Prosecutor says officers were ‘justified’ in killing of Andrew Brown Jr.

Bakari Sellers, an attorney for Andrew Brown’s family, joins ABC News’ Linsey Davis to discuss the family’s reaction to the announcement and why he thinks justice was denied.
5:33 | 05/19/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Prosecutor says officers were ‘justified’ in killing of Andrew Brown Jr.
We bring in the car resellers one of the attorneys for injured Brown's family thank you so much for joining us mr. sellers I can only imagine how difficult it must've been for mr. Brown's family and loved ones how are they holding up. Thank you started I'll put that question because I think many people forget today Andrew Brown junior was a father Hugh is a grandson and nephew and so much more. Just spoke to both of his sons Jerry. Or Jerod in Cleo. And you know they were heartbroken disappointed frustrated devastated angry. Mad at a system that continues to perpetuate injustice and unsure where we go next and so. It was a good conversation. But they are just as frustrated as many of us are. The prosecutor today said that mr. brown was driving recklessly as he fled from officers trying to execute two felony arrest warrants to walk us through what you think an appropriate police response would it look like under these circumstances. Well I've seen that what we saw on in the clips that we were able to see from the video or star was an unjustified shootings. I'm I think that if John Denver no point was Andrew Brown junior. Using his vehicle as a weapon no officers were injured officer who are not down. Inspected every morning he was moving his vehicle always malls and certain officers. I can clearly state what the policy is probably violated time and know when should you shootings were moving vehicle. Because you know that meetings arms that would lend itself to being untruthful. I'm in this case are limited itself to the death of Andrew Brown junior he was Sharman back weird something that the district attorney had no answer for. You know seeing that most people were so you. I'm that you should not sire and treating clean suspects. He should firings of the homes of others. You should not sire and who school zones these are all means that these officers peered which make the shooting unjustified. And looking at them Bonnie camera footage again do you think that it's at all possible that mr. brown pose an immediate threat to those officers as the prosecutor stated. I beat this burglary and question the reason being is because even guess he didn't gift we grant him. Do that. You did Andrew Brown posed a threat at one point. I'm as soon as he was beyond if those officers he posed a direct no more. So is backing up you posted for another he didn't know officers were behind him. It is pulling for where they offer certain. Reached out and pressed up against mr. Brown's car. Even if you can say those were threatening moves and as soon as he drove away in guy beyond the officer she pose a threat no more. And contrary to what district attorney Rommel said it literally makes no sense it boggles the mind you can not shooting to a vehicle and then. I think vehicle no longer opposed threading you continued to fire shots. As you know the FBI has an ongoing civil rights probe into this case so what what outcome are you expecting from that investigation. Portal should suggest this but he's already know sometimes it can be civil rights citizens in particular in these federal investigations branch. There are extremely Borough now we know standard is extremely. And so our whole foreign trying to set the expectations for the Grambling. I'm done I'm very east to be working risk. Attorney general garlands matter whose deputies but you know we re postal. But we know that sometimes justice is slow and always been and how we learn more just despite moves the same. And let's talk about the release of this footage I was singing that it was a matter of when did the judge would decide to release it you're telling me earlier that it's a matter of if he decides to release it. Yes and one of the things that we write it aside and at the state of North Carolina is that obstruction. Has been Kasai. We filed a petition today to not only ask for the full release of the media. But we've also asked for the full release of that SPI report. You know one of the unique things about this case is here we are presenting the family of Andrew Brown in which standing on the side of what's right and what's just. Was standing on Saturday transparency we want the public to be able to see everything we're not the ones that hiding anything. In fact that is the district attorney in your honor in this matter and so we're going back before him but again. The way this works in North Carolina. Is imagine the sag did they close this case they decline all the charges in the no one will ever see this BR or daddy Simpson about cabinet. In the office of the district attorney. And no one ever sees that media. It is the definition of injustice. So what's the legal explanation for that why wouldn't the judge allow. Because maybe they they think there would bear out the district attorney's case right if you hey here's Steve for the street for ourselves a video. The legal justification would be murky it's best it's when that I don't agree with a meeting may say now innocent parties would be prejudiced. We'll put in danger. Releasing the full video meaning the officers. That they view on denial committee needs or had any criminal culpability I'm not sure what is justification will be because. I still in him being somewhat cautious because I have to go in front of the same judge and ask him to grant. Our motion that we just filed and so I'm I'm not cool for what we're gonna keep up the fight. Mr. Carre sellers so appreciate your time coming on the show tonight thank you thank you Brad Nissan.

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{"duration":"5:33","description":"Bakari Sellers, an attorney for Andrew Brown’s family, joins ABC News’ Linsey Davis to discuss the family’s reaction to the announcement and why he thinks justice was denied.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"77768859","title":"Prosecutor says officers were ‘justified’ in killing of Andrew Brown Jr.","url":"/US/video/prosecutor-officers-justified-killing-andrew-brown-jr-77768859"}