How to pull someone away from QAnon conspiracy

Shannon Foley Martinez, a reformed neo-Nazi, talks about how to help loved ones who are in QAnon.
6:20 | 01/27/21

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Transcript for How to pull someone away from QAnon conspiracy
Earlier today I spoke a Shannon fully Martinez. It was a former neo Nazi and white Nationalists she's out consultants with the American universities polarism and extremism research lab. They told me about her advice for family members dealing with a loved one and radicalize groups take a listen. You say one of the most important things to do when talking to a family member involved in QX is to establish a sense of safety. What do you mean by that in terms of how people should approach this conversation. And in terms of creating safety when I mean by that is that we know from. From academic studies. And has probably from personal experience that any time they each. Do you. Sacks with somebody who is deeply entrenched in a viewpoint that the military rarely successful and in fact actually exacerbates the defensiveness but they have to the world got a exist and on line. I'm ready made defenses for any objection comes isn't there well versed in I'm in this defense mechanisms that just argues back. And puts them on the defense of I say create a sense of safety number one that he we have today individually decide what boundaries are what what do we allow elected me not allowing conversation and he bigger. But one of the things I. If we are going to help. People to dissing gauge. From. These. Entrenched belief systems. It that we have to be able to cuts breakthrough. And offer connection and offer a sense of empathy and a census HD so that they are able to express the feelings that they have that there is something that area in their life is broken needs at that they have. Has allowed this morning to you to take over for them to. The said the so clearly you do identify with members of this group because of your own experience with extremism if you say it's not really about ideology you lay dead mouse but an emotional need what drew used specifically to white supremacy beliefs. And what is the common thread with Q and on supporters we seats and act. One of the things. That is a connecting. Thread between everyone that I had mentored as they have left is that there's nearly. Always. I'm in my experience. Some sort of trauma that is part of their life lots of times is layers. Trauma whether that's. And studio they're. A dysfunctional household that they grew up in. She trauma in my case I grew up in a dysfunctional household that aren't. That many feel like I I didn't really have a place to belong. It and then on top of the that there is sexual assault when I was fourteen years old that I did in. How many once talked to about or process that. And and in my case I was in this you know really and broken an un processed. Traumatic place when. My life collided with that lives I was violent white supremacists and I it was so. I'm angry in a rage filled in awaited I didn't understand like I hated myself and and the mean way to that that was being expressed this to rage and I think the rage within me really resonated with the rage that they displayed so she. And in that tell me how you were able to break out of this mindset ban and become do you radicalize what was the turning point in your lines. So what are. Good things. That he think it's important to emphasize is sky it's it would be so great if these are very like cinematic stories where it's like there's an eye opening moment and then everyone does engages. But just like I'm a raccoon eyes seeing or amplifying or in trashing in these belief systems is a process so too is dissing basement and it's often a very easy process. It means I. I ended up living with a family a mom and her three younger sons a guy that I was going out with you I'm the mom didn't need any of this stuff and in fact didn't really know what it. I believe systems where. And clean up basically took me into her home and provided stability ends are more holistic and and genuine needs needing then. I'm the illusion. These needs that I was had tried to have met through. The violence and vial. You know belief system that that I was entrenched an and espousing. Do you have a empathy for the people you saw graphics you know breaking into the capital and and the horror you are witness on television. Yes I. Ideal and I feel like as somebody who wish the past that I have that is deeply my responsibility. To be one of the people that. As and that's. To those people on the Indian town so and give them ends should they choose to take its begins to walk away. Sorting things happens next now in this movement does Sid died down doing here closer to normal now that president trumpet is out of office or do things stay the same. I'm I don't think things will stay in the same. But it's. I may also don't necessarily think that we'll see. And as she huge reduction in the numbers any time stands out one and it's. One of the dynamics is not the goal posts are always shifted diet I am now. And because there's some alignment with sovereign citizens movement the goal posts have been moved to march forward and I. As when trump well actually be inaugurated as like part of lake the real inauguration. As a Steward laughing inserted forgive me show you believe that there's still a moment out there that spent some of these extremists believe that that moment is going to come and present trouble swoop in and once again be planted back in the White House. Absolutely us Chan insulin Martinez thank you so much for your time we do appreciate it. Thank you for having me.

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{"duration":"6:20","description":"Shannon Foley Martinez, a reformed neo-Nazi, talks about how to help loved ones who are in QAnon. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"75523396","title":"How to pull someone away from QAnon conspiracy","url":"/US/video/pull-qanon-conspiracy-75523396"}