President Obama Speaks at Nike Headquarters

President Obama makes the case for his Pacific rim trade deal at Nike headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon.
39:03 | 05/08/15

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Transcript for President Obama Speaks at Nike Headquarters
5%. The world's markets are outside our borders. We've got those workers in the world the best universities the world most innovative. Companies in the world the best scientists and research in the world so we are not afraid of competition. We are. Concerned if the playing field is not well. President Obama making a case last night in Portland organ. For the Pacific rim trade deal soon the beast again Nike headquarters in Beaverton Oregon at the company that would benefit from that trade pact but. His visits Nike strip quite the sneaker controversy. I'm Dan where in New York so joining us now is ABC's neighbors in Washington DC and the president's announcement which we will go to. In or innocent he stepped up to the podium. So Mary this trade deal and obviously not without critics setting the speech then at Nike it's been on usual right. Yet again that the trade deal itself is controversial and not and now the president's decision to delivered this speech. Act Nike is raising a lot of eyebrows now so many people wondering why the president would pick to promote a trade deal at Nike which. If a company that has a pretty spotty record it's been slammed in the past. For sending jobs overseas and even accused of using sweatshop labor in the past. Now critics have been out in full fourth questioning the president's decision. But supporters say that it's actually a bold move to eat to use this venue is an opportunity to highlight the need. For higher labor standards. The White House in response all this says that the critics. Are missing the point they say actually that the president is visiting. That Nike because the this Asia trade deal would benefit the company and other American companies by allowing them to bring more manufacturing. Back to the US and actually making this morning announced that if the trade deal does go through it that the company would be able to accelerate a lot of their domestic me. Action yet had their say in fat that they would be able to incorporate 101000 new jobs. If in fact this trade deal were to go through. But you pointed out Mary that I was the president's have a tough time sign it even to members of his own party. Yet this is something you certainly don't see every day and the president is out there trying to sell this trade pact to skeptical Democrats. Members of its own party who argue that this deal would be terrible for the economy that it would actually harm American workers put Americans. Out of jobs and only benefit. Some of these big corporations now the president today I suspect you'll hear argued the exact opposite as he's been out promoting this trade pact. He's argue good that this deal will not be. Like previous trade deals in particular point that how would differ from NAFTA which received a lot of criticism and he's at an overall. This deal would help raise the labor standards and help to level the playing field you often hear him say that you don't want. To just let Asian countries China in particular right all these rules that you want to make sure that the US is at the table. Right so and even on this now with 2016. Not that far ahead of us. Some of the presidential contenders are weighing in on this in fact Bernie Sanders. Had some pretty critical comments of this right. Yeah canyon of the Nike slogan just do it. Bernie Sanders came out at statement saying just don't do it telling the president to cancel this visit to not. Highlight the trade deal at Nike headquarters in fact. In his statement and I quote he wrote Nike epitomizes why disastrous unfettered free trade policies during the last decade have failed. American workers at some very strong words right there it clearly that's and it's going to be addressed not only within the president's own party. But from those across the our merry stay with us as her watch the president make its way up to the podium. Let's listen in. Well. We'll arrange those bet. Every time I come to Oregon that's what it looks like. The it never rains and organized. The all right. Well let them it is one of those delegate first ball please give mark another round of applause. And thanks to ever. Everyone at Nike for hosting us today here in. Federer plots. I don't. The wideout school. We've got a basketball court. Exit the tennis court that we repaid at some lives. When I came in office. So it's a combination basketball tennis court. There are they putting green that president Eisenhower reported. Imagine by the way if I had put in fighting very. Things have changed. But you got all that and eighteenth tee box from probably. I'm sure somebody step is running around right now. In the Michael Jordan and Mia Hamm buildings. And that wannabe lab rats for your new gear. But. It is wonderful to be here please give it up for two people who fight every single day for organ workers. Your representatives in congress they do a great job problem and our. And Suzanne. Bottom aging terrible. Another two people could make it here today. But they're doing a great job huge Amerada paused moments that are Ron Wyden represented cards read it. And. So it is great to be at the world headquarters. Such an iconic company. The company that helps athletes succeed. From. Individuals of the world stage. And as you've heard I've come to organ talk a little bit about trade. Which. Initially may have had some people thinking what is Mary are going someplace that we did know about. I. Is going to be right. His peers this is an outstanding young man is going to be trip. And from a wired by north. Local morning. But this important and and I want tell you why. I think. Trade deals and our willingness to go out there and compete. On the global stage its own or. You know before I came out here I had a chance to meet with some