Pope Francis Picks Philadelphia for First US Visit

Pontiff will arrive at the city of brotherly love for the World Meeting of Families in September 2015.
19:16 | 11/17/14

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Transcript for Pope Francis Picks Philadelphia for First US Visit
Coming to America of Francis will be heading to Philadelphia first ever US visit as leader of the Roman Catholic Church. Ever when I'm down Cutler in New York upon a flow arrive in the city of brotherly love in September of next year just in time for the world meeting of families. Or officials expect two million people to attend the pope's Sunday maps. I want to bring in our chief foreign correspondent Terry Moran from our bureau in London about this historic announcement and Terry what do you make of this. Well it's going to be massive no question about it Dan this is really. That cool Pope writes some people think of him that he's he's become a global superstar. With the very un pulpit style he's improvisation. All he seems to speak from the heart. Off the cuff and a way that previous popes have not so he's a figure of tremendous interest. And for many people on the progressive side the liberal side of the Catholic faith he's a figure of hope as well. And he comes to the United States to talk about the family this is a try any ill meeting that the church holds around the world but it comes. At this time where the Pope himself has started a conversation. About the fan with a modern 21 century family within the Catholic Church that's caused a lot of controversy stirred some hopes stirred some concern. A he's also likely to travel to Washington DC to meet with President Obama and congress. And New York City as well for the opening of the United Nations. In September of next year it'll be the seventieth anniversary the United Nations so. The Vatican officials saying it's a good time for me to visit it's going to be a just a fascinating journey to America. A fascinating journey of course everyone is saying in Washington DC in New York of course if he's coming to Philadelphia why in fact can't he make that extra trip to those two cities. Are there plans to release stated that the discussion of villages that's under way right now that we know of. That's what it's all about Dan is how to. How to arrange those side trips if you will to Washington DC to New York City. Hot when the best time to announce the man is who should announce that as you know. These troops were to meet heads of state or to come to the United Nations. There's a lot of diplomatic ground work that's laid first but there's no question that those wheels are turning. And the people of New York the people of Washington are likely to see Pope France's next year along with the two million as you pointed out expected to attend. This church's world conference on families in Philadelphia. And Pope Francis is actually fulfilling a promise that was made by his predecessor right Pope Benedict the sixteenth about visiting Philadelphia. That's right Philadelphia it is of one of the major diocese of the Roman Catholic Church in America it's got a huge Catholic population. It has had. It it's issues on their on the child sex abuse scandal. Over the years passed and has had. To deal with them in both expensive and end shameful ways frankly has come through that. Was chosen as the site for this world cap conference on families for the church and Benedict said he wanted to be there wanted to be there with them this is before. He retired as his they have to try annual meeting and so hope Francis picking up the torch from Benedict as he has another way is and he will. Come to this conference has a sick an interesting moment for this subject. But France's seems to have ignited a firestorm of conversation of debate of argument over. What the family is. In the Catholic tradition. A man and a woman certainly is the teaching of the of the Bible so many families. Are different in these days because of divorce because of unmarried couples because of a gay couples together. And France's C a step opened the conversation in the Catholic Church towards accepting endorsing even a lot of those arrangements that's given deep concern. To conservatives and traditionalists and he cattle likes this swirling roiling conversation it seems we'll see where it takes him. And the church over the course of the next year. Are complex conversation and especially for someone up hope that a 78 years old is their concern about his health about his age. And taking on this kind of a trip. You know that's a great question Pope France is it has seems like a man in a hurry. Often he seems to want to tackle the big questions of church governance where he's really been radical in the church's finances. And how the church is being governed. But also in these. Issues of morality in the world in the modern world you want to take on the big issues. Almost as if he realizes and he said at times heat figures about five years as Pope is what he thinks. He's not in the greatest health he's he's often struggled over the course of his life he lost a little bit of a long. When he was a young man to a disease and he certainly is put on a great deal of weight. I've seen him over that over the past several months is probably put on omnibus a few dozen pounds which for man a 78. Probably isn't the healthiest thing Haggans all the good food that one can meet in Rome but when he went. To the holy land and I went to Bethlehem and went down into the grotto he had very great difficulty getting down the steps and back up them. So there's no question that he's he's an older man and has some of the issues in all the running shows no signs of ill health. But he is setting himself