Powerball Winners in Missouri Still Stunned

Cindy and Mark Hill win $193 million, look forward to "back to normal" life.
3:29 | 11/30/12

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Transcript for Powerball Winners in Missouri Still Stunned
I went to have everybody welcomed the new million. Dollar -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Congratulations. Well I didn't find out until the next day after I'd taken my daughter to school and I went my agency let the numbers work. And I got back in my car. -- to have my glasses. And I was. Thinking is that the right numbers is that the right numbers. -- -- shaky and I call my husband I -- I think I'm having a heart attack. And imagine to my mother lost count to let her verify when I thought I'd see me and that's when he was hit us and so what did mark say when when you call them. If you what he's saying he's half asleep you have to understand and I said we -- won the lottery and he gets what is nice if we won the lottery. And he said. I'll meet you -- my -- and when he got there were like aren't you excited because I've really got elected as you've got to show it to me. Down from his show me -- yeah exactly we're still stand by what's happened it's surreal. And people keep asking us what -- gonna buy with Pelé hadn't thought about that I just want someone to go home and just be back to normal. Because in my office this is there working my dad -- -- 30 in the morning and Amos probably almost immune by the time I moved again I think I just sat there and disbelief. This incredible. Well I hope we stays around and I hope we see any great people who were yesterday in -- -- before but I also hope it doesn't get too chaotic for us you know. 8 o'clock in the morning a -- phone call from -- And first he says is so don't -- that -- Don't tell anybody is. Cry because -- lazy. We won the lottery money. -- you -- say something in the -- OK you know cells. Then obviously I I go to work -- -- Sok an and now like someone from the -- -- -- like we -- saying well let's. -- -- I did those people are very happy right now. I got a text from my mom says called me sad thing in she's kind of the girl who cried wolf because anytime she -- me that. And I collar -- something is wrong. Sheila usually ask me you know who is actor in that movie something really trivial like that. So I got that Texans like veggies so I finally got ahold of her and she said I want a lot. And I didn't believer. For actually a couple of hours that I -- she is just taking it. -- -- and taken too far so finally -- -- my -- song I knew he wouldn't bring these you know and I believe after that and he was has pretty surreal those excited -- and I got really onerous forms but it's pretty amazing.

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{"id":17847375,"title":"Powerball Winners in Missouri Still Stunned","duration":"3:29","description":"Cindy and Mark Hill win $193 million, look forward to \"back to normal\" life.","url":"/US/video/powerball-winners-missouri-stunned-17847375","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}