Reporter's Notebook: Robin Roberts on exclusive Michelle Obama interview

Robin Roberts discusses her exclusive one-on-one interview with former First Lady Michelle Obama in Chicago.
9:09 | 11/09/18

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Transcript for Reporter's Notebook: Robin Roberts on exclusive Michelle Obama interview
Hi there I'm Linda Davis for ABC news live with the reporter's notebook and V one of the only Robin Roberts thank you so much we really haven't reported. Those of my life. Wanted to. The thing is so much for talking my pleasures you sent down with Michelle Obama her new book becoming. Lots of stuff I loved to get to. Starting off with her self doubt I think a lot of people are going to be not only surprised but able to relate. To the idea that but it's like well Michelle Obama's struggles owes her own. Two Ivy League degrees not one not 21 being a lot lately but it's not just herself out if the level of her self doubt. And even now wondering is she being heard at times. And I think it is something that women we hear that. We weave not along and going yes we we do that we say are we good enough and she said that repeatedly throughout her journey. Am I good enough and my good enough from when she was in high school. And was told by the counselor. You're not Princeton material alone OK and so she said I'll show you and so she goes on to Princeton and then goes on the Harvard. Law school but she you haven't so incredibly. Her candor. And and and and everything that she. Discusses and Michelle Obama feels like if you going to write a book. Then write a book until Carl read it's it's all without. Being nasty vicious or mean yes that's you talk about the current administration as he does she mentioned. Donald Trump yes she does we've seen the quotes that have been out it is such a small portion. Of the book in such a small portion of hurl her life. It is not a political book. This is a chapter it's a chapter to chapter life story politics is not her life story but it is a very important chapter in. And she feels that she wool which will speak her mind and and feels that she parents. What's so obviously the book she gets very personal talks about and I like to take a clip and take a listen to that the fact that he Obama's lead to marriage counseling with sickle listen. You write about at one point in your marriage and that you have Barack what's in marriage counseling and why did you think it was important decisions that. For those young people out there who think that. Marriage is supposed to be easy. And marriage counseling for us was one of those ways will we learned had a top batter differences what I learned about myself was that. My happiness was up to me and I started working out more I started asking for help. Not just from him but from other people I stopped feeling guilty. It's important for me to take care of myself that's not on Iraq I know too many young couples who struggle. And I think that somehow it's this there's something wrong with then I want them to know that Michelle and Barack Obama who had eight phenomenal marriage and who love each other. We would we work on our marriage that we get help with our marriage when we needed. I think that was so praying for everybody right it is in a relationship in marriage and all why did she say that she was going so deep so personal gosh. She should well first I look bush took ownership right and and not trying to place the blame saying we're not on hammer or anything like that. And again because shoes and should be put up on all. And if she does it sometimes people do that with. Barack and Michelle Obama and she wants everyone to realize. That. The story that she is telling. I remember onassis' so why are you writing this book and and why are you doing it now and and and what I what do you hope. And usually would you say that someone ozone hole I hope people like and I hope I shouldn't say that she's I hope people get something out of a balloon. I hope people get something out that's how she approaches everything so. Knowing that of course is that a talk about. Marriage counseling and talk and talk about the difficulty in in getting pregnant and other things because. She truly wants to be of service to other. It's not about getting ready for 20/20 not be you know I'm target group we are going to have nothing about that you're great on the campaign trail that intimate terms were great out Indiana. But that's not what she is instance or not and killing actress you know since you can find another way to be a public service that. Dozen of all politics. And speaking of politics is this is going to be a big head my church and she references president trump and and she wrote. What does someone with an unstable mine loaded gun and drove to Washington what if that person went looking for our girls Donald Trump with his loud and reckless innuendoes was putting my family's safety at risk and for this I'd never forgive him. Yeah she went there and she says. That personal. Who she is there. Larson so she really felt that the rhetoric was. Putting her family at risk and that it was. It was not intentional to put her family at risk but what he was saying was intentional. That it was proven that was up about the birther controversy that it did was debunked. And he brings it back so that was intentional and trying to hurt them in that regard not trying to say that he was intentionally trying to cause harm to them but as she's had. We live in today. And get words do matter and so it's very difficult for her to say that she can forgive him because. She loves her family she loves her children and if anybody. Is thinking about doing harm to them. Yeah she's not gonna forget that. I'd be curious to get near taken in you've known Michelle Obama from. Mrs. Obama to now Michelle and reading her book things that surprise do things that the typical American wouldn't know that you have insight also in on T into who she was. Very surprised by I had the miscarriage about talking so pulling about that and also about the the marriage counseling. But I can't go back to I was really. Her level of self doubt when you read the book how many times and in many different. Times and her life that she dealt with that and you you look at her. And all that she has accomplished an you realize oh my gosh. We all feel that way at some point especially women and there are many times. There is a part that really. Resonated with me. When she said she is playing with a cousin and she about ten years old cousin so why do you talk like a white girl whom. Didn't just because of my gosh you know when she is saying how do you. How how. How do you square who you are or where you come from we're where you wanna go. And not seen a pretty and not having so she was really. It up and all those discussions. Like that. The very relatable and in many ways and it's very important to her because she really wanted to be for the broader good she really wants it to spark a conversation. Her life story and that it will generate a conversation that for the broader good is she's always looking. That's as a great sacrifice anybody who goes into the political world and she and her family have have done that as she's gonna find a different way. To now be of service. This thing use of the word relayed along want to just take one look at surprise. When she went and visited some kids at a school in Chicago. Are you guys in the evening news. Yeah. Okay. Have to ask what yeah. Action. Sit right there that's Michelle Obama that's ball you know you should take all the hits from people saying what they wanna say about iron and and she has done that. Bushel do that for the greater good and many pernicious when she was First Lady is all about children and helping them. I'm girls and education it's always you locked at her alma mater like that and and they responded and it was supposed to be like a photo op let's is going they earn and there won't. We stated that about half an hour she stated they about a half an hour she didn't want none and and though. And the fact that she. Is on this book tour now and that she surprised him and saying that she's providing free tickets for the school as other women's organizations. Because she'll be opening up at the United Center with Oprah Winfrey that's going to be. They something but that was really. Just pulling back the curtain. In a not really having too because she's been very transparent about how important that is to her. And so she'll be on Tuesday morning on Good Morning America with milk. Sunday night on Tony to cloning. Yeah yeah and the book comes out on Tuesday thanks so much for watching everybody ABC news live for this and any other topic you may find interesting. And also check us out on our app ABC news better than Davis opportunity.

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{"duration":"9:09","description":"Robin Roberts discusses her exclusive one-on-one interview with former First Lady Michelle Obama in Chicago.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"59092441","title":"Reporter's Notebook: Robin Roberts on exclusive Michelle Obama interview","url":"/US/video/reporters-notebook-robin-roberts-exclusive-michelle-obama-interview-59092441"}