Pres. Trump sends out flurry of tweets on trade war, steel industry

Trump sent out a series of tweets Tuesday claiming "tariffs have rebuilt our steel industry."
29:36 | 05/14/19

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Transcript for Pres. Trump sends out flurry of tweets on trade war, steel industry
And. Everybody welcome to the preferred font Devin Dwyer Washington street to have you with us on this Tuesday so much to get to today's the president. Digs in his heels on the street war with China will looking the developments with Iran over in the Middle East and today we hit the campaign trail take a look at a number of candidates. That are out on the stump today including one who stopped by the view he or an ABC we'll tell you more about that coming up but we'll start. Today with a fact check of sorts on this trade war with China the president. Unleashing a flurry of claims overnight on this back and forth on tariffs. We'll start with with the first one today that he tweeted about heats he says. Tariffs have rebuilt our steel industry in the United States he says in fact the steel industry is booming. Scott back in March 20 team pleas to 25%. Tariff on dumped steel from China and other countries he says we now know digging growing industry. We have to save steel for our defense and auto industries both of which. Are coming back strong so is that true how much of that is true or mortar some of the challenges. Facing the economy for more on this wondering Stephanie C gall she's a senior fellow. I at the center for strategic international studies also former US Treasury Department official here Washington joins us now also. With us Bob Woodruff for chief foreign correspondent who's covered China. I'm also happy to have Gary Romain president of summit steel and manufacturing from Redding Pennsylvania so gets all them. But let's start with Gary because. We just lost scary and fortunately so hope to have Gary back in the second but let's. Not turned to Stephanie for a conversation on what these tariffs have done on the positive side for the steel industry Stephanie great to see you. By one account. We've learned about 121000 jobs have been added since these. Tariffs have gone into effect that's that's a good thing right. Act adding jobs is certainly a very good thing. I'm I think you can make the argument that job creation is as much a function of the strong economy which is also again a very good paying I think the problem is when you impose terrorists. What you're actually doing it is raising the cost to the end users. Down so we now a market that's being protect dead. And that might help with some of the domestic. Manufacturers. But that and users that are also domestic are actually facing higher costs. They can make a choice as to whether or not they're going to let the higher costs eat into their profits or if they're gonna pass on those higher costs to consumers. And that then raises the prices the final consumer. I think the fear now with the tariffs being raised from the ten to 25%. Is it's producers are not really gonna have the option of just eating that incremental costs they're going to have to surpassing on that cost. See the end consumer and that's gonna end up hurting Americans. It sure is saying and Stephanie by one estimate in the past week Christian sure you've seen the Peterson Institute. For international economics estimated that for every steel job that was saved or created by the tariffs US companies. Consumers businesses. Will pay an average of 900000. Dollars a year combined in aggregate. Total costs increase because so much relies on steel coming in from out outside the United States. He it is it true though that as the president says that did dent the steel industry is booming and will continue to surge will we see a return to the glory days of steel. Of say 304050 years ago. I think those glory days and Seattle and a number of other industries. Are not necessarily coming back if we think of glory days in terms of the number of jobs that are actually create Ed. And that's really just a function of automation and which has impacted the steel industry but also a number of different industries. So to the extent you're able to encourage producers to onshore there production and they may well do that but the job impact of such on shoring is really not what it was a few decades ago. And that's why policies bats are on incentivized saying. Growth in traditional sectors. Are not really where the job growth is gonna come from job growth is gonna come from an innovation industries. And sound and that's really. We should be putting in place policies there in a Foster growth and those sectors because that's where we're gonna have job creation. It's a sort of a mixed picture on the president's claim on steel certainly jobs have been created the industry is experiencing a bit of resurgence but. In the long term as you say most economists agree that that that that this is not a long term investment industry in terms of major growth let's. I take on the second claim downturn or Bob Woodruff for this one who spent a lot of time in China. A Bob gonna put this what do you the president tweeted. Overnight this morning in this morning said that China buys much less from us than we buy from them by almost 500 billion dollar soaring great position. Make a product of home in the USA there's no Tareq you can also buy from a non tariff country instead of China many countries are leaving China. He says and goes on to say that it would in fact be much more competitive. For people to body from the United States were much bigger economy he says so. Bob you've studied dead the the trans Pacific trade data relationship there there he is he does have a right that there's a pretty big trade deficit does not. There is there's certainly that. I'm both sides are going to be affected deeply all the experts tell you this is really to be they consumers and the businesses and both countries will be. You