President Trump unloads on Democrats over 'Russian hoax'

The president held his first rally since the release of the Mueller report, saying, "The collusion delusion is over."
2:56 | 03/29/19

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Transcript for President Trump unloads on Democrats over 'Russian hoax'
Irate guys so we're moving on to Michigan president trump he held his first campaign rally there since the end of the Mueller probe. And something that's something he wasn't shy talking about so want to bring in Rachel Scott she's in Grand Rapids. Rate still. The president falsely claim to that he was totally fully exonerated. But that's not actually the case of can you break that down pours. Yeah out wolf president trump may have Brinkley was celebrating last night he took eight victory lap. Here in Grand Rapids, Michigan at his rally but just be clear here we have not seen the full mullah report but the president took that fort page summary of the investigation and made it a clear and central parts at his campaign message last night he delighted in the fact and that that this special counsel. Found that his campaign to not collude with Russia in the 2016 election but he also ignored the argument that also didn't clear him of obstruction. In fact that summary which was provided by the attorney general did buy this president. Did just that did not the end of obstruction and despite the president's claims of being completely exonerated. I is the fact is the president still has not been cleared of obstruction although the special counsel found his campaign to not collude with Russia. But the president had a spirit of vengeance last night he went on to use profanity lash out against Democrats even caught Adam Schiff who had been a staunch critic of the president little pencil that Adam shift. And he also lack touted his base is more elite and smarter. I writes a let's listen let's take a listen at some of what the president said last night. After three years of lies and some mean news ants and their. The rush you a hoax. Is finally dead. A. Victor the region is over our. The it. Robert dollar. Lindsay god did that Democrats. Losing got to them until he said there was no collusion they don't like them so much right. Irate Rachel says speaking of Mueller you say voters on both sides in the I don't want to see the full report yes. Yes the motors I spoke with yesterday say less than they want to see this full report they're not. Worried about what it's sad is that they say they're ready to stand by to present either way and it. It's a note here that Michigan is the key state. President trump was the first Republican to win the state in nearly thirty years and so this the next cheer is that I you know truck supporters in this area are not necessarily Republican voters I spoke with some of his supporters yesterday that actually voted for Democrats and the pass. And while they were worried and navy say that they don't support everything that the president says they think that some of his the rhetoric of a little bit too harsh and brash. This state elected traditional politician they hired a businessman and they believe that the president is delivering on those results. Kerry Rachel's that thank you so much we appreciate it.

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{"duration":"2:56","description":"The president held his first rally since the release of the Mueller report, saying, \"The collusion delusion is over.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"62039118","title":"President Trump unloads on Democrats over 'Russian hoax'","url":"/US/video/president-trump-unloads-democrats-russian-hoax-62039118"}