Pressure cookers left at NYC subway station cause scare

The three packages, which were found Friday morning in lower Manhattan, were not wired; the NYPD has released an image of the alleged suspect.
2:41 | 08/16/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Pressure cookers left at NYC subway station cause scare
We begin with a bizarre situation at a subway station here in New York City in lower Manhattan at that hockey list in the middle of morning rush hour three abandoned objects that look like pressure cookers caused a bit of a star frightening as you can imagine with police making. Everyone evacuate so want to bring an air guitar ski with more details. What do we know about this. Well thankfully this turned out to be harmless the pressure cookers actually were rice cookers so much different they weren't modified or. Or altered in anyway there were no wires so almost immediately the bomb squad knew. That this was going to be harmless but as. These still want to check it out pressure cookers have such a connotation pressure cooker bombs detonated. In the Chelsea neighborhood here in Manhattan. Pressure cookers were used in the marathon bombings in Boston so when a subway passenger at the Fulton street station noticed two of these things one on the mezzanine. And one on the subway platform. That subway passenger went to a couple of counterterrorism officers nearby to alert them to the presence of these things and in the bomb squad was called. Yes so really paying attention to that phrase that you see everywhere if you see something say something it's really important yet and and something the police reiterated today and they said the system work because once the bomb squad was called they were able to to to make sure that these things where we're safe. And then police started scouring surveillance video and they found a guy. They said he's a young man in his twenties or maybe thirties pushing a shopping cart he was wearing blue jeans and a blue T shirt and see him there and areas the on the back of that he should I'm told he there's a big soccer ball. His face is clear and police are calling him a person of interest they don't know whether he was discarding trash. Or if he was maybe trying to scare people by policing these things. In in a high traffic area right in the middle of the morning commute right and I lower Manhattan where things have. I'm gone down before and this is sort of part of a spate of you know. Patting people on edge with all of these domestic terror threat that there that the country is certainly on edge after a bunch of recent shootings and and a number of scares and and and would b.s and and this is just one more thing there was a third suspicious. Rice cooker or some kind of cooking device that was found near the trash on sixteenth street and seventh avenue. And that one they don't know it may or may not be connected but they're trying to look for surveillance video to see if it's the same guy with a shopping cart. You know police aren't gonna take any chances with these things yes you can never be. Two safe. That's right absolutely so aired pictures you thank you so much for joining us we appreciate it.

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{"duration":"2:41","description":"The three packages, which were found Friday morning in lower Manhattan, were not wired; the NYPD has released an image of the alleged suspect.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"65018622","title":"Pressure cookers left at NYC subway station cause scare","url":"/US/video/pressure-cookers-left-nyc-subway-station-scare-65018622"}