Prosecutor Argues Jodi Arias Manipulates, Lies

In his closing remarks, Juan Martinez said that Arias manipulated the ex-boyfriend she killed.
3:06 | 05/02/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Prosecutor Argues Jodi Arias Manipulates, Lies
This out individual. Jodi -- areas. Killed seven standard. And even understand it over. And over it. And even after slashing his throat premiered -- year. And then even taking. Shooting him in the face. She will not let him rest in peace. But -- instead. Instead of an -- He uses lives. When she uses these live report -- testify. She staged a scene for you just like she staged a scene for the police. After she killed mr. Alexander. And this woman. Who would stage the scene. Has even attempted to stage the scene through the use of the -- Accorded -- -- -- on national television. You've seen programs we've seen some of these. -- her words the media she has also. Attempt -- -- or conduct a search of the limelight. She signed the manifesto just in case she becomes famous. And to top it all -- she has indicated that. No jury. Will convict him that not book Victor. After she has staged scene -- Well she is an individual as you have seen it was great the -- So it seems that it is only fitting that this individual. As -- In his. That you know -- -- a different kind of like the life truth. In the light of truth you can see it would -- -- yes. She's an individual. He's manipulative. This is an individual who wants to play victim. Even though there is no abuse at her that over. He's -- an individual that. According to our own statements in an email on Valentine's Day 2007 to mr. Alexander said that she was destructive. She's the individuals that talked about what she did it doors which -- the windows. If she's into an individual that does not appear to be very nice. To her mother because she lashes out bird -- -- physically. Additionally. When I -- truth is shining on her she is somebody who. It's just -- -- that manipulates people that for example. When she's speaking to mr. Alexander during that people may tenth 2008. Conversation that she talks about her sister. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- This is an individual. Was manipulative and this is an individual who will stop at nothing. And will continue to be manipulated. Him alive -- every terror and it every occasion she half.

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{"id":19095832,"title":"Prosecutor Argues Jodi Arias Manipulates, Lies","duration":"3:06","description":"In his closing remarks, Juan Martinez said that Arias manipulated the ex-boyfriend she killed.","url":"/US/video/prosecutor-argues-jodi-arias-manipulates-lies-19095832","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}