President Joe Biden joins world leaders in calling for Mideast ceasefire

ABC News’ Matt Gutman is in Tel Aviv with the latest on the conflict between Israel and Hamas, and the growing chorus of world leaders calling for peace.
7:20 | 05/18/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for President Joe Biden joins world leaders in calling for Mideast ceasefire
Aftertaste relative silence president Biden is now speaking out about the escalation of violence in the Middle East saying that he supports a cease fire between Israel and Hamas the conflict there has now entered into its second week. Israel once again unleashed on Gaza targeting Hamas tunnels in an effort to root out senior leadership but as we've seen time and time again so often it's the young and the innocent who are caught right in the middle. We watched images Dave first responders in Gaza combing through the rubble for survivors. Meanwhile Israel's rocket destroyed his home and residents inside were able to get to shelter with just seconds to spare. With the eyes of the world once again on this region many are asking what will it take to finally end this conflict in both the short and long term. Matt Gutman leads us off on the ground in Israel. Tonight Israel unleashing a ferocious aerial assault saying it targeted a Hamas tunnels in the Gaza Strip. Top commander of the group Islamic Jihad killed in this blast. John east terrify children cowering in fear its bombs exploded near buying. In its second week the latest spasm of violence escalating with unexpected speed US now facing growing pressure to coal for an immediate cease fire. Today's Martin coming less than 24 hours after Israel's singled that the strike on Gaza buildings flattened 42 killed. Including children. Hospitals in Gaza stretched to the limit they were already struggling to cope with Colby now they're treating them and today some ambulances taking the injured indeed Egypt for medical care. And it on the ground in Gaza rescuers using the fear hands. Pulling at the debris of collapsed buildings this little girl he Kristen Miller and does pull down the line. Kerry to rescue themselves to an endless. How. I decide what if there's debris piles was Mohamed had DP. We leave in English. Six point five sons were visiting family this home components. You know we're leader adhesive grief and he was led into this hospital and they were a little miracle away his son Omar the father tenderly kissing his son little Omar clutching his father's finger. So far more than 200 Palestinians killed nearly half women and children and more than 14100 wounded on the Israeli side. Ten killed and 300 wounded in Gaza officials say 7000 buildings have been damaged or destroyed beating nearly 40000 people homeless. Gaza's infrastructure taking a hard heat it's electric company sing the region could run out of power in a matter of days. In this at about says that because of the airstrikes conducted by Israel and our region all municipal services are interrupted. Electricity. Water and networking telecommunications. Are caught us the I have no idea when these essential municipal services will be restored only. They tonight Israel also facing international condemnation for this attack. Which leveled the building housing the Associated Press in 020. Reporter seen rummaging through the rubble trying to south African court. Israel says Hamas was operating there cleaning cheered the Intel with the US but when secretary of state the Lincoln was asked about that today. I've not seen any information provided president biding his administration says it's relying on quiet diplomacy today calling Israel's prime minister Netanyahu saying for the first time publicly he supports a cease fire. The Israeli military says Hamas has fired more than 3300 rockets at Israel so far. Today we were right beneath one of those grudges. Just get out of a car were lying. In his human side of the road cities Jerry Sloan home and everybody that checkpoint behind us also disappearing trying to hide recover. He's now it seems to have been an interception overhead he can portable music doesn't look like Hillary care we'll. Desire is. Israel keeping thousands of reservists on standby in preparation for possible ground invasion. The southern city vascular targeted more than any other east synagogue badly damaged over the weekend from Hamas rocket fire. Kelly and I think it just a couple of blocks away is where we make Julian Daniel nine years ago. Her family marine to that bomb shelters today we paid or another visit nine years ago we were sitting right here now. And the sirens. The rockets came raining down. Has anything changed it's no. That's. She suggests no progress at all in the past nearly a decade in a moment we'll speak with a senior member of Hamas throughout this deadly conflict each night we are seeking out voices on both sides but first. Matt Gutman joins us once again that we learned that president finds expressing quote support for a cease fire to end the conflict. How is a role the US being perceived there on the ground. In Israel at least the US role is Paramount and the perception is that once the United States actually Kidd something that sounds like in order. To enter into a cease fire. His role likely do it within a matter of at least a couple of days but that hasn't quite happened what we're seeing right now is president Biden for the first time. Expressing support for cease fire which doesn't. Tell us that there's actually a cease fire on the table we don't know what the plan as we don't know. Whether Egypt and cutter and other countries are playing a role and what the actual parameters of a cease fire might be. Which leads the sources with few months speaking here to say that at least for the next 48 hours or so this conflict is likely to continue one quick note. We were expecting. A significant rocket barrage from Gaza tonight Islamic Jihad said that it would target Tel Aviv because of the assassination of one of its leaders. Hasn't happened. Maybe that's a good sign mansi. Yes sounds peaceful at least for the moment and also -- Israel is not allowing journalists are. Aid groups and or Gaza at this time walk us through how challenging that makes it to get the truth of what's going on. We're hearing that Israel might start to allow a little bit of a through over the next couple of days but. The main crossing into Gaza that's the Ares crossing point. Remains closed as you mentioned to aid groups and to journalists. And as the eight. CEO recently said the fact that. They're building was destroyed in the fact that they're not allowing foreign press in. Makes it harder to know what's really going on on the ground and we have requested to go win. We have asked multiple sources why this is why they don't let us and we've not received satisfactory answers but. Obviously it makes reporting on the ground not much more difficult. That said we've had a longtime producer on the ground. In Gaza his name is Sammy he's done wonderful work it helped us out. But there's a different feel we are actually reporting on the ground and you have your correspondent or and reporter. There just telling people stories we have not had the opportunity to do that Lindsay. Hey aren't mad Dublin our thanks to you once again.

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{"duration":"7:20","description":"ABC News’ Matt Gutman is in Tel Aviv with the latest on the conflict between Israel and Hamas, and the growing chorus of world leaders calling for peace.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"77746536","title":"President Joe Biden joins world leaders in calling for Mideast ceasefire","url":"/US/video/president-joe-biden-joins-world-leaders-calling-mideast-77746536"}