a tough agenda and a tough travel schedule and he seems to like it that way. Tough schedule answer that very very active conversations I should point out Terry. Several more on this historic announcement I wanna bring in Tim reedy executive editor of America magazine the largest Catholic publication and the United States and Tim what is your reaction into the Pope. The pope's announcement coming to the United States does it benefit that Philadelphia. Well this is expected some ways has been talked about several months. But has answers segment logistics are not chairman's well limited at a time this is action usually ten bucks had meant to. But it's also not surprising given that they're saying. The post injury is the conversations and taking place this in the last October and then next October it is our stations that is. Well consummate and it's just that or so it seems like the timing is ideal. So when you're talking about the trip now to Philadelphia but there's also plans in the works right now for a trip also to North America to Mexico. Yeah that is not present from this boat that he's gonna come to North America he's oh from Latin America that he would also tried to visit Mexico also issues of poverty and inequality which. I we're struggling with Europe this. It's a that he wanted to talk about that recently heated brings the four. And talk to a little bit about the fact that this is the first Pope from a new world the fact that his first language is Spanish. Does that make you more relatable to people in the Western Hemisphere than. And so I mean he's certainly it is meter goes out there inflatable but. She's English is not particularly start was so. Is Spanish and had been much more comfortable. He's speaking Spanish speaking audience these are lever the best majority. People in the Western Hemisphere it's gonna be very least understand him back with them. But he's more typical these the American actually starts talking a tactics I think we can expect and are out. Hundreds perhaps he speaks to congress. This is imminent. Some. Members of congress have criticizing the obvious little Iraq. Well. And now some of those issues that Terry Moran pointed out of the issue of marriage issue of the sexual abuse within the Catholic Church there Pope Francis is that a leader of the church upper little more than a year. He in fact he was expected to bring change to the church that I wanna get your opinion and do you think that he's done so in that little more than the year time and he's that he is let the church. Yeah absolutely I mean him he's changed. In terms of all he's doing tricks he's making it documents he's helping them to write that's been very impressive. And he certainly seems like abandoned her and I think the culture. Chrome is such that somebody coming from the outside. Doesn't know the ins and outs so I think he's pushing hard to make the east Brent and roadblocks you're an error but. I think we've seen some important changes recently we've got our vision suited she's going to be. Disney doctors Chicago install RO that's a big deal also that there's definitely some movement happening. In Philadelphia there's and his cover is underway the Ramada train the mayor of Philadelphia Michael Nutter is expected at the podium in just a minute we will go there is soon is he does have up to the podium. But I want to ask you about this as far as the Catholic church's concern given the fact that that the the ideals and the message from Pope Francis is so vastly different. How was it affected the following. Well I mean all all you all all of our reports suggest that very history France's in the people are about a note. So what anecdotally but that they're more alleged graphical fallen away going back to the church. And there are people who earned public positions they in the government or Catholic. Booby very praiseworthy. What he's on the big get there been some criticism you know some of the things that he said on economic issues specially escalate sue. Inequality in this country is hard for some people here think it's Kennedy saying. What does it do to Catholics here in the United States and in North America when they do see the Pope visit when it is far is that the tangible and visible. A sign that he is the leader of their faith in the leader of their church. Well. An amazing event I was actually in Denver and frequent Pope John Paul. Now state just a second visited add to see all those people together and this is going into the fourth visit Apollo. They hope to the United States so I would forget how recent phenomenon is sewn to view the scene that all is a relatively new. But not enough for people who live in this country to see this always been such a media star. Huge. Prime let's go to Philadelphia and our the mayor Michael Nutter has taken after the podium. The mayor and his team in incredible amount. Re sources health. Guidance to us. It's just been an unbelievable partnership for us. It thank you for that mayor and we look forward to continuing working with you when your team for this wonderful event. Mayor nutter. Good morning everyone and Bob thank you. Very very much. Good morning. And I spent little time in Catholic school so good morning. The Pope is coming. To Philadelphia. I teased the First Lady that. For site in Pennsylvania when it was mentioned that of course are archbishop our great leader. Can be with us this morning I knew that he was that he was in Rome. And it's just you know it's a timing thing. It's really really hard to get back to Philadelphia so quickly. From Rome but please give another huge round of applause of our great arch bishop archbishop Charles Chapman. Bishop MacIntyre on behalf. The city of Philadelphia