Officials, Circus Investigate Cause of Human Chandelier Accident

Eleven were injured when a malfunction caused eight acrobats hanging by their hair to fall.
8:31 | 05/05/14

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Transcript for Officials, Circus Investigate Cause of Human Chandelier Accident
This is a special group. -- from the ABC. Three act provides are in critical condition today after this terrifying fall at a -- and Brothers circus performance. In Providence, Rhode Island several other remained hospitalized after a metal -- holding them up by their hair. Came crashing down equivalent down -- in New York in a public safety officials and Rhode Island are on the case try to determine who or what is to blame. For the performers nearly forty foot fall. Here's Providence fire department chief -- tuna with a detailed account of the injuries -- they suffered on impact. Well basically the injuries were -- a lot of fractures. Bone breaks that we had day. Quite a few -- had injuries. And internal injuries obviously. We don't know the extent of the internal injuries. -- -- news compound. If you will compound fractures. If you play -- simple fractures. That went on and on over there no there were all conscious it's a time. So with more now on the accident here's ABC's Marissa Gonzales in Providence. With the details. After the scoop -- fall. -- at least eleven -- his performers to the hospital. The light -- didn't of the Dunkin' Donuts center in Providence. All of them remain -- here canceled at the performers undergo treatment for broken bones cuts and home trauma. Investigators now focus on the snapped claim that may have caused the middle wigs suspending eight -- that's about thirty feet high to collapse. Sending the performers plummeting to the ground and onto a dancer below and it last -- -- listen to the ground -- No net to catch their fault the metal -- -- -- acrobats we're hanging from landing on top of them. You can tell the crane was heavy because it took ten guys and you see -- strongly. To lift -- from on top of goats. And Nam. -- -- It was it was unbelievable this part of an act called the human chandelier. The ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey circus advertising it as the only performance of its kind in the world. We're about innovation and high art and this year for the first time. We have the convention. Beautiful young ladies hanging suspended in the here by their -- Federal investigators from -- -- now working with police and -- officials we are doing absolutely everything to determine what happened yesterday for this unfortunate accident. And everything that we can do in the future to make sure it never happens again. And the circuit is scheduled to reopen Thursday night in Hartford Connecticut but a spokesperson tells us in light of this accident are still deciding if the shows there will include -- performances. RC Gonzales ABC news Providence Rhode island's. I want to bring ABC's giving it is now with the latest on this and -- -- we just heard from one official about the injuries but what do we know this afternoon. About that equipment tires up the cause that fall. What we know they're investigating that right now we've had the public safety commissioner here in the area. Talk about that -- that that he said that he believes. Failed during that show and really as far as it goes that's that's what we know right now -- the circus. They say that they have their own investigators looking into it. But you know these these women they were up there hanging from their hair but interest -- enough -- me now a lot of people are talking about the hair obviously. That have nothing to do with this particular accident this was technical failure. Above that the hair that was way above there above the -- that holds them. That holds them up in the air that suspends. If -- we have heard and we had seen there that in those immediate moments afterwards the white -- off so that parents -- then obviously shield their kids from having to see that. But that the rest of the night was canceled but what is the schedule now on -- -- -- Anderson at the circus is now conducting its own investigation along with state coming -- -- as well but what is what is the schedule going forward they still planet including -- -- their act. -- this particular act will not be included until further notice that's what to be the executive vice president told me today. This particular act is out of that for now until they figure out exactly what causes especially at that Thursday show that -- mention of Hartford Connecticut. They need you mentioned all those people there in the crowd in the audience watching this show we're talking about 4000. People -- and 4000 people. All there with their phones with their children watching what was happening. You -- you spoke with Nicole -- the executive vice president of Feld entertainment that is that the parent company of the circus. You asked her what so many people. Have been wondering themselves don't want to play that. A lot of people are asking about this now because nobody saw -- next. Under the performers. Is that standard that there wouldn't be -- that. This act does not performed at and that their catch my hair hair. They've performed this act 150 times. -- for live from a live audience not to mention many times reported -- in rehearsals. -- they've been practicing for over a year and these are dedicated to. Credible acrobats and ask me. And here they know what they're doing. The GO certainly every is is -- -- attack on the question that the dedication of professionalism of those acrobats in if in fact it was mechanical failure. Then that obviously wouldn't. Be a factor on that. Did Nicole say though that going forward though is far as they would be reviewing any other acts do we know about that because -- -- certainly. Any kind of aerial maneuvers -- or -- acrobatics often times there's that element of fear that has put into the act. Where there is known that there is no this sort of safety catch and me. Well you know certainly. They didn't say that in those words -- you know when you're doing these interviews sometimes. -- You can you can sense what their overall messages and and I think their message here that ringling Brothers I think what they're going to be doing is that they're going to be looking. Very very closely at what happened and what caused this before they make any decisions here. But with regard that net you know win those girls -- windows live in the eighth when they fall down. It looks like they are falling -- some sort of platform I'm told that's. Sort of like a hard platform but it's not meant to be any sort of safety. Requirements -- or any sort of safety. Sort of measure that's put there to two. Sort of do anything other than just act as a floor. When they're doing these acts. So you can imagine how hard that rubber must've been it was hard rubber they say how hard that most of it and for then. That machine that they were being suspended from to just fall on them. Not sure any net would have prevented that it's -- what would be investigation itself as its ongoing -- you had -- that the circus is conducting its own efforts but who was leading the way as far as any kind of the -- OSHA. Investigation. Well we're told OSHA is definitely investigating but we're told are also outside investigators. From the state. And independent investigators from ringling Brothers that are here and by the way Nicole failed to who we just spoke to. Not only -- -- executive vice president of Feld entertainment. She is the producer of this show and she grew up with a lot of those dancer so. For her this is also. A personal. Of a personal investigation. To find out exactly what happened. We had played a bit of the promotional piece earlier where ringling bros has said that they were trying something new something innovative something different. Which was this the first time that this act had been performed this year. Not the first singles performed but it's a brand new wax the first Sunday -- that I believe was back in December. So it's one of the newest acts and certainly a centerpiece of this particular so. All right ABC's -- is live force and Providence you thank you for that appreciate that. And of course you can keep up with this story in real time on the investigation by downloading the ABC news apps -- this story for exclusive updates on the go. For now though I'm Dan Cutler in New York.

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{"id":23595757,"title":"Officials, Circus Investigate Cause of Human Chandelier Accident","duration":"8:31","description":"Eleven were injured when a malfunction caused eight acrobats hanging by their hair to fall.","url":"/US/video/ringling-bros-barnum-bailey-circus-accident-officials-circus-23595757","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}