Rapper Pop Smoke shot, killed

The Brooklyn-born rapper was shot and killed Wednesday in a Hollywood Hills, California, home.
1:28 | 02/19/20

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Transcript for Rapper Pop Smoke shot, killed
Hot smoke is from Narsai as you mentioned his real name as the char Jackson. And his break out hit welcome to the party was released last summer now the LAPD just had a news conference in this is what we know so far. Jackson was visiting a home. And the Hollywood Hills of the time of the shooting police say that's when a group of men came in around 4:30. AM. Pacific time and they say based on bearing witness accounts or could be between anywhere. Between two and six suspects because they accounts. Just are so different at this point but we do know. And at least one of those suspects was wearing a mask now police say there were other people at in the house at the time of the shooting. But according to ban. They say Jackson is the only one who was shocked. 4:55. This morning. Multiple LE PD Hollywood units responded to a call at 2033. Hercules drive in the Hollywood Hills. The radio poll was called in by someone from back east. And stated a friend of theirs home was being broken into by multiple suspects in that one of them was armed with a handgun. When officers arrived there approximately six minutes later they discovered a victim inside the house had been shot. They called the fire department arrived and transported that victim to cedar Sinai hospital. We're used announced dead some hours later I'm not sure the time he was announced. Officers detained several people were inside the house. However all of those folks were released.

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{"duration":"1:28","description":"The Brooklyn-born rapper was shot and killed Wednesday in a Hollywood Hills, California, home.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"69073546","title":"Rapper Pop Smoke shot, killed","url":"/US/video/rapper-pop-smoke-shot-killed-69073546"}