small business owners from across org. Whose workers make everything from bites Tatis. Stationery to one. And they know how important this is to them. Sometimes when we talk about trade we think of Mike here we think of Boeing are we think of GE. Multinational companies. But those small business leaders came here today because they understood. That. These markets outside the United States. Will help them grow. And we'll help them hire more files. Just as all the suppliers to Nike or Boeing orgy or any of these other companies understand. This is going to be critical to their growth and their ability to create new jobs. In fact that's why Ron Wyden is not here because he's in Washington. DC as we speak quorum backing this effort on behalf of organ small business owners and workers. A small businesses are the backbone of our economy eventually like Nikes they grow sometimes and that really really big companies. They import millions of people. 98%. Of exporters are small business. They're the ones who made. Who make it made an organ and made in the USA mean something and they represent something. The special about this country the notion that if you've got a guy did your won't work that you can turn that idea into a business. You can. Grow that business eventually. Who knows what might happen. You can give other people chance or analytic. Even as you do well that's America's promise. And it's up to us to keep that promise a lot. Now that promise was threatened for almost everybody adjusts to about seven years ago. When the economy nearly collapsed. And millions of Americans lost their jobs their homes in their life savings. But thanks to the hard work of the American people and entrepreneur awards like the ones were here today. And some pretty good policies for my administration. Word that replaced. We're a double play tonight. Of this morning we learned that our economy created. 223000. New jobs last month. The unemployment rate ticked down again to five point 4% which is the lowest it's been in almost seven years. That's three million new jobs over the past twelve months. Nearly the fastest pace. It over a decade. And all told over the past 62 months in a row. America's businesses have created. Twelve point three million new jobs. I should add by the way 62 months ago is. When I find Affordable Care Act so obviously it hasn't done too bad in terms of employment. The good mention that. There are a lot of predictions of doom and gloom. Are just suggest those who were making those predictions go back and check the statistics. Just say. So. Small doses observed a lot of credit for that. In fact over the past several your small business created nearly two out of every three new American jobs. The question is how to build on that success. We gotta be relentless in our efforts to support small businesses. Were creating jobs and help Brody. And that's been the purpose. Of the policies that fought for president. I've cut taxes for small businesses more than a dozen times. I pushed for investments and infrastructure and faster Internet. Why we've made health care more accessible affordable portable to give people the freedom to change jobs or are launched let's start up without worrying about losing their health insurance. And passing trade agreements. Is part of that agenda. Those trade agreements for the right kind streamers. If they make sure that. They're growing. Our business isn't helping American workers by selling goods made in America. Across the rest of the world. I've been talking a lot about this lately because I view Smart trade agreements as a vital piece of middle class economics not not. Contradiction in the middle classic announce it at them part and parcel out. I believe that our country does best when everyone gets a fair shot everyone does their fair sure everybody plays by the same set rules. And that means making sure bears got a good education means making sure that. Women don't pay the same as Manfred on the same work. And live but it sure the Pope had sick leave them and apparently leave them and that they can balance. Working friendly and fair way it means no working to increase. The minimum wage all across this country because. Folks of some office jobs oftentimes. Get the lowest. That's all part of Yale economics the middle class economics. You know so it is tree. We strive to make sure our own economy lives up. To high standards. But a lot of parts of the world the rules are unfair the playing field is an even. That puts American businesses and American workers at a disadvantage. The question is what should we do about. Some folks think we should just withdraw and not. Even try. To engage in trade where these countries I disagree. We have to make sure America writes the rules of the global economy. We should do it today while our economy is in the position of global strength. Because if we don't write the rules for trade around the world. Yes what. China where. And I'll read those rules and away the gives Chinese workers and Chinese businesses the operating. And lots American made goods out. Have a choice we face. We're going to be able to isolate ourselves from world markets. We gotta be in there and compete and the question is. Are we gonna make sure of the rules are fair so that. Our businesses our workers. Or on a level playing field because when they are. We win every time. By the rules are fair we win every time. So this is why I'm such a strong supporter of new trade agreements. They're gonna help our workers compete in our businesses compete this is not a left issue or right issue or business or in labor issue is about fairness. And exporting. And access. And like other issues that we've waged slow straight fight song. Over the last seven years this is also question of the past vs the future. So the trans Pacific partnership the world working on it that's the biggest radio that were working on right now. Has to do of the Asia Pacific region. And it reflects our values and ways that frankly some previous trade agreements did not. It's the highest