The Rundown: Top headlines today: May 11, 2021

Stay up to date on the developing stories making headlines.
4:01 | 05/12/21

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Transcript for The Rundown: Top headlines today: May 11, 2021
From. Remember the high demand for gas fueling and long lines that are wrapping around service stations and in some places even stretching down the street from Nightline to like six different station and nobody's got any gas several gas station is reporting here comes have already weren't trying news North Carolina declaring a state of emergency there might play Adam diesel and gas. Racetrack a gas station chain with 550. Stations across the southeast and also seeing some outages and warning of potential issues and several states there is another name. Little known everytime you use more gasoline. Concerns grow about how much longer before Georgia based colonial pipeline is the fuel company that suffered crippling cyber attack is back online colonial supplies 45% of all the fuel consumed on the East Coast the company says its aiming to restore its network before the end of the week. Are. Currently Hamas the Islamic group in Gaza launching more rockets in Israel tonight including a deadly hit on a town Salmons. Tel Aviv's. Three Israeli women killed in central Israel from the nineteen people who. Israel retaliated with air strikes and high rise used by Hamas leaders I'm sources telling ABC news the building had been evacuated and these are launching a 500 airstrikes and what it said Hamas and Islamic Jihad and military targets. The Gaza health ministry reporting 32 did he including ten children. 150 wounded in the body of an eleven year old Karen through the streets during his funeral. Violence between Israel and Palestinians escalated. To its highest point teen years Israel has the right to defend himself for lying to responds you rocket attacks. The Palestinian people or more also had a right to safety nets journey from just as Israelis U. I stolen U haul truck caught fire after a police chase in southern California Highway Patrol moves and began early this morning and lasted nearly two hours and eventually the truck gets spike strips and lost both front wheels and officials say the man continued to drive even has done on the front tire went on fire. Eventually replace Brent for the rest of the truck forcing manager about a police say he ran away but was taken into custody shortly after. New developments in the death of LaMont Marbury and three Georgia men already facing state murder charges are now pleading not guilty to federal hate crime charges Travis makes Michael Gregory make my ankle and William Ronnie Bryant junior who are charged with violating the armory civil rights and attempted kidnapping. Marbury was chased and shot while running through the white men's neighborhood will Bryant record as the video on his cellphone. Teenagers accused of shooting at his former school in Russia killing at least nine people seven the minions are meet integrators to our adults. And dozens more were injured students hid under their desks ramp from the building. One jump in the window and Russian media reports a nineteen year old attacker posted online this morning that he planned to kill him. President Putin has expressed his condolences and he's also ordered Russia's government to immediately begin tightening gun ownership regulations. But unless you're sales in Russia especially in schools but still very very red and this stands out as one of the deadliest in Russia's history. Trade's. New video shows Kentucky Derby winner medina's beer and working down ahead of the preakness this weekend the horse will be allowed to race after an agreement was reached with racing officials for more testing room. Today the contempt Peterborough winner's trainer Bob Baffert. He admitted that horse was treated with an anti fungal ointment a day before the derby Baffert says that point and contained in May and substance he has now been suspended from Churchill Downs for the incident and Medina spears and injuring and may be overturned.

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