Reactions and recap to the 2nd 2020 Democratic primary debate

Twenty Democratic presidential candidates battled it out over two nights during the 2020 primary debate in Detroit.
12:26 | 08/01/19

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Transcript for Reactions and recap to the 2nd 2020 Democratic primary debate
You dipping into the cool lady and you don't know the flavor that was a common by Cory Booker that had Twitter on fire and one of many memorable moments on night two of the democratic debate. In Detroit so take a look. Senator Biden your plan will cheap and allow insurance companies to remain with the status quo of doing business as usual and that's going to be about jacking up co pays part. The only plant that magnets the ability of insurance companies is charged unreasonable prices flat out if you wanna compare records and frankly I'm shocked that you do. I don't. Why did you announce in the first day as zero. Tolerance policy of stop and freest and hired Rudy Giuliani's got in 2007. When I was trying to get a review crack cocaine obviously vice president business saying in my community you're ticketed the Kool Aid you don't even know the flavor Joseph Biden told wealthy donors. That nothing fundamentally would change if he were president. Com what Harris said she's not trying to restructure. Society. Well I am a senator Harris says she's proud of her record but I'm deeply concerned about this record. There are too many examples to cite but she put over 15100 people in jail for marijuana violations than laughed about it when she was asked if she ever smoked marijuana. See sawed. Near the top contenders facing off an hour tremor also was right there and joins us now Trevor what were your big takeaways from last night. We'll Kimberly good to be with you did I think the biggest takeaways and everyone had is that at times this debate certainly felt a little bit like Joseph Biden vs everybody I think if we learned a lesson from the first debate a month ago with that if you land is successful blow against vice president of former vice president Joseph Biden. You can see significant bump in the polls and you turn it into a moment that the senator cavaliers did last time. This time nothing really stuck but we certainly saw a lot of contenders at least make attempts at a just about every single one there at some point. Criticizing the former vice president you had Cory Booker talking the criminal justice reform he kissed in Gillibrand talking about. A Biden's views of the roles of women you had. Public Harris talking about health care you Adam Leon Katz struggled to block you're talking about immigration everybody sort of taking their shot and the difference this time. Is that why didn't it did seem a little bit more prepared to counter puncher the very least didn't seem caught up our guard by those attacks that's not to say. That the criticism didn't necessarily Lander were good points but the fact that it couldn't turn into that. Sticking moments I think is what's gonna keep from a larger meteoric rise from one of these candidates and if it might even play into the hands of the former vice president Joseph Biden because he could make that argument that because everyone's coming after him. It's clear that right now he's the significant front runner. And aside from everyone attacking or trying to say something about Joseph Biden's past whether any other moments on that stuck in your mind. Sure I I think that definitely you saw a huge shift in how senator Connolly Harris was able to handle this debate the last time she could largely stay on the offensive because she was slightly lower level candidates have been. She's elevated to the upper Echelon and she had to play defense a lot more frequently you hurt some of the criticism. From represented pulls a Gabbert talking about commonly airs his record as a prosecutor there were some there was a number of attacks that. While she was defending herself kind of kept her from rising and throwing some punches in the way that she did on the first debate. And there are also what stuck out to me is. I keep. Being struck by the difference between the Republican Party and the Democratic Party specifically that the Democratic Party has no people that are considered sacred they would repeatedly attacked former Vice President Biden. The policies of the Obama administration of man who is. Very largely popular both among the moderate Democrats and the progressive Democrats and we're not even one presidential term away. But they were openly criticizing some of this health care policies of the immigration policies as well which is something that I think the Republicans would say Ronald Reagan would never do even if they disagreed with some of the policies. I thought that that was interesting is that Vice President Biden who has gotten some criticism that he hasn't gotten an endorsement from the president that he served directly under. Is also getting criticized for some of the actions that were taken under that administration. Yeah it's pretty and it's interesting in the following go do you think the majority of these ten will make it to the next debate. I would say that that's pretty highly unlikely so essentially the qualifications for the next debate in September in Houston. Are doubling in their capacity in terms of polling numbers in terms of donors need for polls a 2% in need a 130000. Donors right now. Only seven or eight candidates and qualified for that I think this field is going to be cut in half. And I do think that the party might actually benefit from that because. Twenty candidates over two nights with more candidates not even making it to the field is a lot to handle even for people who are very plugged into politics the voters that I have talked to. Almost unanimously are saying that it's too early for them to pay attention that they essentially are waiting till we get whittled down until maybe 45 or few more candidates. And so this next step while that you're gonna see a lot of the people who made their final attempt on the stage in the past few nights they're going to be left behind of that accident at. Ranks number all right there in Detroit thank you so much. And we wanna continue to recap I wanna bring ends a range shot and Beatrice Peterson who covered the Harris campaign. The answers I'll start with you right off the bat I'm you had Joseph Biden. Greeting Connolly hairs and saying go easy on me kid mid seemed like a lot of people weren't happy with that. Now there are some reaction on social media or people are saying that maybe it was a little bit condescending. We sought to use senator common errors last night and we are what does it mean she said well the dissonant dole easy I would push back in aegs well. Did I mean did you went easy he's sees it now she was not going easy on this that signifies an ex vice president. The end serene I think last night was the first time you actually