standard most progressive trade deal in history. It's got strong enforceable provisions for workers. Preventing things like child labor. It's got strong enforceable provisions on the environment. And helping us to do things. That have them and I'm afforded to prevent. -- wildlife trafficking or deforestation. Or dealing with our oceans and these are enforceable. In the agreement. And Nike operates in Pacific region so they understand. The competitive pressures they're under. Nike has factories all problem world. And let's face it. Mark I think doesn't mind me saying at that. Some of these cover they don't have the standards for wages and labor conditions that we have here. So when you look at a country like Vietnam under this agreement Vietnam would actually. For the first time have to raise its labor standards it would have to set a minimum wage. It would have to pass safe workplace laws to protect its workers. It would even have to protect workers' freedom to form unions for the very first time. That would make a difference that helps to level the playing field and it would be good for the workers in Vietnam. It helps make sure that they're not undercutting competition here in the finance and so that's progress. Doesn't mean that suddenly working division of Vietnam will be. Like they are here Nike. Or or here in Portland right away but if it moves us in the right direction. And if Vietnam or any of the other countries in this trade agreement. Don't meet these requirements. They'll face meaningful consequences. If you're a country that wants into this agreement you have to meet higher standards if you don't hero. If you break the rules are actual repercussions and that's good for American business American workers because we already mean. Higher standards than most. Of the rest of the world. And that helps level playing field. And this deal would strengthen our head overseas. By giving us the tools to open other markets to our goods and services make sure they play by the fair rules we helped write. The truth is we have one of the most open marks in the world folks are his own stuff here we gotta feel this is all there. That requires us to enter into trade agreements to open up their markets. I hear organ winds exit pretty good Summers told me that the. You don't want an organ. Pablo. I got Smart makers right here. Lecture Japanese. Wine. Consumers enter into the part. Excellent. Organ why are we got them. Organ org and me produced and ranchers around here. You know. This really expensive in Japan. Publisher of the trust markets thanks. That's good stuff. And that's one of the best things that can happen for our business our workers opening up markets that have previously been close particularly. Markets where they're starting so stuck here. There's not a lack a reciprocity is not a fair fair deal right now we want to make it fair. I want to acknowledge. Because this looks like a very well. Read and informed crowd. Had there been a bunch of critics. About. Trade deals generally and the trans Pacific partnership and what they're singers. Typically they're my friends. Come in for my part. And I remind my fellow travelers on minimum wage and on job training and on. Clean energy and on on every progressive issues there they're right there with him at on this one. They're like. Book but on. But I tell it what it. I've run my last election. And the only reason I do something because I think it's good for American workers in the American people the American economy. I don't have. I don't have. Any other rationale for doing what I do than that I think it's the best thing for the very people at on this issue on trade. I expect. Some might dearest friends are wrong. Just wrong and and here's why. First of all they say this trade agreement will cost American jobs. And are really basing this on some past experience looking at what happened. In the ninety's over the last twenty years as a was lot of outsourcing going. And you know what passed trade agreements. It's true didn't always reflect our values or didn't always do enough to protect American workers. But that's why we're designing a different kind of trade deal. And the truth as the companies that only care about low wages. They've already moved I don't need new trade deals tomorrow. Mark outsourced. There bark at located. In search of low wages. What this trade agreement would do is open the doors to higher skill higher wage jobs of the future jobs but we excelling. It would make sure our manufacturers. Work operating at higher end. Of the value chain are able to access these growing markets. And the factors over the past few years our manufacturers have been steadily creating jobs for the first time since the 1990s. Under my administration. After more than a decade away from top spot business leaders around the world have declared the United States is the world's number one place to invest 483 year in a row. Thirty. No. The point is outsourcing is already giving way to end sourcing. Companies are sort of moved back here to do more advanced manufacturing. And it. And this a trend we expect to continue this trade deal would help that. Justice mark. Mark Matt may mention. Nike announced that with the trans Pacific partnership. It'll make new investments in advanced manufacturing not overseas but right here in the United States. And far more Nike products would be made in the USA and that means thousands of. And engineering. And I could facilities across the country. And potentially tens of thousand lived up. A long night if the budget here at home. Spend six and a half years trying to rescue this economy. Six and after years of trying to revitalize American manufacturing including. Rescuing an American auto industry that was on its back and is now fully recovered. So I went public I would not risk any of that. If I thought the trade deals we're gonna undermine it. The reason I'm for this is because I think you'll and hints at an advance it. That's point number one porn amateur when asked folks specifically what do you oppose