Record-breaking stay in space

Astronaut Christina Koch to stay in space until February 2020.
2:12 | 04/17/19

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Transcript for Record-breaking stay in space
Moving on to some breaking news that's literally out of this world NASA astronaut Christina cook she left for space. On March 14 and she made news when she took that spacewalk but now she will stay until February of 20/20 setting another record. Of the longest day so I wanna go to David Curley whose NRDC bureau with more. So Christina cook as a rookie astronaut she just arrived at the station a month ago. But NASA's just folder you're not critical home in the fall you're actually going to stay until February. 20/20. NASA says this is part of their effort to research and long duration flight. So Christina gets the stale whole lot longer than she expected and I got to tell able we talked to her she seemed. Very excited about that prospect of staying in the station and potentially setting a record. For the longest day for an American woman. She just got to space a month ago and this morning forty year old Christina cook has been told. She'll be staying much longer than expected until next year. She could set the record for a woman in space 328. Days we talked to her exclusively. Still have the grin on my face that wants him to go away just that I'm here every day. Cook is a rookie as scientist who has spent months researching at the Ers polls. Floating into the space station for the first time she was greeted by her astronaut classmate and McLean she says it was a bit surreal. To walk into the actual reality of the space station like the fact that it actually danced. I'm was just it was like walking into a movies that. It was another record cook was expected to set the first all female space walk with McClain but that didn't work out. She has been on a spacewalk with fellow astronaut nick Hague and now prepares for her very long stay. If I am fortunate enough to do that and that's Sunday and inspires people on the ground then of course that's something that is awesome matter to be a part of. So cook is expected to set the record for an American woman and differ return is delayed by just a couple of weeks she could beat Scott Kelly single flight mark. NASA says it's extending her mission as part of its study of long duration spaceflight. David Curley ABC news Washington. And I think he dated so much.

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{"duration":"2:12","description":"Astronaut Christina Koch to stay in space until February 2020.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"62463040","title":"Record-breaking stay in space","url":"/US/video/record-breaking-stay-space-62463040"}