How one restaurant is helping the hungry

One Washington, D.C., business owner is providing for those in need during the pandemic.
3:23 | 12/02/20

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Transcript for How one restaurant is helping the hungry
Millions of Americans are facing hunger this winter push an estimated. One in five adults saying they don't have enough shrewd to meet their families meets today we introduce you to one American business owner who is struggling in this recession. But is out to prove that each of us can be a beacon of hope. Here's Devin Dwyer. In the heart of Washington's big money lobbyists and law firm district can't seem a nine a first generation Pakistani immigrant. Has been serving up come Bob's inquiry to the rich and the. Poor is that my mom recipe that we use because we name laughter parent. And we want to honor her bid harvest the delay she used to cope. He's been doing it from within seven years just blocks from the White House. Quietly seating and serving thousands of homeless and hungry just like pain customers no questions asked. I'm one too proud of my said I love you my friend doorway of what it does have a seat and Jai. How did you make any money idea. To feed from the rest. Doesn't exist because people are scared. Letting poor people come in it would ruin your business but is bobbled it. For me when corporate nineteen hit the economic crisis newly made 'cause he go hungry to. His business plunged execute a whole law grill he laid off staff and cut free meals. Contemplated closing for good. And and a global community this month rally to the rescue inspired by his story for shared widely on ABC affiliate WJ LA. I can lead to go the restaurant. I'm I am fighting heavy day. When did 6500. Donors chipping in more than a quarter million dollars in just one week. An outpouring that is humbled in empowered Kharrazi to keep going he said. This is a symbol of law the system but left love and be Padilla and December left to go away in ashes. To get that restaurant is. My story and his story began with a simple lesson from his mother. She lovers prepare some meals and she what follows prepares extra. To give it to the neighbor we'll give it did this person angle could give to this person and I'll Holler be just like. Why mom is giving I didn't understand together that's. You don't and instead of giving. But she knew who they giving. It brings joy to her and that's what I news feel that everything that days now. Reach to complete strangers the 'cause he says opened his eyes to the homeless Americans he often passed by blindly on the street. Within 6300. In the nation's capital are homeless this year among more than half a million homeless nationwide. You know the people have mental issues. Have tissue. For a patient with them and they were patient did that with us so we it was a relationship even with the homeless community do you and it's good to go up but here. If you do have a feat for a filmmaker ready for UK today. It is business starts to slowly bounce back 'cause he is celebrating the return of more customers especially the ones who need help the most. A circle of generosity propelled by faith in kindness. Pure heart doing kind seeing through all of this touch other people harm. Kindness at a time we need it most I thanks Devin Dwyer for that report.

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{"duration":"3:23","description":"One Washington, D.C., business owner is providing for those in need during the pandemic. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"74514153","title":"How one restaurant is helping the hungry","url":"/US/video/restaurant-helping-hungry-74514153"}