Rain whips through Wilmington, North Carolina

ABC News' David Muir is on the ground in North Carolina where Hurricane Florence made landfall.
2:23 | 09/14/18

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Transcript for Rain whips through Wilmington, North Carolina
We've seen a behind me just whipping around here and I should mention. And we've had a number of suites of viewers that you. You really really appreciate them so I keep them coming but what you want it now that the entire greeted here with me on this morning we're keeping everybody say that there's. What you can't see what at a rain here is a giant concrete wall of this hotel. All right bill straw and it sort of protect us from any kind of debris whipping around those squatters but it is a concern for us to. What you get through the rain coming down sheets of rain could last for hours and back. We're getting some of the the staggering numbers already Robin to think about this. Thirty inches of rain have fallen already in Atlantic beach North Carolina thirty ages. The last. A little bit actually being used here was 24 inches of rain that was back in Floyd in the late nineties and that was significant at light at the time. Some of that respectively Horry Steve more rain in that theory it is already there saying in some spots. Expect that the forty inches of rain get this hurricane that's why there. Really concerned about the storms are we've already seen that it do or North Carolina this morning but the fact that it hurt me it's old slow moving. Five miles per hour at some points moving very slowly like billions of union activists and why the concern. Is truly the water you could. See the win and you could see the destruction of the wind around like television news this morning but it's the rain the water how it moves in very quickly. And storm battering the coast. Pushing that water the storm surge in and that the next wave of water that's my receipt streets already inundated. And will continue to follow that this morning and as we've been sick all morning long but authorities are most concerned about. If the back but. Many people did stay behind they stayed here and it could take some time we detected with the National Guard just a short time ago and they told us. It will be able to get those choppers. At least until this afternoon certainly not these we think you have high water vehicles. If they plan to take out propagated try to do some of the rescues. That we've seen that have been necessary already this morning in one of those incredible. A deep enough to come out of duke or North Carolina the fact that. People would give private boats have begun to try to jump in and help states of those families. See that water that's going right at that condominium building its own here and in some of those homes there that water rising so quickly.

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{"duration":"2:23","description":"ABC News' David Muir is on the ground in North Carolina where Hurricane Florence made landfall. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"57823238","title":"Rain whips through Wilmington, North Carolina","url":"/US/video/rain-whips-wilmington-north-carolina-57823238"}