about this trade deal. I just say NAFTA. NAFTA was passed twenty years ago. The good different agreement. And in fact this agreement fixes some of what was wrong with mapped out by making. Labor and environmental provisions actually enforceable. You're not a law school went metric got there. Number three. He got some critics saying that any deal. Would be roster with a secret deal people don't know what that this is not true. Agreement that we finalized with the other eleven countries. We'll have to be posted online for at least sixty days before I even sign it. That I would go to congress and you know they're not going to be sent an impasse. So there'll be months of review. Every team. Crossed every I dotted everybody's going to be able to say exactly what's. Of them fast track about this. Moses that there is a very deliberate. Which will be fully sub. Subject to scrutiny and I'm confident when people read the agreement for themselves policy that this is the most progressive trade deal in history. Number four critics warned that parts of this it would undermine American regulation food safety worker safety even financial regulations. Their regular stump up this is just not. Not trade agreements gonna force us to change our laws. This agreement would make shore companies aren't discriminated against. In other countries. We treat. Companies from other countries fairly here but our companies are always get treated fairly there. So sometimes they need to have some way to settle disputes. Where. It's not subject the winds some government bureaucrat. In that country. That's important we want our businesses to succeed in selling over there because that's how our workers will get more jobs. Here in the United States. And finally some critics talk about currency manipulation this has been a problem in the pets. Some countries they try to lower their currency so that makes their goods cheaper Macs are more expensive. There's a time when China. Was pretty egregious about this when I came in office. Sort of pound and on every time I'm meet with a might be talking about currency. And we pushed back hard and China moves in real terms their currencies appreciate about 30% since like him and office we're gonna keep on going after. That's not an argument against this trade agreement. If we give up the chance to help our businesses all their stuff in the world's fastest growing markets that doesn't do it and stop currency manipulation. So that is some folks are just opposed to trade deals out of prince a reflexive principal. And when I tell them as you know what. If you are opposed to these Smart progressive trade deals. And that means you must be satisfied with the status Paul. And the status Paul hasn't been working for workers it hasn't been working for our business. And there are people here who will tell you why. I'm gonna just. Given a couple of examples. Of small businesses. Let just me what today Ed press. To Portland based greeting card company. They sell their cards. In Australia. Which is a member of this drafts of a partnership agreement. They're seal test their own tests raise your hand that's our issues. So test says that if they could more easily reach customers in Japan as well they'd sell half the volume. They do here America that's all. Right now the logistics of exporting to Japan are too complicated. Products and are being held up for months of the border. This agreement would help solve some of those problems of tests consult more greeting cards in Japan. Presumably in Japanese. As a gun that there'll be a translation process. The absolute. So so the trivial would help eliminate barriers and simple by customs and hold countries accountable for getting products delivered swiftly. More tests sells the more she wrote more she can hire. Here in org in the United States. Organ for products. Makes can't Brooks very. Various. Other products depends. On exports for 20% of its annual sales right now and exports to four members of this partnership that we're putting together Japan Australia Singapore and Canada. Unfortunately selling in these countries right now can mean dealing with the unfair rules designed to prevent our products from being offered in their markets under this agreement that would change. Exporting become simpler more consistent. That means more people around the world eating organ berries all your long. Very tasty. So cool bluster. Why. Call. We've got to go we got a lot of drinkers it. There's a moderate family run. In des dark. What does top export markets is Japan right now there are high tariffs on American wine in that country under this trade partnership those tariffs would be eliminated. And wineries across America considered their sales are overseas. Brother and sister team that runs this man wave guys. They say if we can make it easier do business with countries that are already. Our trading partners. Countries but our allies that the good thing. The right. His deal would be a good thing. So let's just do it. Several offers to cats that it. Bob Ellsbury others. So let's I know a lot of folks are skeptical about trade. Past reveals it always live up to the height. Labor and environmental protections weren't always strong enough. I saw for years in Chicago and towns across Illinois manufacturing collapsing jobs drying out. Outsourcing is real folks don't just make that up. Some of our manufacturing base shifted. Over the last 25 years and it wasn't good for manufacturing and it wasn't good for those communities that wasn't good for workers that's the truth. It had benefits other jobs were created. We got cheaper goods. But the work there was real displacement and real pain. And so for many Americans this is not an abstraction this is real. That we've got to learn. The right lessons from that. The lesson is not that we'd pull up the drawbridge and build a moat around ourselves. The lesson is is that we've got to make sure. That the trade deals that we do shape or ones that. Allow us to compete fairly. So when I took office I've side we could rethink