Rain continues in Carolinas as Hurricane Florence stalls

Slow-moving Hurricane Florence continues to bear down on North and South Carolina.
18:20 | 09/14/18

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Transcript for Rain continues in Carolinas as Hurricane Florence stalls
Hey there good afternoon I'm Harry L rash at that ABC news headquarters in New York we're just gonna recap what we've been covering all morning for you hurricane Florence is bearing down on the Carolina as Florence is now inland we believe here Cape Fear North Carolina it made landfall as a category one hurricane but we've heard from all of the experts. That is in no. Way a reason to let down your guard. They're sustained winds of 85 miles per hour with this storm we've heard of gusts up to 105106. Miles per hour that is historic in that area life threatening storm surges have com. With this storm and we're not doing by WABC meteorologist Amy freeze EU we're talking. Out just how severe that storm surge is coupled with the continuous three. It is our several factors here right now I think the biggest threat which can even supersede what's happened with storm surge. And what's even happening with the war coming to hand out right now the media it's the threat of tornadoes that we're seeing warnings pop up on the map right now. They're really catching our attention will have been able to see is the intensity. Of some of these bands as they come inland. Dared the thunderstorms yes but they have the ability to rotate and that's what you reached down to the surface and create. The tornadoes we've already had confirmation of this happening right now and Rocky Mount, North Carolina the radars are in the indicating that we are seeing. The potential for more tornadoes. And when we get our as system like this is very difficult to spot the tornadoes say you've got ground truth when someone who seized the tornados happening but we also have meteorologist looking at these sort of micro bands and we look for the rotation our radar indicated some were seeing it on the radar right now it. And rock mountain Rocky Mount, North Carolina where are they just issues that tornado warning some of these storms that are produced by Florence. Will be just as destructive and justice and pack well as the hurricanes upcoming England that some micro climate inside of hurricane what's happening. Catching a lot of people's attention other thing we've just found out is that. And water levels right now one of the gauges this particular one in Buford North Carolina. Reaches a flood stage of 1955. Hurricane came inlet we now surpassed that record that was sat. You know. Almost 75 years ago incredible amounts. Rainfall came at that particular system and we're now breaking that record heat that's for you're gonna see is a lot of these gauges. That maybe. Up to a hundred years old. The records are gonna fall and in a fall very quickly not only that precedent climate data but that also means a lot to these communities because if they're reaching a record. For which they have no frame of reference for the community doesn't know how to prepare that doesn't know how find out what is coming in this storm is. Making history and we've been saying all morning for all the reasons no one wanted but a lot of you predicted I wanna go out now too coming out last Arctic national affairs correspondent and Tom I know you're in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Earlier with a little bit docile the whether or not kicking up too badly but I know where you are now that is changed its. Yeah we've started to feel Hurricane Floyd definitely has arrived here in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. But it really is not too bad yet the images or felt those are acutely that's what you thought earlier Wilmington, North Carolina where that point yet this hurricane just moving so slow. Good thing it is it's ocean boulevard here. No one's out on the road except police vehicles which is a very good sign don't want people out here right now because it's so dangerous. Adding talking about this correct you're going to be that way. And the storm surge storm surge and high tide is basically collided we have block Woodward and the water commitment to coach Mike. All that in coming down and operative going to be hitting all. The collision course over will be in the area. Now commissioner got so bad that worry county aboard its services at that it was appalled right until they get a little while. Could be several hours. Because right now we're just really started really affects. Operative words at this point the big and here aerial 3636. Hours. Analysts rate that's what's concerning all of the emergency management officials in this area back to you. I hate Tom I know that you covered extensively hurricanes like this one even bigger ones it we can't believe at. So how does one compare so far to what you experience in the past how are the conditions where you are comparatively speaking. I think we have to wait boards we have to wait for the see what happens in those 36 hours. Alex rainfall as this could be a flooding event. More than a hurricane about it epic fifth in a situation like we saw hurricane hardly the days afterward were there was all those bloody all that flooding and all those flood rescues. I think we have the what you see how bad it is at sports hurricane force winds go we know this sort of got this sort that tore apart. In North Carolina and South Carolina the Philly with a strong gusts right now it came into category wanted to post. They'll be much worse in the rear of war which was first. Forecasts are coming at that was good news the bad news is it's moving so slow you literally can walk faster than that storm. And three to five miles per hour. That's the bad news along with all the rain we'll have to wait serials what the damages here it could be. Odd catastrophic it could be historical those are terms that urologist down here Myrtle Beach are using and we're listening. Yet we've heard officials saying he could be epic it could be catastrophic store gets you mentioned Tom of course the winds have died. Down this debate and not storm but flooding is a major concern both the storm surge in the rain continues to pour down thank you so much. For covering it from where you are. What does it out now to an hour of Barack WT VD we understand that she is stocked with her crew where they are right now because of the deteriorating conditions. We tried to leave this area we're on summer rest road. And the way that we came in is no longer passable take a look that ain't that rates down treatment actually someone. Walking through it it's all the way up to half did need. The people who live here tell me that because the high tide at this economy