Protesters try to stay on message

Portland activists try to keep the message of racial equality at the forefront.
3:08 | 07/29/20

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Transcript for Protesters try to stay on message
And it was another night of unrest in Portland where activist confronted federal officers and in some case other demonstrators. Trying to keep their message of racial equality heard. Crowds gathered to stand in solidarity holding signs and protesting peacefully as others. Sparked fires drying backlash from some of those peaceful protesters. Meanwhile Seattle's mayor says federal forces have left the city and criticize the president. For sending them in the first place ABC's can whitworth has been in the middle of it all in Portland and she joins us now live here won't casino like last night. So dam with a huge. Crowd there again last night we saw the wallet that's and we saw the wall of Mann's and we saw thousands of people. Listening to be messages of social justice and racial equality. And then we also saw a really powerful moment as you point out a large fire was set in the middle of the road. And when a bunch of people rushed to put it out as they were leaving it was immediately called. That fire to be set again and here's how played out. Having been shot by rubber bullets literally. How about black flags don't want you can't. If you. You know I'm fired the puck in the coming out you know look at how do you love no doubt that over your former. And rival do you want to start probably we got p.'s goal Brooke knows it's about our lives. The workers are. That incident. Perceive him here and you can feed that passion and I'm telling you who does similar situation play out. Almost exactly like that about an hour later was so when I was going through. Setting trash cans on fire and a group of people rushed to stop it so that that is not something that takes away. From this message and just for context Diane where that fire was set there used to be a large elk stats you and that was burned down quite some time ago and that's the scene of fires every single night. And it Cain attorney general Barr said yesterday that the violence in Portland justifies. The federal action his quote was. What unfolds nightly around the courthouse cannot be reasonably called protest is by any objective measure an assault on the government. Of the United States having been there yourself what's your take. So will say that there certainly is it a smaller group of people that is inciting this violence night after night we saw it play out last night. Where against thousands of people listening to messages and just a handful of people that were starting fires on the other side of the barricades they shoot fireworks. And they are the ones trying to draw. These federal agents out every single night we spoke with BL and organizers at say they are busy every single night running interference they actually have walkie talkies to talk to each other to make sure they can run out. And stop some of the violence. But they're saying that they can have control over. Quite a divide their Cano whitworth in Portland thanks came.

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{"duration":"3:08","description":"Portland activists try to keep the message of racial equality at the forefront.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"72053362","title":"Protesters try to stay on message","url":"/US/video/protesters-stay-message-72053362"}