Rare Pterosaur fossil discovered in Utah

Brigham Young University paleontologists found the 200 million-year-old bones in the desert.
2:47 | 08/15/18

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Transcript for Rare Pterosaur fossil discovered in Utah
Terrorist stars are rare in the Foster record and panel commonly called a carriage apple define middle. Delicately built animals that are built for flying so the bones are easily destroyed Wednesday Dai Doan thirty is best has known from the whole world's most and consistent just a single bone. Oregon new terrorists are its new genus called Sus Ventas Hanson nine terrorists ours they're not birds. They're not close related birds they're not dinosaurs have really long wings and there in the first burger flyers. Because those little suburb many array this is the first two that the that's for sure parents and try -- but it also from United States. So ST that's this was found in northeastern Utah not far from dash a national monument. An exciting about this find is that the bones were found in sandstone. Doing types and the bones are crushed most terrorists are bones they look like roadkill. We can see here. Preserving wealth and indeed many features that cannot be seen nine nada aerosols. The bones remain intact treat him actually Sweden expose them at least cat scan them. And we can look them internally as well as externally what an exciting things about this one is we have complete brain casing see the areas. They control of the eyes were large. That's fantastic guys sides. As the same object on this side the there's no bone exposed and then extract the bone digitally to have the complete skull roof here. No other drastic social or it's that Newbury. Street it is important. For the knowledge of that and that to mean that those of us. This really shows how through national says he sees all kinds of details in his act Zia a ridge ran up along the skull. What you see in some birds as a bridge probably has some hormone material on line early terrorists ours were small relatively small. This one message for this time at a wingspan of five feet. Had a skull that was this law these represent the side of the face the I would have been right here the nostrils out here. And here's a three minutes of print out of this bone. We could never extract the bone complete from Iraq because under his own weight collapse of even these printouts are so thin that they can easily be broken. The other CT a bone extracted from the rock and then holding your hand has revolutionized things you could in the monitor rotated and we want you sent your colleagues overseas. Studied together so it's really changed is that a big game changed. Terrorists are is there are rare worldwide we had no expectations find it. Terrorists are and there was three dimensional preserved right among the bones of these dinosaurs these crocodile Morse. So we really lucky to find this in the midst of this in this ancient giant desert system.

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{"duration":"2:47","description":"Brigham Young University paleontologists found the 200 million-year-old bones in the desert.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"57198258","title":"Rare Pterosaur fossil discovered in Utah","url":"/US/video/rare-pterosaur-fossil-discovered-utah-57198258"}