Powdery snow piling up in Hartford, Connecticut

ABC News' Adrienne Bankert reports one estimate shows snow falling at a rate of 3 to 4 inches per hour in Hartford.
5:37 | 03/14/17

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Transcript for Powdery snow piling up in Hartford, Connecticut
Connecticut of course has been hit much harder than expected are aging and anchored has been live there all morning porous giving us the latest what's happening. From Hartford out there in the snow Adrian what is the latest right there at Connecticut. Hi I'm not yes we are here in Hartford and I have to tell you this state wide travel ban remains in effect started around 5 this morning the governor issuing. That recommendation route really a mandate to commuters saying that no vehicular traffic is allowed on state roadways save essential. A roadway travel like nurses first responders you can hear the plow trucks behind me here. We happen to be in a safe zone because we ourselves wanna avoid those road conditions. But again we don't wanna see cars on the roads unnecessarily. We were listening in tibia. A governor Cuomo's a dress talking about how people are staying safe because people are not out on the roadways but accidents can happen especially when you get in the way of this boat while vehicles. Also to we've seen fewer accidents Connecticut's Department of Transportation alerting us to the fact that there have been fewer accidents fourteen. I so far this morning. But no major injuries involved in any of those accidents also let you know this is very costly endeavor. 985000. Dollars per hour for the DOT to operate as plow trucks and all of the different tractors and snow blowers at the used to try to accommodate the cleanup. All day yesterday it's been a lot of money putting down that salt brine in magnesium chloride to melt the snow and back. Snow like this normally of course water freezes at 32 degrees when you put that salt solution on the roadway. Amazingly the freezing point of water drops to twenty degrees maybe even less than that. So that is helpful helped mountain snow keep the roads clear but they're plowing like crazy we've seen more project I think I've ever seen on any weather story on the. And Adrian we're seeing eye you're standing there in the thick of it the snow continues to fall we know it's going to continue for several hours still. If there prediction about the accumulation there what it means for folks in Connecticut. Moving forward. Well you can see it's windy now look at this is blowing that snow which makes visibility really really low. In fact we are driving this morning around 10 AM as we started to see things ten to five. Predictions for meteorologists are saying that it's going to get even worse around noon through about Ford. Of this snowfall we could see as much as eighteen to 28 inches of snow. Just looking around I mean. Again a lot of the snow has been moved already so it could be up to ten inches right now but again I don't want to speculate too much of the cellular is that plot that's just like this guy. They've been moving as it's falling it's really dry powdery dry fluffy snowfall. But a lot of it and falling fast in fact one estimate says that it's falling at about three to four inches per hour opera that. Is insane Adrian what's striking me as we're seeing all these pictures from across the northeast is just how different the precipitation isn't so many places dangers the I would showing us earlier. Just sheets and sheets of rain in some parts of New Jersey here in New York we have this crazy mix of wind and freezing rain and snow. You guys are just getting straight powdery snow there at that expected to changer will it stay snow. It's gonna say snow in fact I think the earliest forecast showing that western Massachusetts and what western Connecticut. We're going to be hit with most of this snowfall in fact. You can have a field well even bathroom right now the it's still very powdery snow fall yet we love stand against Alan especially for you I mean it's welcome. Well worth I gotta tell you that it is. It is this safety hazard of course. I and people are are heating a lot we've seen very you. A regular cars every day people out on the roadways of course emergency crews have been out but plow trucks are doing a great job they have over 46. Thousand miles of roads not just state highways but also in town neighborhood roads to wow. To try to make sure that the snow doesn't pile up the plow driver we talk to you. Rubin. Early this morning told us that you can't let it. Just continue to pile in pile up you can give yourself a heart attack he says those are his words. Because it's so strenuously try to move that snow starts to pack in a become really really heavy back he said. That if he waited for that's noted this fall. And then push it out of the way he could really damage his own equipment so they move it every couple of inches trying to keep it from becoming too much of it sure. But you know that a lot of businesses closed today on that you you won't see the same shops open to folks what that means a loss of sales tax revenue. Many folks who work for the state and county. They're not going into a today those offices are closed but they're still getting paid so there's a Boston productivity there. Very costly every time we see snowfall like they said. Again it's expected to last all throughout the day that travel IBM XTY travel ban is going to be in effect until further notice at least through tonight and maybe even into tomorrow. We haven't heard yet exactly when now with that. Adrian one underline that point you made about staying on top of the precipitation as it fault it's a good point for people at home to. And they don't want to hear it necessarily but getting out there and moving. Snow little by little rather than waiting for it to accumulate to. Up to the eighteen or twenty plus inches you mentioned that's going to be a much easier way to move it out at Adrien and A you may not want to hear that. But it looks really pretty from this warm vented my hand and looked at. You know it does look like a winter wonderland and in seven days I guess we will not seat winter anywhere it'll be spring so. Will this be the last of that winter blast we'll find out right yes it it is kind of romantic out here and a freezing sort of way. Think you can up. They happen on a brave face or thank you injured Serbian up there in the cold or at queen did joins and get warm Adrian acre lot for us in Hartford Connecticut.

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{"id":46122930,"title":"Powdery snow piling up in Hartford, Connecticut","duration":"5:37","description":"ABC News' Adrienne Bankert reports one estimate shows snow falling at a rate of 3 to 4 inches per hour in Hartford.","url":"/US/video/powdery-snow-piling-hartford-connecticut-46122930","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}