President Biden visits Pfizer facility in Michigan, addresses vaccine rollout

President Joe Biden stands by his pledge that there will be enough vaccines available for every American by the end of July.
4:16 | 02/19/21

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Transcript for President Biden visits Pfizer facility in Michigan, addresses vaccine rollout
A busy day for president Joseph Biden this morning. He declared his foreign policy priorities in his first major international speech as president and the center now he's addressing the corona virus pandemic here at home visiting Pfizer's. Vaccine plant in Michigan is also making plans to head to the disaster in Texas ground zero is now last week so. To break down the political headlines for us ABC news political director Rick Klein is with us as always. And Rick at the end of his foreign policy address today president Biden also dressed storm ravaged taxes he said. It is working on getting him on the ground there soon so what was his message to people dealing with that crisis. Well number one he plans to veto reasons not until he can be assured that his days it will be a distraction I think I was at a reminder of some of the trauma visits out medium than this through he is hiding and secondarily the political message that this is bigger than politics this isn't about red states or Blue States he said he's president for all Americans and that was not a consideration hasn't been consideration in terms of the federal response. And he's empathy and an obviously extending whatever little resources cash all the part of that and I think you again we're seeing a lot about how Joseph Biden's crafting his presidency in reaction to ways a presidential. And conducted here is. And I think this is just one small sample so much politics. In the air in Texas and beyond trying to say that he is how. That ended in in trying to attempted to reach out to all Americans with eight that he has moment. Regrets about Biden's G-7 address because he said he doesn't want to talk about former president trumpet today's speakers all of drawing a contrast between the Biden administration's approach. And trans America first policy is what losing trying to do there and do you think it worked. Yet science is the first summit that he has been part of best president on little different and not and then cider meetings with or resumed calls with foreign leaders in this case the message was Super Bowl yes America is stacked and may be just as importantly that America is prepared to work to regain the trust of the world community looking at the range of challenges. And the ways and in Biden's view golf clubs on real data actual relationships is complicated stuff stuff to untangle and you look at the Iran nuclear deal as one example he is signaling a willingness to rejoin knowing that we're in -- at a standoff with the Iranians about who goes first in terms of showing good day but knowing the G-7 remains committed largely to that framework. And we in confronting China in so many other issues. The basic Tenet owns the trump foreign policy was America are submitting that meant America alone for Joseph Biden it has been sent to re engage with the international community a much different tone and tenor and a much different substances from the new. And Rick during the Biden's remarks he also addressed the global fight against gold in nineteen pandemic announced should the United States would donate four billion dollars to help provide vaccines to poor country show. It being America in the 21 century on talk radio social media elsewhere wizards and outrage from Americans who have not been able to get their vaccines yet. What do they have appalling what's going on here. Yeah I look at the headline is difficult once a comprehend when you also have ducked out she talking again about. Along it's going to be Hansel and every American wants wants to have access to a vaccine a couple of important points to me this money that he is being here. He's through the World Health Organization to a program that goes G-7 nations are also trying to engage to have equitable access and in underdeveloped enough for countries that's one important point at something that trauma certainly was not part of the teaching remove the US from the WHIO. And the second I think very relevant point is that there's nothing in this in this need to provide vaccines. To foreign countries until or unless the demand is met here at home so. It's not like these these are doses that are shipping out right now that could be in Indian American arms and a Saturday sent overseas it is so eager to attack help a lot of countries that just don't have the infrastructure traded on a comprehensive vaccination program and knowing that this is a world pandemic that is a priority of the World Health Organization. Absolutely as public health officials warn us if you let it swirl around the world and these poor countries is variants will company will be even more dangerous Rick. Thanks very much.

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{"duration":"4:16","description":"President Joe Biden stands by his pledge that there will be enough vaccines available for every American by the end of July.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"76006083","title":"President Biden visits Pfizer facility in Michigan, addresses vaccine rollout ","url":"/US/video/president-biden-visits-pfizer-facility-michigan-addresses-vaccine-76006083"}