million and a half people in growing and certainly am sure of the archdiocese. And its breath and depth all across the Delaware valley. Please today. Some of those sentiment and the excitement. That we feel here please express that. To the archbishop when you talk to him I'm sure later on today we are. Ball tremendously excited. Bob through plea thank you for your leadership. But First Lady Susan Corbett thank you for your presence here and commitment to these efforts. Dan hill pretty president and CEO and you'll hear from independence blue cross thank you. And Donna Hurley Correll are great executive director of the world meeting of families. On behalf of the city of Philadelphia is Bob mention. We are fully engage fully involved in fully invested in this incredible effort. So my teammates some you've met before every Ellison American's chief of staff and deputy mayor for public safety he's actually back at the shop and keeping things running. And city representatives. Deseret tutored him bell who is here with us today please recognize that Deseret in the entire great work. That our team is doing in these efforts. Couple are on their teammates and Gisele towns from special events and Denise Dixon from the mayor's office those are just a few of the many many folks will be working. On this effort. We are experiencing not only a ran day but we're anagram hall and a better place to celebrate than the Philadelphia Museum of Art let's say current post. The art museum for lending us their steps. And on those steps are some of the finest young people you're ever gonna meet in Philadelphia and the Philadelphia region. And so let us give some shout outs to father judge who's here today. Archbishop Carroll in the house. Cardinal Harrison and. Right down the street from City Hall Roman Catholic is here with us today. It. Saved France's Xavier. And saint Mary into her okay. I didn't forget you. The school out of my mother. John W Callahan. And speaking of my mom who is probably watching. Mound. I'm sorry. That I couldn't tell you yesterday. That the Pope was coming. But I hadn't made a promise that I wouldn't tell anyone sound. See is are excited about this of course as well. What an historic day get an unparalleled day for the city of philadelphians. This will be the largest event. In the city's modern history Philadelphia the big city for big events and we could not be marked synan. The confirmation that we've all waiting for. The Pope Francis would in fact visit Philadelphia. To attend the world meeting of families is something truly been excited about to be prayerful about and to be overdoing it. When parents see some. It seems only fitting the Thomas whose beat bringing people together from all over the world with a sense of hope. Compassion. And connection to phase will make its first trip to America. As hollow at the world meeting of families. And up my personal note. Well there when I was a student tennis federation of our art elementary schools. Or saint Joe's prep high school. I could not have ever imagined. The opportunity to not only meet the poll puts it as many of us did back in March. But to welcomes Apollo. To our great city is the birthplace of freedom. Liberty and democracy. In the United States of America. To the sisters of the immaculate heart of Mary hides him to the Brothers. Race. The nation order of saint Joseph's. Me say thank you. Instilling in me the values that many many ways but Francis talks about on a daily basis you've all shaped my lines and for that. I'm appreciative. Welcome chronicle last paid person president and Saint Joseph's University father thank you very much as well. The world meeting of families is an opportunity. The people across all sales. To have vitally important conversations. And to engage spiritually and around strengthening. Our families. The backbone of society. Check their families is a mission that all of us can that should and must support. Family is a cornerstone of society and strengthening families who only make our community stronger. Cities and our nation safer and better. Both Francis has demonstrated grace vision and wisdom. In these first few years of papers papacy. He's been committed to building consensus. Embracing diversity. And celebrating. Faith. We must follow his example and worked to encourage. And engage with others in the same way. The set many times course of Philadelphia is in fact the world class city. I'm looking forward to showcasing our culture and community. With people from across America and around the world. And welcoming them to the most welcoming city in the United States of America. Philadelphia. And we know listening to mayor Michael Nutter mayor a Philadelphia the host city. Propel Francis will be visiting next year. And a big announcement today Terry executive editor of America magazine in ten ought to get your thoughts on this than the world's families meeting what is on the agenda than for next year's meaning. Well. Mayor nutter mention archbishop should reduction he was instrumental in getting this meeting in Philadelphia and getting tends. And somebody who is expects or does it again next October badly so I'm sure some of the same issues that are about in his ended. Well come. I suspect the wrote or revoke some traditional marriage. But. It'll be barriers are. Currently of course we'll all be watching that as well and we will continue to live stream that news conference right here Tim ready for America magazine thank you so much appreciate your time. And as you can keep up with the start real time buy down money ABC news apps started a story for exclusive updates on the go for now I'm down thefts are in New York.

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