Protesters march in support of 'Dreamers' as today's DACA deadline passes

ABC News' Ali Rogin is at the Washington Monument with 'Dreamers' and activists for immigrant rights.
17:48 | 03/05/18

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Transcript for Protesters march in support of 'Dreamers' as today's DACA deadline passes
They charging ABC news live I'm Alley Rogen here on Capitol Hill. It's Monday march 5 why is march 5 the big day for the recipients of the deferred child it different action for childhood arrivals program. That dock up front and that even talking so much march fits today is such a big day because this was supposed to be today. That congress was supposed to act and find some way to resolve this program remember president trump months ago said he wanted to get rid of this program. But there is a delay and the reason there is a delay is because this issue was caught up in multiple courts would just stop this program for being terminated. But now in effect what is done is put all of these protesters behind me in limbo that is why they're here today. We're going to be talking to some of them by now but they're going to be doing they just came from the National Mall. And in a minute they're going to be going inside the capitol building which is right behind me they're going to be seeking to talk to lawmakers back. What is it we can talk to some of these streamers and see what brings them out today. What they're here talking about why it is so important for them to hear. We've got a little closer to them. Now you just right here. Here and there is they oh dear some lions. What this is going to be we're told in a minute they're going to be laying down flowers. And making out a word and this word is unafraid that is one of their. The chance that they've been doing talk a lot about how they're unafraid of being deported let it we can talk to that's. I would ABC news live anybody want to talk to that's about why you're here. Yep please let's Mattel would. And Mattel what rejected. I'm great I'm out here because my father is recently deported because this issue. I have excellent friends and fumes that are going to be affected by this because my duty extra. They. I think millions. Worry immigrants and tecumseh immensely Mayo. And they're trying to take away and prevents. Cities and I think yeah or an acquaintance that I don't like that to happen. This isn't another issue Sanctuary Cities sees it cities around the country that do not. Can't a lot and don't pay attention to the regulations on deportations in a lot of acts on federal request for deportations. Out here today aren't for dreams it is march fit. The day that Chung gave. Congress to act on permanent protections for anything new and congress has yet to do anything so all these people you see here. In an area on Alice from across the country are here. So congress that we need a solution to tell me you Doc Rivers to hang out and when did you first under this I moved here in seven years old and flight an island Virginia. What is your doctor public urban as your status expired in of this year. So how do you right now that this is not been taking care had. I. Can't do not think that I think it's pretty simple they've had five months the American people support legislation to protect an aryan people like myself. And they've just time and time again come up with excuses I think we're here to show them like we're so here narrative by anybody specifically want to talk to today inside congress. And he's a speaker of the house and he hasn't brought up a bill that's your job to bring up a bill and there's multiple bills he could bring Japanese. And eyes remind him that elections are November and we're gonna be remembering this an enemy of the American people vote with people who sit with anything and thank you so much for talking with me appreciate it I we're gonna find some other folks. I didn't see folks out here are very passionate about this issue because it involves. Their status of whether or not they can stay in this country can I just ask any real quick. There and keep an eye you are dockers are being sought backers tell me about what bring jacket that I am here to support. Fellow dreamers who are I am. Fighting for their right to stay and as a daughter of immigrants acting like it's also my right c.'s nightly. And be unity as anybody in specific that you want to talk to when you walk into the halls of this capitol building everybody bail need to hear my voice as this is unacceptable. Families are getting separate every single date and you know. Enough is enough you know we are here to stay we're not going anywhere and out and you hear a voice. I think he's a masculine appreciate it. Right let's head of this lake. The C hey really did you live ABC news like can I ask what's your name Tony Barr but I worry from Wichita Kansas hey what brings jacket today. The bye bye for future because this is what it's all about if we can't get anything done and we leaves open source and that we can average house. Tenure yourself a dock a recipient I am and when did you respond to this country's finance years of age. Threes at age this is your problem this is this is definitely. And when does hurt there's been a lot of uncertainty about this program now that it stuck in the courts. You yourself what is your application run out essentially what is your status that's via so fortunately I was able to apply before the October 5 that night which he originally set last year. So my doc expires in October 19 savvy and a half power that is not mean. I won't stop fighting for the people is it chocolate bars and doesn't make you feel that this is your sort of tied up in the courts now in that has so much to do with your personal fate. Right so congress