The Rundown: Top headlines today: May 12, 2021

Stay up to date on the developing stories making headlines.
3:58 | 05/13/21

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Transcript for The Rundown: Top headlines today: May 12, 2021
For. Colonial says it's begun the process to resume operations on its pine line about 5 PM eastern. The restart is good news for those motorists a living in the southeast and mid Atlantic states where a lot of gas stations have been closed with the pipeline which is a major supplier to the region being shut down for days. Absolute insanity and everyone is panic buying. Hugging as an increasing amount quiet night at wire could this Virginia station charging nearly seven dollars again. Six gallons a day in the fourth party backed out of absolutely ridiculous. If there's quite gotten to our arrival we won't hesitate. Make sure Walter force. The man suspected of shooting three people in New York's Times Square last weekend including a four year old girl who was arrested today in Florida I'm. His girlfriend also arrested. There were found in a McDonald's in the city of star that is near Jacksonville Mohammed was on the run since Saturday won't police say he opened fire in Times Square and the stray bullets struck three innocent bystanders one of them. A toddler who. Mr. Mohammed puts with a female we believe to be is girlfriend. He was taken into custody without incident. Authorities say he was staying with his girlfriend Lois Bailey in Florida she is now also a considine of course Mohamed will be brought back to New York City the timing on that he's still not clear. A midair collision between two planes in Colorado and they came safe to say in the context of these other. A public park in Denver the larger plane has a giant hole in the fuselage. That little smaller ones fell to the ground. There were two people inside. Both of them are okay no word yet which pilot we'll get the blame for this little fender Bender just Italy's. The search for that missing tiger in Texas continues. Tiger's alleged caretaker Victor Cuevas also connected to a murder charge posted bail this afternoon. And we are told the I'm very anxious. And more from doing everything we can. The bizarre series of events started when a tiger was seen roaming the lawn of a Houston suburb before being ushered back inside when confronted by an armed off duty officer. When authorities arrived when he was allegedly ran with the tiger and he now faces and evading charge from a trip to administer Rampage shows the suspect handling from bear cubs and Mondays and you can't own a tiger in Texas. Just not Houston but things have gotten even stranger. Come on line collapsed and he ardently great tiger and where they've been. A lot of everybody. Cuevas attorney claims the missing nine month old tiger named in India actually belongs to another man nicknamed. California Highway Patrol announcing its arrest 125 year old more reckless driving him any wasn't even behind the wheels and it's caught on camera sitting alone in the Tesla. But in the back seat while the car drove itself in the Bay Area. He's charged with reckless driving. Just like telling ABC news and an assist them repeatedly reminds drivers remain engaged from Nevada highway speeds and drivers can we receive warnings and every thirty seconds or less. There Hansen architect drama we'll. One woman is alive thanks to new labor camp she received from the 95 year old man transplant need former coal miner and World War II that Cecil lock Hart from West Virginia. The oldest organ donor in history his daughter says Lockhart was Smart and human organ donor. After his son is definitely one in ten tissue donations from his son being helped 75 people who want to hurt passed away earlier this month this family says his donations are helping them heal.

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