Revelers line up to see the balloons inflated for NYC's 91st Thanksgiving Day Parade

ABC News' David Merrell checks out the preparations underway for the annual parade.
15:20 | 11/22/17

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Transcript for Revelers line up to see the balloons inflated for NYC's 91st Thanksgiving Day Parade
Hey everybody it's David Merrill here would ABC news and guess what. Thanksgiving is tomorrow so of course we're over here on the west side of Manhattan watching the balloons get inflated. Before tomorrow's Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade and these are so much bigger than what you see on TV I can't even believe. How how would giant they are compared to what I'm used to seeing so. Look at look at this I'm right next to what I I guess is some sort of elf. And and these giant Christmas lights over here and I am just absolutely dwarfed by it and so we're gonna start we're give you a full tour. Of all of these balloons. That you'll see tomorrow in the Macy's Thanksgiving Thanksgiving Day parade pressing got. Christmas lights. We've got elves we've got candy corn markets my wonderful cameraman if you could. Kinda point through there you can see there are crowds of visitors and New Yorkers alike out here. Coming to see these balloons this is a once in a year once a year event. Of course would with the parade tomorrow so people are all very said let's let's go check out some more these these balloons as the real. Walk down here we seen people putting some finishing touches. On these balloons here they look pretty good. Look pretty good to go of course he got sandbags down here on the ground holding them down. Otherwise they will be flying away which has happened in parades past. The let's see what else we have coming up here I think. Since they let us in the media entrance here were starting from the very end so that's why you're seeing a lot more Christmas he stuffed and Thanksgiving stuff. And oh yes this is no this is no regular elf my friends this is a very famous elf on the shelf. And I think legend has it. He watches you. Any watches your kids and make sure that that third good boys and girls and they can get some little treats and toys or. If they're bad something else. Let's move on here we got the up on the shelf netted down tightly would be sandbags here. And then this I think is less than. I can't quite tell yes. Can't quite tell yes I think so ladies and gentlemen this is a brand new balloon just this year. You may recognize that our district ever out here because I am still entirely sure. But yes here is now you can tell what's once you come up here Marcus you can see. Doctor seuss' the grinch how the grinch stole Christmas watcher played here Marcus they are. And take a look at this is this isn't the first year the grinch will be featured. In the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade we've also got. The AFLAC duck is it is sort of a very different take. On your traditional Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade balloons this is it this is what they call I think a balloon Nicole. And the the doctors actually it's a balloon and that is also a vehicle so you're gonna see this thing pondering around. On the parade ground floor. We've got some ornaments here are sick another another look back here it at the grinch this. Doctor seuss' how the grinch stole Christmas. And this is the very brand new ones of the first time that that one flies above. New York we've got some AFLAC fans over here hi guys. Hey we're live on ABC news right now are you guys from the work. Are at you can have you come here before. First time at the balloon unveiling. I'd been pitching. A tradition it is a tradition it's entered tradition for New Yorkers tourists alike people all across the country watch this parade every year. So at a you guys have watched this in the past what are what are some memories that you have of the parade. Where parents have it we we've all grown up but I like the book I had. I'm monitoring diet dancing and we do have in I think packed lineup. For tomorrow's parade what's the what's your favorite performance UCN com Pamela I. Come from away RI in our diet very cool. Mara Huber at our happy birthday happy Thanksgiving are you gonna be back here tomorrow night for the parade tomorrow morning rather. Most of the it was our eyes sounds good will enjoy happy Thanksgiving. And enjoy taken elect to get a little sneak peek here it's all these balloons have fun guys happy Thanksgiving. You are on TV right now and didn't put that the oath at a birthday but it are at what else are we there's the there's a better look at the AFLAC. Duck. As a political. News got a nice little glowing heart there is not ninths. Now if you guys watching here on on FaceBook. Have your own Macy's Thanksgiving Day memory is as I'm sure many of us do button put him down there in the comments we look to hear about it I remember when I was ten years old I came to New York doesn't visitor. And saw the parade for the first time and I remember it vividly. This this here I think is this is the the Dido. Famous dine out. And he's one of the ones that you can really see well. Even though it's on net and down the grinch kinda looks like students watched a little bit. But the Diana was ready to fly. And just look at all these sandbags down here you can see it really takes a lot of sand power to keep these things down because they really want to fly. And of course here pass that no we've got another famous one. Who's this everybody you know hood is it's the Pillsbury to Floyd. And you can give them a little odd to you think acting so a with a little. There yes. Pillsbury Doughboy returns. To the Macy's Thanksgiving giving day parade don't tell anyone that I looked as though they are all wanted to kick me out. And what is this I don't know what this one is. Any any ideas guys. I come back over here I'm live in Marcus in the dust. Got some happier workers think you guys for all you do. Them the floats like amazing the balloons like great. They work. Does see some some more work is over here more visitors coming to see these wonderful balloons. And it's a little chilly out he can see these people in their hats and scarves. And full full body suits and a little chilly must also lets keep moving with Steve the energy up. I'm still. You guys out there you kids and in people with kids might have to educate me because I AM not as familiar with this dragon. And on a little bit embarrassed unless this is puff. The magic