congress was given six months by the president to act on an immigration reform in the fell to do so they. Instead Dodd diverted to tax or form which. Which end in itself speaks that they want. Money over lives. I thank you so much it really appreciate you talking to us today and right. So again we're here outside I'm Alley wrote in her with ABC news live we're talking injury rumors. Doc activists outside Capitol Hill there gonna go into the halls of congress in just a second. I think we got another. Dreamer here is gonna chat with us. I sir Harry you can I ask your name growing out of books. Rell what are you rate front I am from Gomes Nebraska OK and I gave yourself a dreamer a doctor recipients. Have yet me about why. I am here because we need to keep the path a communication with the congress and senators. On my ninth I really is they're mine of the agreement in today's the deadline. We still need to continue to talk to them to ensure that. The communications still open so that way we can see something in the future. As you know this issue is so deeply tied up in the courts right now how does that make you feel in terms of your personal status in this country. As of right now and I was afraid about two weeks ago because money it. Work visa expired and in the mine employee was afraid because. I was in the suspended. Luckily. About a week after his expired I got it sows it will come here in the talker senators and representatives and just get them at the communication team you're able to breeze start here works work visa UX. Why is it's important for you to be here today Q away from Nebraska. Because I think I am a Nebraska and at Lincoln Nebraska for. 27 years and I think that as of now I don't see any other place that's my home in Nebraska I'm if I would of these and backward ordered. To Mexico I don't know in Mexico Mexico's not my homeland it's the US and I consider. Nebraska might change so it's very foreign from need to continue working my community. And continue to grow here in the US. What is your message for the lawmakers it you're gonna talk. Arm there's need to be compromise. I know the with the talk of the wall and all the others. There has been compromised in both directions on I know in the a clean DREAM Act may not be possible. We can compromise and some of the stuff that we can get them. I think you so much I really appreciate it okay and so. Hey all right we're here with that what's your name mount mount. Now tell me where you found I'm from Chicago Illinois and city at the University of Chicago. And no are you are dreaming yourself from a Tucker sept. Yes so tell me when does you're. When you re apply first status and went with that run out if they don't do anything that expires at the end of August of this year. So how do you feel that this issue is tied up in the courts with no real certainty at this point. You know I think the court should not be used as an excuse for congress to bring in my community stress that's. And I think congress has had. Since that very crude deadline that some senate to do something about it and they haven't gotten anything about it has been three bipartisan. Those that a number for the and they have not passed so it's time for congress to step up do their job and protect my community. What do your fellow college students say when you. Talk about your coming here to act and to be active and protest for your status in this country. How did they respond. I'm well IA. And home one of the few people who are open about the status on my campus. But even last week I held a rally in Chicago right. A couple of my colleagues. We had a good turnout from the community so I concede that there is support but at the same time it's just a matter of bringing awareness and continue to bring awareness to this issue because we do exist. We are everywhere and it's time for voices to be heard. Thank you so much mild growth I'd be safe. Are right so what is really interesting things that's happened in the past few weeks up on Capitol Hill is a democracy in action. Activists coming to speak to their representatives and senators in the hallways we see it every day as reporters have here so we got a couple of other folks you are nice not to talk to us today hey guys can I ask you used to say your name until we Wear your front. And Latin got clean us up from Phoenix Arizona and then slamming us from opposite Phoenix Arizona and YouTube but doctor recipients. What is it. How do you feel given that congress hasn't acted yet on something that affects you so direct and I. Did they really don't care I just feel like god. They eat then that ended the day they get to go home to their nice families and we're out here. In the streets fighting and trying to create some sense of urgency to that has been understand. I feel like Alice. They they don't. I think that we are good enough people to be here like we're the most part working people. And like I don't understand why that they're not listening. And like it just writing in saying that's what I'm here today because I want to show that we are here here is they and we haven't urgency because it affects so many people. Yes. So one of the arguments that lawmakers appear make is that hey this is tied up in the courts right now we're gonna let that process play out before we pass any bills. How does it make you feel. That that they're. They're not taking action because they say outs in the courts let's let the courts begin outburst I. And I just can anything like. Angry to think like I don't like the processes line and everything like it lake modernized it just makes me angry. It's just me. I think it's 122. Youth to lose there every single day and that's another 122 vulnerable for deportation. And I just think makes me really sad because you know