and I think there's that to me it's how excited about thirty minutes. That is why this bridge has been completely covered with inner coastal right now so what we actually saw that gentleman. Walk through its water keep adding that had laughed at because he thought that this storm at calm down a little bit. That I let have was over top of them so he decided to check on the don't house. But I think time. He got back into this area. The that water had already rushed over top of that we're so he couldn't get back in that actually went and walked through the water to go get it dad and picked him up so they could walk. Through that water together I get me. Never ever suggest viewing at an that we would never do that either that's right we're parked right here. Waiting for the tide go down because do you expect that this water will go down a little bit out once and high tide passing it. Again never take that chance it has. You don't know how deep that water it. And you don't know what is underneath that water but we're just waiting this out hopefully hopefully would tighten down will be able to get out of it the right because that is the only way out. While he does hate to see that I'm standing here are sitting here Tom boxer former national security advisor to his account administration Tom thank you we talked earlier appreciate you sticking around and talking to us now inadvertently. The U verse yes so we were talking earlier about FEMA at FEMA officials had just updated around 9:15 this morning about their collaborative efforts to. Get into some of these areas that we're seeing where there's an inundated. Flood situation. From your experience what kind of efforts are going on behind scenes to make sure that people are able to Iraq. He didn't say they dance the last summit talks yes that what I'm seeing looks to me like textbook emergency management not been a part of helping with some of those textbooks and so this really does make me feel good. One of the things that's happening is not being reported as we look at this as a federal and a statement local separate matter is it's really not that. It's not all separate and only working as a team but these are other states helping the Carolinas right and so sometimes the federal government's job. Is to provide the money. But could not provide the resources and personnel what they do is they say hey other states from Texas to Maine. Would you provide your personnel and expertise and resources and assets to help the people in neighboring state. And he Marshall and so there's a big statewide. Countrywide emergency management compact between all the states that they'll help each other. That's what's happening today it's really fun watch. Yet we talked to the governor of North Carolina and he told us that I nineteen states have offered their resources and have brought in agencies to aid to help in this continued rescue effort and and continue after the storm is finished with this area it's unprecedented that you would see that many states coming out right it I'd of the gate and and assessed. It's not a precedent that they're willing to help. But what's really warming to see is that it works well it's a big logistics nightmare if you will so imagine planning a party of fifty different states but all the different departments and agencies trying to. Pulled off in a way that it comes to some unified effort. This unity of effort that we strive for a really isn't big complicated dance and right now all the people in the ballroom floor kind of night hitting each other and dancing moving our way. So for right now anyway this looks it is a pre law executives of them. Doesn't mean we're out of the was doesn't mean people still you know shouldn't take their personal accountability and responsibility seriously. It just means that I'm happy to see all the training and effort planned and prepared us. Coming into a good game plan. You talk about the delicate dance and earlier we talked about it thorny issue and it's come up especially in recent days a lot of people angry about the response to watery at a hurricane Maria. And the president tweeting about it I tweeting about the death tolls. You've set yourself that you don't believe this study that came out about 3000 people. Dad from that storm is necessarily accurate but but but that is cited that the time for us to be talking about. Hurricane Maria and and what is FEMA doing to make sure to avoid that kind of scrutiny and that kind of controversy future. No it's not the right time right we should beast we should be focuses a couple of emergency management corps crisis communications principles that I try to live by in these circumstances. Remain clear and concise. Focused on the you know issue at hand in this case Florence. We don't want it is another extra now. Defense the president it wasn't in the start of that right all of the questions came in comparative form. This is a government that we can't trust because they did so portly so goes the allegation. In these other past recent response efforts but I reject that. People need to really really carefully look at that report I'm not rejecting at a Hansen is just made up stuff what I'm saying is it's really not useful. In fact it doesn't have any application to improving but I know to be humors management public policy arena that I've lived in. It is a useful study for some public health officials to make these estimates. It's not a useful thing to compare it to the adequacy of the responsibly every effort and really really important is a little bit that the tail. It's not something we ever applied before so when you put up a statistic comparing. The death tolls from another storm like Katrina with this estimates results as an apples and oranges comparison just not fair. At the very minimum we are talking about people's lives matter what the numbers are no matter what the studies are we are now talking about people's lives here in the in the zone of Florence and we are talking about people's lives there Maria we appreciate your help and your coordinated efforts before. In the administration and for shedding your insights today. And looked at my heart goes out to them never really really would anybody dies and suffers terrible it is indeed thank you so much for for being with us today. I want to head out to our correspondent Natalie for now with ABC news who is now in Wilmington. North Carolina at Wilmington has borne the brunt and so much of this storm Natalie explain what you're going through right. We'll carry out right now we're getting some much needed relief from all that wind and rain and it's getting things I've. To first responders to make their way to some of those communities. Inundated by flood and perform more rescues we're hearing. Hundreds of