know we'll be damaged by this to matter what happens I think we're not gonna see the real numbers the results of this until. China's tariffs also kicking and what the president the United States president trump decides. To ultimately do to do with the use it to leaders' decision ping of China. And president trump the United States don't wanna give in either one of them want to be the first ones to fold. And I think that is ultimately going to be the biggest facts that we need to know who's gonna give up what. For the other side in the United States we know that the prices will go up. That prices in China will go up and amount of business in terms of import and export will go down because of these tariffs eventually hopefully they will be. Negotiated out but we know that those in China. Are going to be filled with their own anger as the US sent consumers will have a lot of anger. Maybe businesses on both sides will feel some kind of game if it gets. Ultimately what they what they want but in the United States mostly it's politics it's gonna affect initially. But in China where there's not much politics here in that kind and that system. There but I think the biggest fear in China is the effect within that country will be. On potential uprisings you know China is right on its edge right now it needs a significant growth economically. And at this slows that down there could be the significant impact. On the ground. And certainly president trump is hoping to use that as leverage to balance out that that trade relationship both parties though as you alluded to Bob. Up on Capitol Hill Republicans and Democrats are really sounding the alarm today. About what this will mean for America's families the costs of they will pay. Because of this back and forth which many lawmakers say nobody in which nobody wins to listen. What should. Have been done is all of the allies should have been lined up. To join us in the effort to put pressure on China. And because that wasn't done. In effect American the only way he's got the brunt. Of all of death. He has an intact and a lot of these the obviously costs get passed on to consumers so. There impacts their there clearly impacts on US economy. And we're feeling farm country. The spraying Gary Roman. Now who I think has joined us that went to signals back east. The president of summit steel manufacturing in Reading, Pennsylvania Gary it's great to see we've had John before on cell one it. Will talk with the steel industry and a second but since year. In farm country here just up the way wanted to ask you do you feel when impact do you worry about an impact these tariffs will have on prices. That you in your family will pay. I'm not so concerned about the cost of my family I had the luxury of been in the business were up thirty plus years. I watched this immigration those steel industry throughout all time. And the number of manufacturing jobs lost. Our more significant mind and there and he. Cost that the individual extremely. Always nickel wow I Procter truth it's now. I think we've already got over years fracture. Yes well. The company and the countries. Transformation over here in my opinion we've industrialized China at this. At the facts are most of my fracturing in this country. And Stephanie sea gull that the tariffs on steel and aluminum that Gary is talking about. Well they certainly may be supporting that industry GM and Ford just as example both companies have said that they will cost. Them about a billion dollars each to make cars which in turn will turn to the consumer. Hot and then there are these tariffs on consumer products it's not just announced that the consumer products. And you've studied this the consumer products is where the biggest bite could be for families right the things that we pick up at Wal-Mart and target that. Come straight from China. Grade I think China is Saddam is certainly an exporter of range. Aside imports to this country's so. Of course those terrorists that are put on those items are gonna be passed through then to US consumers that if I can go back to the point that Gary. Jess raised on there is a very legitimate concern about the way that China. Does business and the fact that China. Is able to simultaneously. Protect its own domestic industry. And then exports. And access capacity to the rest of the world and put a lot of unfair competitive pressure on the rest of the world. So there is absolutely an issue at the trump administration has com has tapped into and his right to try and address but ads. Quotes that you played back from Capitol Hill it needs to be approach that is multi lateral and nature because the issue is one that is in fact global. And the way to maximize the chances of our success is going to be partnering win its. With allies and partners arm to take on something that is mutual concern in China. And Bob you know the Chinese better than most. You know we hear. I've met again members of both parties are you the president say they simply don't respond they have responded to the WTO years of pressure. To try to equalize things and rectify some of these. If these practices with Marchionne and other things. Is there or is there anything that they would respond to short of tariffs if tariffs won't work what what what will work. Well that's a question we have it's very difficult for us to influence within that country in fact if you look at all this controversy happening now in terms of trade this is not going to be a trade there's not hog trade this is going to be war trade. If this happens but anyway this is the biggest tool that that the United States has right now in terms of how much we buy from them how much we self of them. At what price but the one that's not being raised at all in this potential negotiation. Horse home. You know some battle arguments between the United States and China as are not really raising much human rights as an issue they would. Everybody out there in the world of human rights would