The Rundown: Top headlines today: May 14, 2021

Stay up to date on the developing stories making headlines.
4:02 | 05/15/21

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Transcript for The Rundown: Top headlines today: May 14, 2021
And there. Remember this CDC has given the okay for fully vaccinated Americans to go mask lies in most indoor and outdoor settings from now communities and businesses are deciding what to do Michigan just a month ago facing is urging coping teases me now lifting its massive mandate but a number of states like Massachusetts keeping their policies in place or seminaries in this country does have quite low vaccination pranks and so we can't treat it necessarily his uniform and a lot of those decisions are gonna have to happen at the jurisdictional. Targeting Kroger still requiring face coverings CVS says it's now reevaluating. Meanwhile Trader Joe's will draw bids mask mandate and Wal-Mart the largest US private employer law also did your mask for those vaccinated shoppers and workers. We gasoline again. Flowing through this 5500. Mile pipeline stretching from Texas to New Jersey pumps are slowly coming back on line. He and I realize how fragile we are as a society like it's one little incident isn't solid suddenly yeah. Bring down. Colonial pipeline promises in the coming days it will get better BBC news confirming a report from Bloomberg that a ransom in the low millions was paid to that hacking group called dark side believed to be based in Russia the Financial Times awards are excited also attacked a Japanese tech company Toshiba earlier this month. And I relived now the latest victim of cyber extortion. The nation's health service saying it shot down an IT systems after what one official calls and possibly the most significant cybercrime attacks in the country's history. A onetime close ally if represented and Matt gates Jill Greenberg will plead guilty to multiple federal crimes in court papers filed on Friday. Including sex trafficking I admire him and still agreed to cooperate with federal investigators the former Seminole County tax collector does not directly name gates in the pavers but he admitted that he and others who are not identified the document had paid a seventeen year old girl for sex. Ohio the city of Columbus has three state ten million dollar settlement with the family a mom on jury held a 47 year old black man was shot and killed last December. But former Columbus police officer out employees from bill was holding a cell. Phoned the city. Has also agreed to create a jam where health frequently played basketball after Henry hill's daughter Clarissa says the settlement he is just the first step to getting full justice for her father and towards healing. It does things that help sport gets me. Take this harmful for our hearts. That we still have my dad not being here the. They had something in his start. Quite was fired from the police department he is facing murder and reckless homicide charges the Ohio attorney general US attorney for central Ohio and the FBI. Are investigating hills. Shooting and a new warning from the EPA and they say that we have as an unprecedented. Territory when it comes to climate that Sharon's new indicators here they are a few of them at least. That's every season being a degree or more higher says the late eighteen hundreds and now she. The heat wave. Happening three times more often since the 1960s when it's hot and we use more AC silly and nearly doubled. The power usage in the summer is that we used in fifty years ago and then as we know about ice sheets but here's a really alarming picture and thirty year agreement panic and anarchic country from. Remember rapid rate of change that is what makes unprecedented yes we have seen cycles just not in this remedy race. Kobe Bryant will be inducted into the basketball hall of fame Samara. Bryant's his daughter and seven others were killed in the helicopter crash last year. Michael Jordan seen in tears at a friend's memorial service will make the presentation. Bryant's would open NASA will reportedly speak at tomorrow's ceremony and Tim Duncan and Kevin Garnett are among the others being inducted.

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