Nazi death. Forget and never speaking just days ago with William Bratton the police commissioner. Work city. When Pope Paul the sixth in his hometown of Boston fifteen years ago he was able this had the Pope shake his father's hand his father would not watch his hand. We've was able to go home and and touched his sick sick what. As well as. There are certain moments in people's lights times didn't pick them out through. That weather was presidents or hopes or whatever that people remember for the rest of their life. And actually changes many people in changes. Many good things they want to do in the life I would guess that many people watching this and there will decide there's a mission they want to do that otherwise they would have been touched down. And I think it contains well I'm not saying that that he hasn't been very devoted to his lucky as them won't let my new seen this kind of reaction. Of war people. Since you massive school to. Movie you know stay with the program. It's also reminder I think that people the holiness is not something far off in Ireland it's resides in individual that's the real thing. Open and fiction character heard about we've heard is talks in here he is. Coming to seal and it's also you know like Jesus you know kind of being reincarnated. It's something that happens in our daily lives in a no ordinary lives not far off. It's the Pope has made his way down constitution avenue. Pass the crowds he's going to be making his way now saint Matthew's cathedral in downtown Washington where he will meet with his bishops who see them gathered there. Four noon day prayer also here homily from the Pope as well. This occasional horse was beautiful Byzantine. Mosaic and lions cathedral. With the evangelists Matthew Mark Luke and John Brown of the season. But we must remember it from president Putin's. It is and when most Americans find most. We're learning now also as we keep it. Our cameras on I'm Shane Matthews of the gifts to the present gave. To the holy father one of them was a sculpture and sending. International symbol of peace in the Christian symbol of the holy spirit and and the sec one cookie when that you respond to this. A key from the Maryland home of Elizabeth and seat. Dedicated to serving those most in need mother Seton. Was the first native born American to be declared Saturday she was. A remarkable woman from the early nineteenth century. Who converted to catholicism and then found in a religious order and is credited with starting at park -- school system in the United States now. That makes me crazy frankly the way history book say and then she started the parochial school system like. Was that hard didn't take any effort was in time and Bob good she did it she sometimes was at odds with her superiors Richie. So Jay Don and she not only created the schools she had a free school immediately as well as the school the children paid for. But she also created hospitals and orphanages around the country. Traveling herself and it early nineteenth century is a woman to do that. She had her own children she had been married. Her own children joined the letters some of them but she said to the bishop my duties as a mother come first and then my duty. Do you and the Pope will be canonized union by the junior Paris Sarah tonight. And when he celebrates mass at the shrine of the American conception in Washington is now meeting. When his bishops in downtown question we're gonna have much more coverage of the pope's visit David there'll be live with world news tonight from Washington. And of course when the Pope becomes the first Pope ever to address a joint session to congress who have the B Jack all day tomorrow of course on Good Morning America thank you. For saying. This has been a special report. From ABC news.

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