Protesters in DC begin march at Not My President Day protest

ABC News' Serena Marshall reports near DuPont Circle, where hundreds of people are gathered.
10:10 | 02/20/17

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Transcript for Protesters in DC begin march at Not My President Day protest
Welcome back any not a okay for the save lives has. It's very. He didn't need them behind. And in front. I never knew he learned that it. Right here yeah. Running. Elections though the alleged in. Soon there. Is not supporting me and that's according hand he said he would. That's I'm not supporting him yeah pretty steady nobody's going after anyone who's been very good at their repeatedly. We the people that altogether going after environmental climate. Because the nose guards government. It's horrible government always understand and this goes brought growth and here's a represent me. Yeah yeah yeah yeah. Yeah. Yeah well that's the most clearly a lot of questions about whether action when I. Does daily numbers in Italy and of course that some weird happen. Are supposedly. Legitimate mail. I'm with a Russia. Any news. Now why. Not you're in the know and don't know exactly my. And I'm. Yeah. OK yeah. The but he this guy. Police have not. Yeah I don't. None of doesn't have been amazing at the end of here showing OK prayer. M okay. Environmental yeah. Okay. The election yeah. We're going to sit. An island that to happen. Oh yeah. Yeah. He's lived in. A that for the the kidney. To I'm utility. Okay. You know. Yeah. Look. Doctor. Okay. Okay. Okay. Yeah I'm. Are. And I love that he. Okay. Yeah yeah. Italian hands they're not thank you ladies night out towards the White House as they continued. Again president strongly on this. The 880 yeah. Yeah not Venice. And it's like yeah. And I haven't. Yeah. That I visited. When. Its. Throw this to happen. Because. The president could do it then. You think makes an illegitimate even. CEO of the offense when his city. He lost the public. It's a good thing about how. Now we need right now yeah. What are your main concern about his presidency what is the one you see that. Accused like. Now. Luckily landed. As the nation's judgment on the act. Three. All right I want you back. They rally can now harness. Going on proving they don't. They claim attacking the cost them popular. And in other concerns they have a right interference in the election and brown blue. It's not the mean time immigration yeah yeah. Me messages as they didn't think served. Here's them and then when she got anything more inclusive and his presidency. Then a little bit. Where we sign up coming back to you from the way. Okay. I'm just because of snow let. Like will now it's easy but we're here is more like in a blizzard is really really. They're handing him. I realized hey did you. Here. Scared everytime I think in the morning and oh my god. I had nuclear kind of had this pretty mean anything to do something great. I'm not here and I'm. Feeling of early. Turning to do something. Tyler yeah. Do something crazy. Have been some kind of right of them yeah. Honestly. Yeah. To get back to. An international yeah.

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{"duration":"10:10","description":"ABC News' Serena Marshall reports near DuPont Circle, where hundreds of people are gathered.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"45618819","title":"Protesters in DC begin march at Not My President Day protest","url":"/US/video/protesters-dc-begin-march-president-day-protest-45618819"}