the way we do trade in way that actually works for working Americans. I don't think this was. The right thing to do just for companies buy them think that this is the right thing to do for working families I would not be fighting for. If any agreement undercuts working families I won't sign it. Ran for office to expand. Opportunities. For everybody's. All American idea that no matter who you are where you come from a high just started out well who you love. In America you can make it if you trot. Okay. It. Home. Yes we should be mindful of the past. We can't ignore the reality is the new economy we can't stand on the beaches and stop the global economy and our shores. We've got to harness it on our terms. This century of built for us it's about innovation. About. Dynamism and flexibility and entrepreneurship. And information and knowledge. And science and resource that's a us. So we can't get played up that we got to see it. We gotta give it every single American who wakes up sends her gifts to school rolls up their sleeves. Punches them every day the chance to do what they do best dream up in a big build sell the best products and ideas. In the world to every corner of the world. Because Nike we do not just have. The bass athletes in the world. We also have. The best workers more. We also have the best bet that the from the world. A level playing field is level nobody beats the United States of America. Nobody in the it's the United States of America. Or. President Obama wrapping up a speech Connie Francis and act. At night headquarters. I want to bring in Lori Wallach director of public citizen's Global Trade Watch organization. That has been critical of the proposal for this trade pact Gloria I want to ask you about this. When you're the president speaking there at night you what stuck out to you what why. What it would of that that the claims against the pac. TTP it will option or more American jobs and drive to earn her wages. Because of the competition with workers in Vietnam who. Make sixty cents they have a minimum wage in Vietnam aren't yet sixty cents they've been eighth that's not old experience it now. That's based on what's in president Obama's TPP agreements. It's been very secrets but that's me so we know. At the scene investment offshoring. Incentives that. But it bigger version it look at Wiki leaks. It makes it easier cheaper for US companies option or. It hasn't seen labor's angered environmental standards but in blitzes. That's for. Sure they're being forced on air in our custody agreements. But just look at any agreements approved agreement back that there standards on labor environments. That TTP includes. It was put into place where president elect to office. For six years not any huge explosion and illegal logging seven acres that lies an Amazon group. Violates the agreement violates international standards nothing's happened. Countries don't get thrown I wrote the green and the mountains knocking. TPE range not. It and it made me it's not about labor's if this be seen curb the the agreement in 2000 at the scene. Stop. It would raise at least in the term. If Britain likes saying actors that we're a nation that the US. The problem is under trait girls that he PP we got. Those and me. To I US export. Did did does it give you any hope or any kind of optimism that the president's anti this is not going to be a fast track agreement that in fact it would have to be gone through congress. That's. Saying cover breaking because in congress actually what pregnant not questioning. Congress to approve it really legislation call fast track trade authority. And you disagreements. Congress delegate waves its constitutional trade Earth Day. And the president to sign and hearings unit TPP before congress approves the contacts. And the president wasn't uncle's story when he said that that degree and get posted 68 sports time. CE officials signing ceremony just as that the big third threatening. That agreement to create building pushing the track TVP wouldn't not public release of the agreements until 38 that dot. The agreement gets what's called an initial in the negotiations are over and it in ninety day holding hearings where officials signing ceremony can happen. So if this past track and that something mixing cooked up not know congress is allowed for the last twenty years. But that's the thing. Has really worked so hard to act on it now. Legislative Lew Ford this. TTP act and that job posturing provisions that now literally eat it was signed by the tax could merely from. That WikiLeaks. The failed bush labor and environmental standards. Me the bottom line. When President Obama talks about this being new in different. Actual thing that document at the US put table. For getting it CPP negotiations. Was threaten Obama's 2012. US Korea free trade agreements but there on our. I mean it's been a factor three last year at eight three years actually this week. That agreement actually. Content and decrease in US export trade gap is double that Korea in just three years. The agreement that was literally actual truth. For the TET. Fourteen billion dollars more job. It be used multiplier. Industry used secret agreements would increase US jobs. That it waits in the past or Meehan or that equate that wants. Over a 100000 more US jobs. So be look at that record. The actual rules in its EPP relative to the great things the Red Hat. We need new trade agreement not sleep promise that you can't see that's eight. But what he's saying TPP doesn't come pour. With what we noticed in the tax and I went even took secret what congress has been able to see attacks. Which is why there's literally almost no Democrats in congress who support abstract and TPP emirate. Ash and they want different rules. Amber and have to leave it there Lori Wallach from public citizen's Laurie thank you for that we appreciate it keep up with the store in real time download an ABC news at star in the story for updates on the go. I'm Dan learning mark.

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