these people if and when I didn't have back I am members feeling so useless. I remember I felt like I didn't have anything where meat like my future. And I that I do have that I have benefited from and I'm going to continue to do so I just feel really bad for those people that have lost their stuff their backpack. Thank you ladies so much. Stay safe out here. I think I believe it sounds like there is some sort of rally going we're gonna talk to one more young lady over here and then Morgan that we're gonna check out. The actual the rally that's taking place hi Eric my asking your name and where you're from. I Aberdeen had enough from Phoenix airs on by you here today and here because. We know that you know trump has created this crisis by putting it trying to trying to put that linked to our drinks. We're here to tell congress that act face you know at. As time goes on Indian accent. Many undocumented immigrants and injuring you're throwing myself tired and risk of deportation. And so we're here again and again to send the message that we're here to say that we're here to price. Andrea continued to fight for protection for us and I'm. So you yourself when did you apply for you know every application of stock and therefore when would your status at this point technically expire. My back I'll expires on march of next year and if you'll lesson for the Supreme Court to review I wouldn't be able certainly. And now other today's neither that line great and we are now getting within on at length that can be explained convened and in my year. And feel what that. Just that to news imagine trying to leave on in not knowing I'm weighing your reprimand would expire early evening you can read you're. Absolutely it's gotta be feeling of great uncertainty for you how has it affected your dated a life at this point. Now listed in anger since the university. You know I'm pain and mortgage from my car and I'm planning to become the homeowner and all of that. You know I love baton without certainty we really need. I personally think about it and I finally I might even think I can on the trying to years at a time. Good to to expiration in my work. But thank you so much for chatting with us stay safe today. So one of the things that she just references a supreme court's decision or rather lack of a decision the drug administration had NASA Supreme Court to weigh in on the docket decisions network making their way through the lower court. The Supreme Court declined to do so that could have wrapped up a lot of the uncertainty but they said we're not going to make a decision right now. Which effectively stop these programs from being wound down immediately now a lot of folks think that this issue is going to be resolved ultimately in the supreme court for the early is that could happen is still months from now so again. There's knocking meaning court. Decision any time seeing that gives these kids any real certainty. But. Why didn't think I. I. Don't know you know I want. It I don't know. I. That. Welcome back pack. Aren't happy who. I. Well all things that that they can't. Come. When he yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah. Are you how quickly went. I don't expect the letter how the economy. What we thought how could there. The part that I care. Clinton that. I'm any. Pet every network and I can't let that hot that he bite. Me yeah. I I got Carl. The end we. Want to comment about. Finding. It is yeah my mother. Yeah well. I want inside the apartment complex on. And that he. Current. One more from here but you can see you there are demonstrators here they have these paper flowers. And those are flowers and to commemorate folks who have been deported and T have these these flowers can I ask me authorities. How are. Thank you with some better income into underground. He needs them humanely and yet we try to imagine it would rain in what what exactly one. We want to do sorry I left my neighborhood that I tried to do get it doesn't work hours with the matter that I. Because decent represent them read this interpret what we. Do these fires I was told that obscenities flowers if people are laying down to represent people who have already been. Deported is there someone in your life who has been deported are you here in part to recognize that person of those people. Aqua sound especially. He gets the nom iMac on my mind that he'd be the purpose. Eighty track he's packed crowd. IEI prayer add Smart mean let you know. Did god touched their heart. Everybody in there he sank especially to the Princeton and and he understand we need to east Contra deal put it any Indian immigrants keep quiet so. It doesn't make sense they don't want to supply us. Thank you so much for chatting with us I really appreciate it stay safe today than black and Iowa as he seat. There are hundreds of people out here today it is a beautiful day for protests frankly they're going to be heading inside to the capitol building behind me. These are dreamers these are people who thought this program might have been wound down by march 5 but as we've been talking to folks. The status in the court has plunged them all into ST of limbo so they're here trying to urge congress to act so that they get some sort of final consideration of their status again my name Sally wrote in this is an ABC news live thanks so much for watching.

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{"duration":"17:48","description":"ABC News' Ali Rogin is at the Washington Monument with 'Dreamers' and activists for immigrant rights. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"53534005","title":"Protesters march in support of 'Dreamers' as today's DACA deadline passes","url":"/US/video/protesters-march-support-dreamers-todays-daca-deadline-passes-53534005"}