really like it if the United States does a lot more than it's doing. In China for example we just got back from the province of change on the northwestern part of China. Where this eight largely. Growing horrific incident that's happening what China is going and really. Cracking down on the wieger people which is the of the ethnic group Muslim ethnic group in that country. What a pretty much denying them almost all freedom. And that destroying their culture. If that continues to go on this could be. Perhaps one of the most horrific human rights incidents in the United States right now. The EU the US has raised this with China but it and in this negotiation. Process these tariffs. Between China United States they're not raising that are also that's certainly one of the most significant desires by those in and that in the human rights side of this. And Gary real quick Gary of Omega president of summit steel manufacturing up in Reading, Pennsylvania want to give you the last word here. What where how would you like to see this and how would you like to see this this play out it. Would would you be happy if the tariffs went away now that there that the president has achieved some gains in your sector. Well I I think for ross' estate frat air. Trains actually it's a transactional price and asked belong to our customer. They are or. If it goes away. Yet prices would go lower I don't know that. We would have it would very much impact. Exactly the opposite is happening we're happy or. Potential customers. Hitting our web site and coming to us from all over the country. Actually outside. Only to us that two years ago would not consider it so crosses. Opportunity and a boom for Austin why ever larger customers who. Are worried about Sharon. And their ability to IE products were sold crosses the exact opposite it is an opportunity that we haven't seen in. Many many years. All right Gary remic thanks for your perspective important hear from you in your industry in Pennsylvania appreciate your time also thanks to Stephanie symbolic CSIS. I an economist great to see Stephanie and Bob Woodruff has always referred to have our chief foreign correspondent with us here. As well moving on out of the situation in the Middle East and that escalating tension out with Iran and the New York Times reporting overnight that the White House. Is now said to be developing contingency plans for retaliatory. An offensive strikes against Iran including the possibility of deploying its as many as 100. 20000. Troops. To the Middle East. Are Cecilia Vega just ask president trump about this report on his way out the door here's what he had to say. How I do that absolutely. But we have not. Oh. When it that would send all of a lot like. I think we know if that's. The New York I'm. We. We fundamentally do not see. War with a run but we've also made clear to the Iranians. That if American interests are attacked. We will most certainly responded and appropriate action. So perhaps a bit of a accurate stick statement they are the Iran's supreme leader also put out a statement today sane. Iran doesn't want any war either with United States there will be no war they Ayatollah said resistance is are the Iranian people's. Definite choice let's bring in our pentagon. A senior pentagon reportedly Martinez for more on this week help us make sense of this after several days and escalating tension and tough talk. And then this sort of alarming report that a 120000. Troops good it could be on the table here. You saw both sides say we're actually not looking at a war that seems to be significant. That's right Evan we're looking at is continues to planning and the part of the Pentagon offered they have a plan for everything essentially and so when you. Ask for military options for the four scenarios I you're gonna get various military options from the military. I'm so what we do know is Al yes last week on Thursday there wasn't eating at the white house on top national security officials including. The secretary Shanahan here at the Defense Department. And what we do you know we're not sure exactly what the topic was but in your times as saying that the topic was Iran. And that at that that meaning Shanahan introduced a general just at Stanford who's the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and that he then presented. This option now. I think it's safe to say that this is probably the top line option. For any scenario involving. A conflict with Iran and you would expect that anything like that is going to involve a large number of troops. But we should also put into context as to how many American troops are already in the Middle East. And that is the number of 60080000. American troops following from Syria to Afghanistan. That's a large number now we're talking about is this option is median an additional surge. Probably either she. Air meaning some component land forces but again this is a scenario. That depending on who's gonna have to plan for at some point anyway. And in terms of it if they have things escalate. To Iran which hopefully doesn't happen. Yeah and perhaps the leak of this contingency planning which is quite common as a Saint Louis was a deliberate. Move part of this putting Iran on notice as we saw those bombers landed the real quickly though before that to go. Its interest dean it would all the talk about troops in consider my concern some people that this is even on the table. I understand from some of your reporting that any strike against Iran would in most likely be a missile strike or air strike first right before anything would go in that would be the first indication of accomplice. That's right that I wanted to keep things that lays noted in the near times stories that this is not a bad that the hundred Tony thousand is not an invasion force of Iran. That's not how many you would need with Ali have to be much larger scale and that again and the complexities of of Iran's defenses follower talking about here is a scenario