dragon. Who lived by the CI. Think he may be. But the one passed it is a little bit more recognizable to me of course we have. The famous sponge Bob square pants here. And his famous square pants. He's got a little little Santa hat up there with a little jingle ball. We've got more you can see people. Lying up says his I think these people have already seen most of the of the balloons here today. The big crowd is really on the other side will be over there in just a moment to talk to those people. All right moving on here. This bunch of Hoffman's pitch hit and take a look this bunch bugs base here. Just squashed right there in front of the front of the go Kart front of the tractor there. They're all towed by these Toro Workman trucks. And this guy here you can see. Got a little. Little birds but. And it and mind my this bird looks angry. I think this is a red the Angry Birds. And he is definitely ready to flies get as little egg there. Cradled in and ready to take off. I don't know if there are any balloons that he is in danger of slamming into but. Will will keep an eye out. Moving on here what are these guys I can't quite get a good look at them I think I know it's our. Yes these are the baseball players either classics did better around for a very long time. You can't really get a good look at it maybe we can get around here all of this. And then let's see who's this. I think this is. City. Oh that's right this is this is a brand new one as well this is you may recognize use you kids and people with its. Hi this is case. This is chase from pop patrol he is another brand new balloon that they've they've got her. Just this year. And man that is a big dog is I believe he's a German shepherd. And he is a police dog. Chased from pop patrol here. So he's got he's got a pretty good following. Now let's see let's see if they do we can find the exit here because I'm not sure we're supposed to go. So maybe we can find out. Yes. Can we get down to there is equivalency. That. Altogether so they aren't let's let's stick let's take a lot done a vehicle. Let's see does I think. I think the move might be it's going to be quite a while to get down to see the rest of them. So what are we talked to some more people here. Now you can get a little bit of a better look of these baseball players over here. You can see a much bigger crowd has formed on this side of all these balloons to see. All of these Bruins now inflated and and pretty much ready to fly before they get going tomorrow morning. And PPP. Let's let's keep walking down here. And Burnett where it come down to see the other side has some of these balloons. Guys everybody. They welcome hey we're live on ABC news right now. Everybody say hi and but he does New Yorkers you visiting California leave from California all right way from. Orlando all right our excellent. New York you got some New York kids over here I who's got his got a Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade memory they want to share. Temares your first time are able and that gets what are you looking forward to. Living artist in the pleasant is headed yes I think. Right yet so you wanna see these guys and actions not it's not enough to CM tied down like this. They've got to get up in the air. Our our. Happy and you aren't that's right our anchor here from North Carolina then all right look thanks welcome and die a happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy the show by guest. RSC concede is over a little bit better view of our baseball player over here. And of course are a little tubby firemen friend. Back at read the angry bird. Everybody. Hey guys we're live on ABC news right now. Detected very minute wait just from. It certainly. Do you come here often first time first time for Obama for all of you so you've never been to the inflation before courts to the actual period. Either either or are you gonna be back here tomorrow all right what are you looking forward to most guys. The the baseball player Darrent all right music. Are you read this well who's your favorite team. I. What's your team name. And actions. The pressure's very cool all right guys we'll happy Thanksgiving enjoy the parade tomorrow they have fun. Rights. Lots of families here's it was actually. The entire upper west side is packed right now with people walking through this event and that it's once a year it's hugely popular. Almost as popular as the parade itself and of course these people all. Not all but maybe most of them will be back here tomorrow morning to see the parade. And seeds some of their favorite floats flying away well hopefully not by a wave of buying up in the sky. Everybody has a gun and we're live on ABC news right now we guys from. Accident Fuller well at Boston all right what are you looking forward to in the in the parade tomorrow do you wanna see. But I thought we got sponge Bob ray there. But you wanna see implying. Aren't aren't well. Adults. Have you been to the period before. Over time you've watched the parade several times yeah yeah that you guys soup every year you have some memories you have some favorites of of days gone by. Now none have never know favorite quotes. You know what's your favorite float Kirk. Permit the crowd primitive garage area they have it and no longer than what it I'll not passes spousal are all our. And neighboring your little ones out here. Now comes today yeah today they enjoy it while light from don't want them are home tomorrow I certainly don't blame you for that it is chilly out here. And but hey you know what at least the rain stopped its it's no longer in an idea the sun came out it is now that the sun's going down a little bit cooler. And hopefully he will have a nice day tomorrow for the parade. And guys thanks very much happy Thanksgiving. Which he the best and I think that's going to be it for our sneak peek of these Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade. Balloons. So I'll say thank you for watching and happy have a happy Thanksgiving be sure to thaw your Turkey is before you fri am. And Abby thinks giving thanks for watching I'm David Merrill of ABC news.

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{"id":51334374,"title":"Revelers line up to see the balloons inflated for NYC's 91st Thanksgiving Day Parade","duration":"15:20","description":"ABC News' David Merrell checks out the preparations underway for the annual parade.","url":"/US/video/revelers-line-balloons-inflated-nycs-91st-thanksgiving-day-51334374","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}