Record-breaking cold front sweeps through eastern US

An arctic blast is bringing record-breakingly low temperatures to the Midwest and Northeast.
2:30 | 11/11/19

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Transcript for Record-breaking cold front sweeps through eastern US
Winter is coming but for some parts of the US it feels like winner is already here like in Chicago brutal record breaking sub zero temperatures this week and I want to bring in our. Alex Perez he's right there on been crowned freezing in Chicago I'm Alex good to see you know I used to live in Chicago. The wind chill is no joke but it still seems early for November. Yeah particularly if this kind of looks like Siberia tea I can tell you it's certainly feels like yet and you're right it is early in the season to be feeling. These cold the temperatures according to our weather team a big. Good chunk of the country is dealing with these below average temperatures are right now that this is phased out or get a couple live shots here. For you in the summer or did they going to back. Harbor over there while we get it to sever his fill of both it was pretty looking well now it just Suggs and cloudy snowy and cold and that's what. We're dealing with here in Chicago in the planes in the midwest and this in cold this know these icy conditions creating a lot of problems. Not only on the roadways but also at the airports we want to show you some video cell phone video. By a horrifying scary moment at Chicago's O'Hare airport. Earlier this morning when an American Airlines plane gets skin it off the runway after landing. It's believed that. The plane had that problem because of icy conditions. Now luckily no one was injured and all 38 people on board were able to safely de plane but. You can imagine it some scary moments and that incident just a reminder of hug dangers. This whether these conditions can be as we head into winter even though it's still only November and fall Kimberly. Yes and and I think dangers of the right America's people have to remember to be saved like you can. Have some effects from being out in this weather too long. Yes and actually you know even though and cold weather veterans like Chicago and did other people in the midwest. Or the northeast. Forget you know summertime come to you forget that when you. Are outside in this whether you have to Lara B have to cover those extremities. I might look a little silly here because you can barely see me but you have the cover up when there's. Wind blowing when there's snow. And of course you know authorities doctors every every year taught the same thing try to limit your time outside limit your exposure to the call Leavitt. If you can just stay inside don't come out at all it's only November we got a long way to go through got to start reminding people now. Yes stay inside that's what you gotta do stay warm Alex thank you so much for the update so we appreciate it.

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{"duration":"2:30","description":"An arctic blast is bringing record-breakingly low temperatures to the Midwest and Northeast.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"66915278","title":"Record-breaking cold front sweeps through eastern US","url":"/US/video/record-breaking-cold-front-sweeps-eastern-us-66915278"}