where you stand off weapons that's been the method of choice for the united states military over the last decade. This is where you launch missiles from from office shore this is where you can use again who aircraft to launch missiles from outside airspace what we've seen in Syria. With those airstrikes again that would be this below most likely. San area are the Martinez force at the Pentagon has always standing watch Louis thanks so much. For your reporting an heir to the race. To 20/20 now it's a number of candidates look to jump start reboot their campaigns perhaps some looking to do some fundraising and others to come to grips. With their weaknesses the president we know right now is down fundraising in red state Louisiana. While one of his rivals better overworked it democratic former congressman from Texas stopped by the view. You're right there are things that I have been privileged. To do in my life that that others cannot. And and I think the word that I travel and listen to people and learn from them that clear that comes it comes to me. When women in this country are paid eighty cents in the dollar that a man makes African American women 61 cents Latinos 53 cents. When you have ten times the wealth in white America than you do in Black America when you're the largest prison population in the face of the planet. It's disproportionate comprised of people of color. The systematic. Foundational discrimination that we have in this country and in every aspect of life is something that I have not experienced in my lifetime. Let's bring in now our our federal work reporter here at ABC news Sasha pass nick joins us. Live from New York were better or work is today it's in fundraising overnight Sasha great to see you so. Either a lot of reports out there that that I was looking to reboot his campaign. He has been struggling in the polls how are things going right now for him. This well you know he had been lagging behind after sort of shooting out of the year cannon on the announcement of his campaign. He's not liking behind a little bit but his team says they're going to continue to meet everyone everywhere and get their message across and. Yeah kind of. Kind of pushing back on those reports that he's been struggling and of course getting some not some attention there on the view with the ladies is also New York City. As you reported last night to raise some some big cash she talks a lot of a grass roots campaign but he he did rub elbows with some pretty high dollar donors. I didn't he. You know he says that he will take any move from anyone and he's looking for all kinds of support from all over the country no matter how rural or red. And I guess him out of the dollar amount seven. I that is for sure there's better work back on the trail. In the coming days will be following Sasha as well meanwhile. When a metals rivals former vice president Joseph Biden is in his second day app in the stated New Hampshire the first primary state it's his first visit up their five stops. In two days or Kristin Otto has been on the ground with the vice president and Chris joins us now Chris. Joseph Biden is talking a lot about those debates that are just around the corner now. Yet haven't he came up the reporters you dissident ended and events in Nashua, New Hampshire. And he spent about an hour in the rain taking you need many cell face and he came up to reporters after taking although Celsius. And one reporter asked him you know. Are you preparing for the debates the first one is at the end of June and he said. Not yet I haven't started preparing yet but with the so many candidates in the race he says he's not quite sure how the debates are gonna work out. And she doesn't what he says he's debated all his life but he doesn't. Quite know how this little shake out with so many candidates. Yankees sure GNU the be in for something with that debate of course he debated prop Paul Ryan back and it's going twelve campaigns and has some experience. On that stage and in Chris before I let you go the bout former vice president's also making some news. Up their New Hampshire on the top of the FaceBook tell us about it. And so if as you mentioned it in five events over two days but he also spoke to the press for at least four times during the two day swing through New Hampshire. A hot in an interview last night that was released last night with the Associated Press he was asked whether he thinks that FaceBook should be broken up and he didn't say yes but he didn't say no he said it's an issue that we should really look into so. More policies to come from the former vice president Joseph Biden on the campaign trail. All right taking sort of a middle ground. On the topic of FaceBook as in many accused him of doing and climate change Kristin Otto. I thank you for that piece but they'll really hot topic. Among the democratic candidates this year is many of them call for a much tougher line in US policy. Against the big tech companies in the United States the spring and now as a range shot she's another one of art new ABC a campaign reporters and she's taking a look today at. The breath of viewpoints on FaceBook among the Democrats during great to see you there there really is a mix of views out there about what should be done with this company that was so critical on the torn sixteen campaign. Hi Debbie am really big knicks have reviews you heard just went Joseph Biden said last night but this all really started because last week Chris Hughes. Who's they say the co-founder of face but went on. He can have this bombshell New York Times opinion piece saying that beast but should be broken up. And this thing is there the very beginning so it's a big deal he's basically calling for FaceBook to be split from from what's happened to be split up from ins to grant. Calling on examples like of the Russian interference and her election in. Hateful rhetoric fake news thinks the of course pushing back saying that smaller companies just