Powerball Winning Ticket Sold in California

Lone $425M Powerball jackpot ticket sold at a gas station in California.
3:00 | 02/20/14

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Transcript for Powerball Winning Ticket Sold in California
I'm Michelle president New York with this ABC news digital live event a lucky winner in waiting. There's a new powerball winners somewhere in northern California. One winning ticket was sold at a gas station in -- PSE and we're going to listen in right now a lottery officials. We do not know who the winner is yet they have knocked him in the claim. Anyone who was here bought it thinking it might -- -- ticket right away and come forward to see you can't -- -- in a safe place. We we're just very excited we have are -- owners here mr. Singh and mr. Singh. They will get a million dollar bonus for selling the winning ticket. And they're also very exciting. This is the this is the fourth. Largest powerball jackpot of all time and the sixth largest in US history so I Abbott said we're very excited that California actually won its second prize and it was the -- of the night though. It's an exciting time to -- -- California. Very. Almighty in -- -- Cathy Doyle Johnston aina spokesperson of the California lottery. Anything else. There are no -- local taxes on lottery prizes however it does become part of your incoming and you would have income taxes on. That option for this price 242. Million dollars if he wanted need. Money all of front if you wanted to wait and get over thirty years it would be 425 million dollars. Quite -- decision to make. Yes it but it was the fourth largest -- -- largest powerball jackpot all time. And the sixth largest jackpot in US history. Twelve -- yet. I don't -- the exact figure from this but I can find out. We've contributed more than a billion to California's public schools for thirteen years in a row. But I can find out -- We how much from this jackpot -- In California gets -- the largest jackpot in California never had. I don't think it's good proportion and I think it happening with the population. Obviously we have a very large population in the country and so I think it proportionate to population. This when a jackpot of the diet comes around. People -- you know people that don't normally play start playing they play of the family -- -- -- the group they play at the bowling league that play at an office. So it was very exciting -- he. The lines that the retailers actor had been over the line here. And this is a very exciting time -- people get really hot have been and as you can see it sometimes it really does pay off. Well no they they don't know anything they haven't come forward yet. They're very excited they're right. -- -- -- -- Army. PA RM he'd -- Then yes I did. Unfortunately I have his phone. And there's no way to contact me until you -- there is going. The globe that the reason was you want -- to -- -- reason why haven't stripped. Billion Yvonne. -- that division now. It's pretty -- easygoing guy to be very painful and very visible. Very humble person look have a lot of we are expecting it this is actually the first time -- won for the big -- -- Like this -- of -- locations so. We are already expecting a lot of customers come. Largest -- closes at 101000 plus dancers at this location and we did see. And increase in the lottery sales from. Yeah. They -- present. I think the fund -- in business. They did more funding provisions for our customers. Wolf I've come -- with actresses from a friend and I thought in mind. No no. Perhaps you know it -- 42 states have lottery the horrible. And Delta's stock and I got involved miles long that they've got it figured out exactly happening. -- -- -- -- -- dog. -- -- For those -- also is the real. Here in the. -- they're thankful and reduce their customers and the wonderful day. You know -- driving. There. Yeah. -- didn't name any. Go away. Anything else. -- -- Sorry -- party identification process and without thinking of them winner have to answer we have a variety of questions we ask them to make sure they are the winner. So that party at peace process that we don't get -- about that information they don't even Tellme -- Now that would have also -- -- from them though right now we just don't know that that's part of the questions we got from the winner and then. So we'll be. We'll be waiting. And anything else plus. Do you plan on seeing -- -- -- -- -- If it's very difficult that's -- -- have people fighting back the ticket right away. I'm even if they did lose it and someone scribbled a rader waited out -- ways for us to find out whose idea -- whose signature is under there. So we really the best thing to do is find back to the ticket make a copy of the front and back. And keep it in a very safe place. That's what they tell all of our winners if they -- becoming claim that it ticket it would be very very very difficult not impossible but very involved due to claim -- right. So there are but there are many questions we -- security wise and there's a lot of things. Security mechanism -- mechanisms built skin. That only the winner would know. The answers to those questions and those mechanisms would verify those answers. -- find out. We'd -- win more confident that quick -- -- lot more often. So it didn't make sense that