Remembering Parkland 2 years later

Linsey Davis speaks to Fred Guttenberg, the father of one of the victims, on the second anniversary of the tragedy.
11:58 | 02/15/20

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Transcript for Remembering Parkland 2 years later
Two years ago the lives of so many mothers fathers and students from Marjorie Stoneman Douglas high school in Parkland Florida changed forever. Seventeen people were killed and seventeen others were injured in a horrific shooting that renewed the push for gun control legislation. Today schools across the country and in park when itself remember those who were lost power Aaron containers he has that story. Yeah we will not what we're doing. And take a moment outside his favorite male friends oh my god there's don't know. Schools across the country like this one in Fort Lauderdale paused for a moment of silence at 10:17 AM on the second anniversary of the shooting at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas high school in park when Florida. Today there's a day where the entire. Broward county public schools family and community has come together ponds to honor. The lives of the seventy that we Lawson and many others who were injured. Fourteen students and three teachers died of a massacre students in Broward County released early from classes today so they can participate in a day of service and love for many. This is a difficult day of reflection. Right now it's just. Actually get to the day and buy it at the end of the day you know after what happened in each got to look forward. As for the man accused of carrying out the deadly attack no trial date has been set but jury selection is expected to begin. In late spring or summer. Thank you to Arrington terror scheme for that since that tragic day. I didn't survivors have become anti gun violence activist Fred Gothenburg. He's one of those parents he lost his fourteen year old daughter Janie in the shooting here's a look at how he has spoken out against gun violence on the national stage. Jamie was searches special kid all of the kids here are. What is unfathomable. It's Jamie took go totally at ease and and eight. I don't know what I do next. My wife is on hold we are broke didn't. But I can tell you. Don't tell mean. There's no such thing as drug violence. Your comments this week and those of our president and pathetically weak. Look at me and tell me. Guns were the in the you'd be hunting mother our kids in this school this week. And look at me and telling you accept it and you will work with us to do something about dogs. So long as I am president I will always good Jack junior Second Amendment right. In reaffirming our marriage is a free nation. We must remember that America has always been yeah apron. Here nation. Now we must embrace the next frontier. I'm adapt. I was against Aaron. This is the rule my daughter Houston dancing. I expected to continue watching my daughter dance to go to competitions over the years I'd just this room has been a part of my life. You know all those dreams and then I had as a data from my daughter. Started in this. Late yesterday I had the chance to talk with him about his daughter's memory and about what he's trying to do to prevent similar tragedies now. Mr. Guttenberg thank you so much for your time in for joining us tonight. Thank you. Start out just by asking you know people say that the time heals all wounds is that applicable to everything except for losing a child and two years later does it get any easier. The thought of losing Jamie. There's actually a great question. You know. The pain. Doesn't ever go away. I what I would say. It you know is it me be every day you get to engage in some new experiences in new memory is. But your daughter is always with you for the trial that you loss is always there with few. For a lot of people you know now there were at this two year remark. It means a lot of different things but to those of boss who lost or loved ones. It feels like it was yesterday. We've all moved forward were all doing different things now were all engage in different kinds of activism or maybe other experiences with our family. Put. Every day we wake up with that massive hole in our heart knowing what was taken from us know in the room that still empty. Knowing the laughter that we don't hear. Knowing in much the case of my house. This silly myths that I don't. Experience anymore. You don't ever forget that that never goes away. As we move forward to the laws because you've been very active in trying to get. Some change it is to door in our country and gun laws when we talk about first maybe you can explain to us Jamie's law. And then if you think there's ever chance of that might have bipartisan support to pass. Well listen for me Jamie's law actually. And is. The most important thing we could be looking at right now to deal with. Gun violence because it actually deals with the weapons that are currently on the street. Most of gun safety legislation is forward looking in dealing with future purchases. The problem is in this country we already have 300 million plus weapons on our streets. They get stolen they get privately transferred they end up in the hands of people who intend harm. Who can't walk into the store and legally buy a weapon but they can still get their hands on a weapon. The problem is even though they may be prohibited perk asserts. They can walk into the store I'm by the bullets because there's no requirement to do a background check on bullets. Jamie is law seeks