Purple Blob Creatures Invade California Beaches

The strange looking sea hares can reach up to 15 pounds and are not harmful to people.
1:50 | 06/16/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Purple Blob Creatures Invade California Beaches
Maybe sounds like something from all science fiction movie the invasion of the purple block. Looks like it to got a one BC door even called 901 to report they found in small. Purple heart. Washed up onto to look like a heart but no it was actually coming happened the San Francisco Bay Area Sergio. Can timeout reports it's something that you really can't waiting. You can blame on el Nina. This is video shot by Alameda resident Rachael but he does she didn't know what to make of these purple blocks they were scattered all over the beach over the somewhere live somewhere dead somewhere in the seaweed it's not unusual for these logs called C hairs to wash ashore this is what they look like in the water. But it is than usual to see so many. Cool looking but then it was a weird because I'm Mike what's going on with our water. They usually wash ashore in summer so staff members at the east bay regional park district tell us it's unusual to see these slugs sew up now in the spring. And over what they say is an extended period of time. We've been seen them wash up since sept ten Merck. I'm going all through that we ensuring now even more in the spring and so perhaps it's because of the warmer water. These slugs are among the few creatures that have been mysteriously showing up bomb land a number of whales have been beached in the area recently. And San Diego thousands of these little tuna crabs have been washing ashore a researcher there said the crabs may be linked to the el Nino effect warm temperatures in the Pacific Ocean. Residents who spot the sea creatures can actually help scientists gather data. Participate in citizen science projects and report beef things when you see them so we can see if there's any cyclical changes that are happening. Morgan dill says the sea slugs or purple because they're full of ink and they're not harmful to people in Alameda since you can Donna ABC 7 NEWS. I've seen out teach. And have you know you keep up your good use in adults can help we are done though folks. Good weight and out.

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{"duration":"1:50","description":"The strange looking sea hares can reach up to 15 pounds and are not harmful to people.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"31799449","title":"Purple Blob Creatures Invade California Beaches","url":"/US/video/purple-blob-creatures-invade-california-beaches-31799449"}