Robber Goes From Room to Room of Missouri Motel

Suspect took master key from motel clerk and demanded money from guests.
1:37 | 01/18/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Robber Goes From Room to Room of Missouri Motel
If you look closely you can see a man make his way into the quality in most health through an -- door he goes straight to the front desk pointed gun at the clerk and demands cash. The clerk tells me he gave the armed robber about 300 dollars but the masked man wasn't ready to leave. It's politics takes him back room and hope -- -- I would say -- can't just do what you want do what you think it and say. In those terrifying moments the -- says he was praying not only for himself but for the gunman as well well worn because in the -- -- -- let me go. And that we have been -- him. When someone really don't want rob richer -- -- itself. So I it's pretty. The robber then heads back to the front desk you can see him eventually grab the master key to guest rooms. He then walked into one room on the left walks out and continues to barge into four other rooms further down the hall before going back inside into the first threat. Where three people -- -- One man in that -- tells me when they thought he was having a nightmare. Almost like standing right here in this area. And he was born and we're -- -- -- And the guy didn't say thing in the beginning and then he. -- just pointed the gun at him and and came in here our -- was home adorable like most foreign. And through what we. He also says the robber demanded money from him but did not get any additional cash the Robert -- Fleet to a car parked at nearby gas station guests and staff say they're just glad no shots were fired and everyone is okay. Reporting from independence Stephanie promise -- BC nine needs.

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{"id":18253653,"title":"Robber Goes From Room to Room of Missouri Motel","duration":"1:37","description":"Suspect took master key from motel clerk and demanded money from guests.","url":"/US/video/robber-room-room-missouri-motel-18253653","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}