Possible replacements for Michael Flynn

The co-hosts discuss who could replace former national security adviser, Gen. Michael Flynn.
3:51 | 02/14/17

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Transcript for Possible replacements for Michael Flynn
We have some suggestions. For Flynn his replacement that we're talking about was the plan and that I think president banner and would have throat wound up. Like Nagin from the Walking Dead. King job free from game at the wrong. Emboldened mock. And our hot yeah yeah yeah. That's interesting about replacing him as they're thinking of putting General Petraeus at about Petraeus famously told. State secrets to his mistress in bed like I was convicted of the misdemeanor exactly so I mean it's like Linda Tripp it you know what I mean the guy's got a big mouth you know me crazy. Republicans drive me crazy as I want to aids really excited. About a free market agenda I wanna be excited about all the policy stuff and I can't because they're too busy Dylan this nonsense we have to talk about strong and and his ridiculous hires and not vetting people. And it's unfortunate because Republicans this was your time to do something. You talked about Obama careful longtime eat it like it this leisure time to create alternative to give people some. Don't have a lot of it is not a job if he would just donate tax returns this would not be an issue he wouldn't about it. I love my. Supported lasting until right at home he never at any tell analyses did not gonna homicides Evers if I lost 900 billion dollars. When Shelby. I want yeah now because that shows that I'm not good business Paris and that's why when somebody says you know I'm Smart for not paying my taxes. When I know that there are soldiers. Who are out there who need things quote they're. There are people out there what busted their keys to the pay their taxes no that's meant to me that's not a president thing to do what you not. Yacht wanted to let you gotta make. When when when that came out. All of the traps supported. They overlooked it and they felt like she isn't he Smart Smart man who could get away with yeah I mean instead of people thinking of the army interests they're saying is and he's Smart at sesame and sent this. Remarkable that he ran on this I'm such a great business person. Platform because I interviewed a lot of people in Atlantic City that lost their jobs. And lost their lives really because of track 900 million. 900. Almost out all the billion yeah. Think that anybody who voted for him was voting I think that they just a lot of personality that's so I think it's like the cult of personality I think is not a racial you know struggling and they weren't they were desperate predict when you can't put food on the table when your working two and three jobs when your health insurance premiums go up whoever is their promising you a better feet future I'd get you know and it's not they're not like that was Bernie Sanders well act anyway. Yeah. You know what I don't know I don't know what it wants to hear this but I remember the days when. President Bush. What life was like when he left what's more I remember that bush two you know you. Yep which. So don't yet UW I don't know enough Allen campaign and a half but you know he didn't leave us in good standing he did not leave us in good standing you hungry there. You're hungry and you really didn't have a job that you you had nothing at this got came again. Was told when I didn't do anything to help anything and you know what is spite of all lost it will not do an ending that. You got health care about it while I'm talking about a lot a lot of things came about that he did and you know why he did not because they wouldn't help. So when I hear people say you know what's so bad I know your practice. When you when people say was so bad it was so wet I'm gonna take you back and reminds you what life was like eight years prior to that because it wasn't as good six.

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{"duration":"3:51","description":"The co-hosts discuss who could replace former national security adviser, Gen. Michael Flynn. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"45487894","title":"Possible replacements for Michael Flynn","url":"/US/video/replacements-michael-flynn-45487894"}