the more the more. Type -- -- is -- -- that win but we have had people do. Have you know I talked where's all the -- -- figure out numbers that have only bought -- ticket that. You know we're traveling through and hand picked -- the ticket there's all kinds of different ways people get it taken off and the differently people win. I'm an amount of this magnitude is really some -- and -- needs to be considered you need -- we we really. A teller winners they should get an accountant. You know a tax attorney. Financial planner that kind of thing so they are Smart with their money and they make -- -- work for them. Many many of our winners -- before the evening -- -- will will wait a few days and when they give him minutes because they were getting financial advice. So and Californians are actually very savvy and many of them yet on -- -- -- -- -- -- suggest that they that they get. Some kind of financial team to help them invest their winning so it will -- their lifetime their children's lifetime you mean you know their grandchildren's lifetime. So that's what we like to. -- -- -- Then you've been listening to a press conference from Milpitas California outside the convenience store Dixon landing of course where that. Winning lottery ticket was purchased the power ball. 425. Million dollar pot going to one person who has not come forward yet. Now we want to bring in -- Deedee Roy who is outside that press conference to answer a few more questions. For us DD here on the phone from there get an idea Milpitas isn't far from San Jose what is that town like -- what's the mood like right now. Sure I'd ever -- talking you. Know that you have -- -- current tally. Pakistan has had mentioned -- it was where. The lottery but it million trot -- ever. Apple orchard. Next winner here. It -- by. But. All are. Here and very very like and neighborly -- It that red area and they repeat what people -- I would and it's been great model here -- You're being up or it. -- -- And have locked in our population. And that you can act in here he are your people -- Woke up this morning to buy out is that lottery -- -- their backyard. Here getting your check on that a lot. Well now a lot and it. The media -- your hand but a lot of onlooker intriguing picture what I'm took up. Her mind and -- Here's the story -- and that -- it from of the Lotto fever here. Padilla can tell you had the exact opposite feeling in those 42 other states about that once we -- we heard there was one winner. We heard from one of the store owners there who actually one million dollar bonus it's almost as -- they want when the lottery to but. As far as we know there is only one winner. Particularly mean that's -- after the lottery and commissions and find out if there is immediate but they come out. Being only one letter which may -- Especially extraordinary feat I didn't want 170. -- billion chance that -- win the lottery like this. The fact that -- only one -- have been hired should be all the more salt. You know we've talked about the big payout here 425. Million -- listening to the California lottery. Officials they said the lump sum of that payout would be about 242. Million dollars that's still quite a -- a change. Isn't that persons -- Yeah I've heard her state that we really and -- you know someone without debate about. Lucky winning the rights and to top lawyer top count in the -- cutting -- I mean it's really really get by. Watch and make sure that you're making but actually the hospital. Check out -- ordinary -- out of money. You know you want to make sure that you are -- short white double. You know we've been watching you know see in the video come out of their involvement of the Delhi is -- the gas stations give us an idea described that area it looks like -- at convenience store gas station with some other -- attached. Yeah exactly that -- -- station. -- -- -- -- -- -- Every door and a little my -- -- The -- that own this year -- -- it it you'd expect. Really -- -- Urgent that -- little -- in the the press conference but. The the store owner -- the other. She -- actually en route in the and AT and beer and Al and or had just actually. EB capital -- When he was or what. Action in the next couple hours -- he had no idea. On January -- -- -- -- buy out and many think about it and age you know. Probably typical immigrant experience -- Italian. Army that -- -- that. You know similar kind of D'auria. Big league record coming to this country yet try again. Economic opportunity in what -- actually met with its small business. Back in hardworking -- your -- and genetic opera production -- You you could find -- at one million dollars -- It -- huge huge isn't yet not been beat -- It's like changing collapsed. Yes that one million. Dollar bonus that we see them here holding up the check at this hour -- Deedee Roy thank you so much for joining us on the phone we'll hear more from you. On abcnews.com. As well. Again waiting for that sole power ball ticket winner to come forward. They have some time to do it in -- probably thinking about it this news conference was in Milpitas California. Thank you so much for joining us you can get the latest recap here on abcnews.com. I'm Michelle Franzen in New York for -- ABC news digital lighter moment.

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