would not be able but the kind of money that they're putting into things like security. And then breaking faced the doctors really isn't a solution sea of a lot of people weigh in on this first and foremost. Elizabeth Lorraine she is calling for faith based but to be split up he knew exactly the way Chris Hughes. Is and then giving an example of of getting. And what's out its own space instant Graham separate that is well and then splitting that off from FaceBook. Now to think average he Donald with more insight she said that she wants him back to produce legislation in the house. To support that idea and many of the bunch of people in the middle the most interesting. Is he believed had known this guy is number 200 I don't think he's sending the thunder FaceBook users through the first 300 people. Tim doing face the but he says that they had too much power as well other people in the middle are come Harris Jill Biden is you just heard. And then a whole other spectrum that we'll get into another time but definitely had backed its view for now. That's again it's a great overview governor minutes could be a hot topic here we talked about on the campaign trail in the debates of course. At a fund backed Arab people to judge one of the earliest adopters of Facebook's are in shock great to see you think's for coming on the briefing room let's go out on a Montana let's stay on the campaign trail. Here 20/20 were Mary Alice parks. Has just caught up with the newest entrant. Into the 20/20 democratic primary races number 22 marry Alice. Let you know emirates might say oh good acting and dad and I'm outside Helena high school here in downtown Helena. Montana where the democratic governor Steve book is about to have his first campaign event since launching his campaign. Now this is a high school where he attended and his daughter. Is currently in school bonus introducing him today with in high school with the governor she even introduced into his wife. It all fits into this story of the governor Bullock as sort of that hometown guy he left Montana the bank came back. Even though he was a Democrat a red state he winds BB AG and then has been a two term. Governor he enters the race late obviously it but this is a -- fact the legislature in Montana only needs for three months every other year. So they just wrapped up session and the governor sent that was just too important for him to mess. Now obviously it this is a busy crowded race but he says that he has a unique appeal. He was the only candidate that lets also on the ballot next to president trump in a red state in 2016. And president trump one in the state of Montana by twenty points. But he also won reelection that debt. That's going to be big guy we can had pursue book you caught up with him today Mary Alice when will we get to see a little more of your interview with him. Yeah I was really Anderson they gave us exclusive access in his kitchen with his kids around. He was in his workout clothes rates a leap for his morning run we got to watch him sign his official paperwork. To become a candidate in this race and the talk to us about just what that feels like so that interview that I had with him will air tomorrow to talk more about it. But it is really excited ticked through some of the policy ideas but also talk about why don't feel like to go from Montana to a nationwide campaign. All right fascinating stuff another yet another democratic candidate from a red state in this race number 22. You have the exclusive stuff force tomorrow Merrill's park's great to see you thanks for your reporting. From Montana finally today I would what you tribute to national police week it's a tradition started by it. Former president John F. Kennedy. I back in 1962. It's been honored every year since and memory of those who serve and sacrifice our country. As police officers 42. Have been killed in action so far this year they were remembered last night. At a memorial service here in Washington DC. And it's also being celebrated as a date to get back today I caught up with some officers from the metropolitan police department here in the nation's capital. As they were doing just that. But we got that you're doing today. So this is something that I've deemed MPV yard crash or event. How we simply pre identify some military veterans in the summer crime initiative geographic area. And be in the month and may it's the perfect time to start up a beautiful day its military appreciation month were coming up on veterans day. So we wanted to take those the sub culture of our military veterans here most of which are seniors in let them know that we appreciate them. And that we want to give back them. Better pocket. She got partners about the crash your dog. What does it mean right now to be a police officer. We really want to show the community that were more than just of ads every single day. We go above and beyond to give back to the community that we serve in every way we can guess is a tough time right now to be a cop. Honestly in the metropolitan police department here Washington DC I don't feel like it is you know we have had eight outstanding relationship with our community. Going back ninety years since I've started but it want people to know about police nationwide in this era every so divided they see the stories about cops. Acting badly in the United States of America we have over 800000 police officers who go out every single data server protect their community needs. And to do good things that shows what we do every day in the community. Carter thanks again the captain Bob in the metropolitan police department near Washington and salute to all of those who serve our country as police officers. I'm law enforcement officers thank you for joining us today hear the briefing room. Great do have you with us everyday of the week 3:30 eastern time here and ABC news live on Devin Dwyer Washington. To see you back here tomorrow.

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