to do nothing more than extent background checks to bullets so that those who are. Considered prohibited purchaser is who only it would be in possession of a weapon. That they shouldn't own. Or that maybe they stole or that maybe they got illegally. We're trying to stop them from having the ability to go by the ammunition. Do I think it's gonna pass I do I don't think it's going to be an easy process because. It's just been a hook and safety legislation in this country typically hasn't spent. But we see more of it passing every day in cities and states. We look at the House of Representatives under the leadership of Nancy Pelosi in some amazing representatives. We see gun safety legislation passing. Eventually. We're gonna see it pass the senate because we're gonna fire or enough senators to flip the senate and we're gonna fire Mitch McConnell. I once it passes the senate. We will have gone say to legislation passing of this country. If you could make one change to gun laws in this country tomorrow is that the one that it would be. I've actually change my view on what I think the most important thing is an end. Dealing with weapons of war after Jamie was killed. I did not call for a ban on weapons of war. In fact I believed we have to do all the other things first. The problem is across this country. You see. Men. Coming out to protest. Carrying a ar fifteens on their shoulders as way of intimidating. Every day citizens. The next step beyond carrying that on their shoulders to intimidate is one of those is gonna get dues. I think we need to deal with the reality that too many people have those weapons and they're actually. Putting it in our face that they intend to use them. And be costs of those people who are using those weapons to intimidate us. I've changed my view on how important it is that we do something about that. Regarding the existing weapons on the street I do I think we mow the only way to deal with. Gun safety legislation comprehensively. Is to deal with the reality of ammunition. Yeah I know during a stated in a new president talked about how he would protect gun laws and and you fanatic comment about that explain to us. Those two did not see or hear what you had to say and then explain to us what happened as a result of the. Yeah be expressing yourself. He didn't say he was gonna protect gun laws what he said was he was going to defend the Second Amendment which is under attack across this country. And that was a lie. He was acting as a megaphone for the NR rate when he made that statement and it just simply isn't true. There was no place in this country where gun laws bar or set the Second Amendment is under attack. Gun safety legislation has no impact on legal lawful gun owners that's a fact. You can look at what we passed here in Florida there is on a single legal lawful gun owner who ever thinks about that law because it doesn't affect them. And so be cost he lied and be cost. He. Said he was gonna protect a Second Amendment but not protect children like mine. I got emotional. I typically try not to act in an emotional way but I did that night and I said nine words. What about victims of gun violence like my daughter and for that I was removed from the room and I was detained. And subsequent to that there was an event for Parkland parents that the White House did not getting include you and do you think that this is all gotten to political. Well in fairness it's with the park and parents. Day. I had an issue the way the White House put up their public schedule. There there's a separate there's another group and park when they came out of this whole process called Stanley Park when they're they're great families great people. Working really hard for the safety of our kids. Day had an event planned with the White House who I didn't know about it Chris it was intended to be private and under the radar. The White House put out a public schedules that morning that said meeting with the park when families know press invited. And I started getting calls from media wanted to know was I going to be at the Smit and I knew nothing about it until I went to Twitter saying here's the schedule. I know nothing about this meeting I'm not invited. Over the course of the day I found out what was happening with the other families. Eyes totally support the work that they were doing. I don't like the fact that the White House put out a schedule that look like they may have been trying to take. Some opportunities with this two year mark they've since acknowledged that skakel should not have been written that way. Anything else that you'd like that that I haven't asked about that you would like to say. You know. I just am thankful. To you and all the others who were making shore. That this two year mark. Is covered. And while. We are all struggling with this loss. The reality is by keeping this conversation going. Change is going to happen in this country we've given up the lies we once had to keep doing this work. And we are get it get. Public safety and gun safety to be the norm in this country as we go forward. Mr. Gothenburg thank you again so much for your time we really appreciate you. Thank you.

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{"duration":"11:58","description":"Linsey Davis speaks to Fred Guttenberg, the father of one of the victims, on the second anniversary of the tragedy.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"68997728","title":"Remembering Parkland 2 years later","url":"/US/video/remembering-parkland-years-68997728"}