people have needed help he cajun navy sent out about 57. Have brought in about 57 people Sunday floated out an air mattresses that this is a very very dangerous situation and the waters are. Only gonna continue to rise the road. Here near Wilmington. It high tide which started at about 11 AM and it's gonna continue to push more water into communities creating that disastrous flooding. And making rescued very very difficult area. Yeah I'm Natalie you've been kind of in this form down for awhile explain how to have a situation has changed it and didn't flowed so to speak like you've been there. Yourself in the morning as we're getting the brunt of in the pounded the state of rain and wind gusts of up to a 105 mile per hour with you walk around the hotel here where state downed trees downed power line. Everywhere and more than. A million people are out of power. Including the hotel here now we're finally getting a little bit of that relief but we are expecting more bands of heavy wind and rain to come there were not in the clear just yet. All right Natalie out there with the rest of our crews for ABC we appreciate it thank you so much and they say. They lie ahead not second with canned line and here is our reporter from W as a C one of our affiliates and writes he'll be that is where the eye wall made landfall for the first time for the storm and I believe he would end. That they. We're here and a creek marina had agree here then sits near the inlet. Taking over. Now there. I don't hold on went back camera and I embracing him up busy getting images for you thinkers I want. Here this is actually a parking. I got to the parking lot and headed typical Thursday up 67 Colin Powell wins this parking lot is just. Warner company coming off with a great compliment on the intra coastal away 1115. Hyde side. It will get started rifle beats about storm surge there. The police chief told me that this morning as the guy actually moved the island they got a moment of peace its officers were able to go out. And take a look at the third visit there was very little thing and did not drive you know. He flies lay it on the beach. I left in that area they're worried about the impact right now the roof blown off both the wreck theatre get details. And it's as well but you can see how strong this storm is at this point the other thing to have water up with him and I told him you know have you ever seen as the win. This Rome was so long he says it's been a long time 42 years ago he did during hurricane brands that did how. On a damage here and the one thing he wanted to make sure people who. Less than even though is daylight now and it feels a little better because even at night the storm isn't over. I let your guard down. Live in Wilmington near rice will be done get women generally. Hat can that it righty cannot let your guard down Amy freeze meteorologist for WABC joining us still today and eighty some of the words to describe this storm so far epic historic ferocious. And I had a reporter Kelli earlier she thought she was standing in a washing machine hey is this something different than we've seen in the past and how did this storm this storm. Well what are the things is going to be the size and number of people impacted or obstinacy record numbers of them a lot of categories. I'm right now what's happening with the store is the tornado warnings. And we're. Read her union landfall in and you burn all from their all the way to view for right now we're seeing tornado potential and we see the warning just how pop up on the map and so. This goes from. Really needed seen the circulation coming in Lynn with a lot of force through New Bern where we have storm surge up to ten feet from the storm at landfall. And then we also have all the way to Rocky Mount where we're also seeing the potential radar indicated tornadoes. When you have storms happening you can imagine being on the ground outside where this is happening rings coming out yeah if you tornado forming in the distance where relied heavily rely really on. What's happening with the radar we're really looking at those very carefully the flash flood. Watch has now expanded very large area that takes us all we got the central. And something her South Carolina so win this storm makes land it's not just about the surge but not about this immediate impact with just what's happening with tornadoes right now and heavy downpours but locally we can be looking it up to forty inches of rain in some cases. Not only is that break record rainfalls. But where the rain is falling it has to drain somewhere and that's where we can potentially see the most dangerous parts of the storm which it is an historical example here map you. Matthew meet land fall short term and when it did so wasn't tackle storm but the deadly part of the storm came with the inland flooding. Flash flooding and drownings so ask this water drains off in the coming days and we're not just talking about 24 hours. We're potentially looking all the way until Tuesday we see the highest. Gauges at meeting their marks right now those forecasts are not just jumping. To the record levels that going ten feet above those levels anything that really is difficult. For communities to prepare for. For you to prepare for personally because not only are we not lived for those we don't have the primers which prepare for them so there's a lot and known about the storm this can have for perhaps the most impact even mentioning from the stunning off camera you're talking how we might be until Monday am Mike B sunny skies and replaces them because the water has nowhere you know these people may find themselves flooding. When did the skies it's still sunny. That's crazy to think about flash flooding typically happens when a river creek goes over its banks. And it's coming over its banks usually because of what's happened upstream and so we had all of this water continuing to have flat out river basins. That's were gonna seed out what are quickly rising. Into into some areas now. One thing in particular is that the forecast does show an ice clearing for parts the Carolinas coming into Monday and Tuesday. And we still have these rivers and creeks cresting at that point they can come over their banks with very little warning for some places. And then of course have that impact that is just deadly naps is devastating to properties. Also the people that we've heard the winds are dangerous but the wires can truly killed because it we've seen how fast they can rise and without warning sometimes anti freeze. Joining us now in beekeepers sticking with us for the rest of our coverage. We want to dip in now to our affiliate coverage at WPD year are Myrtle Beach, South Carolina affiliate.

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