saw. Comma led getting question about her own record when she was a prosecutor. This time by told C Gabbard what did you think of that moment. I was really passing because Gabbert had been teasing for a while she was going to do this yet it mentioning dropped hints. And come players really didn't seem to be as prepared for as we would not be in what we saw her first appearance some Gabbert specifically said that. That come up here to be very proud of our record that she was going to be a prosecutor president and pat Harris has touted that she's said she's the one who can prosecute the case against this president. Using her years as a prosecutor. That the good thing. The average in a deathly imaging how she junior times attorney general. The people behind bars for marijuana infractions. I mean you refuse to free someone from prison after act until the courts. Actually forced hurts unit and things like that. Here's later on came out and sad. That she expects to get hit that's leading many seem that way bisons have ever reactions last night. And that she expect to get his specifically from people were pulling. Between zero and 1%. And it didn't seem that a bloody blood that let me feel like that reaction either but. This thing here Ers as a top tier candidate right now unclear really if Gabbert is gonna get. What she needs to move herself to a third debate by this attack but she certainly is getting a lot of attention a lot of press from what she did last night. And Beatrice again you know Biden was getting. Everyone on that stage I'm talking about his past do you think that's actually going to matter to voters. Well you thousand voters an ardent she's not a stranger to a lot of voters I'm not sure a number of people have. Ivax a lot of voters that you know well. And hit as his past woods segregationist that a problem they said wild times have changed. And end at its interstate exit ascent a couple of weeks ago an ax a lot of black voters. Particularly backed be Al voters. And don't think about this back and forth between senator Harris and bowed and outnumber the men said to me well. We don't like to prosecute prosecution background so its interest saying. And we'll just have to wait and see I think a lot of voters though are still waiting to hear more from the that candidates and are looking for to the third debate coming up in Houston. And the ring before we go we saw you last night doing the coverage. You are packed tight in that spin room. I am glad that in fact I think a lot tonight beatings he struck Nichols here it went as I mean it was rained out there it was called it's been over and you were literally spinning around there are packed. Elbowed out well between people. I was an Alley for three years before without hearings have covered a lot of red carpet events. There was deathly red carpet and meg advantage that the red carpet at night but it was nothing like it or at age that you're and they used to these big events. We were six people eat because it's actually my body woman's husband and blocked people possibly just yet in with some of these candidates. I'm instantly fell on every guy's last night his country problems. It was great coverage comes a ringside and Beatrice Peterson right there in Detroit thank you so much. And I want to bring in Aaron deter ski who's been leading the coverage some of these debates and one a break down the issues with you because. Health care was still a major topic last night but. Kind of confusing quite frankly because everyone is trying to get married different iterations of Medicare for all. Of full 45 minutes on health care befitting its place in the poll says a top issue Kimberly. Among democratic voters and there was a bit of a struggle that was pummel harris' biggest struggle perhaps to coherently and coach in plea explain. What she means by Medicare for all kind in ten years in Joseph Biden pounced on that he said ten years. We get makes you wonder. What's worth waiting for and what do you do in the meantime. And what about the price of thirty some odd trillion dollars he said the plane takes a long. And it's too expensive. And she seemed to struggle to explain herself she wanted to make a point that private health insurance should not. Benefit from consumer health and and yet her plane does keep private insurance companies at least somewhat in the game. Yes and let's talk about criminal justice as well and elements seemed everyone was trying to make their point and on this do you think any wine was able to. Really convey what's at stake. Well it it cuts a couple of different ways for the candidates you heard it just talking about. That criminal justice issue and for a couple of Paris she got beat up by Tulsa Gabbard for her record in California. On issues that are important to democratic voters marijuana arrests. The degree of incarceration. And the death penalty and she didn't really have an answer other than to say that she's proud of her record but some democratic voters. Clearly are not for Cory Booker. He was the one that challenge Joseph Biden trying to tie Biden crime bill policies of the past that he said incarcerated too many African American men. And Joseph Biden and was able to take on hookers range in Newark is mayor. When the police department was overseen by a federal monitor in didn't come out of that status. Until after Booker had left the office and that drew does the whole we have given the Kool Aid. Type moments so it was a good line but it's hard to see how the issue not Biden off his game and to go back to the past like that. For many democratic voters who were trying to took to look forward it was hard to see where any new policies. May make. Among the end just quickly on the lots of talk about climate change no mention of gun control. And that was a surprise give. Given the three recent mass shootings in Gilroy California in Brooklyn New York. And in Philadelphia they talked about it a little bit on the first night of the debate but the Brady campaign and other. Gun control advocacy groups were. Are really upset it didn't come up. On the second night especially with those of mass shooting so prominent in the public's mind and even when it did come up on the first night of the debate Kimberly up a lot of the candidates. Didn't seem to have an answer it's not an issue that Democrats like to talk about they know it's going to give them fits in the general election. All right irritant or ski right there in Detroit as well thank you so much for everything we appreciate it.

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{"duration":"12:26","description":"Twenty Democratic presidential candidates battled it out over two nights during the 2020 primary debate in Detroit. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"64710378","title":"Reactions and recap to the 2nd 2020 Democratic primary debate","url":"/US/video/reactions-recap-2nd-2020-democratic-primary-debate-64710378"}