The Rundown: Top headlines today: May 17, 2021

Stay up to date on the developing stories making headlines.
4:15 | 05/18/21

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Transcript for The Rundown: Top headlines today: May 17, 2021
From. President Biden spoke with Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu this afternoon about the escalating violence in the Middle East. Israel now says its airstrikes destroyed nine miles of tunnels used by Hamas. Along with the homes of alleged Hamas commanders and Hamas and the Israeli army have been exchanging a barrage and airstrikes for a week now with Palestinian civilians suffering they heaviest losses. Gaza is reporting extensive damage to roads and infrastructure. And Gaza also experiencing widespread power outages and it's tap water. Now and drinkable me. New York City to transit officers are being hailed as heroes for rescuing a man who fell onto the subway tracks from as the train was coming into the station always. Believe the man had an medical episode before falling off the platforms wind got the incoming train to stop. While the other revived the man on the tracks they pulled them up onto the platform avoiding any further harm. Please making an arrest in connection with a suspicious wildfire burning in Southern California officials say the suspect is being treated for smoke inhalation. The fire scorched more than thirteen hundred acres locally. No one has been killed and no structures have been damaged. About 540 firefighters though battled the flames along with a water dropping helicopters and Pacific Palisades. An evacuation order affecting about a thousand residents is still in a place the exact cause of that fire under investigation. Microsoft founder Bill Gates facing allegations of inappropriate conduct in. As leniency and to be ex wife Melinda French gates to finalize their multi billion dollar divorce in the New York Times and Wall Street Journal reporting will he allegedly pursued relationships with several employees. Prior to his wife a 27 years filing for divorce according to the journal bill reportedly changed Jennings years long sexual relationship with the Microsoft engineer. Then began in 2000. The employee writing a letter about it when she came to the court's attention in 2019. Leading to an investigation. Team effectively forced from his role on the court in March 2020s. Against spokesperson telling the journal there was an and they are almost twenty years ago which ended amicably and bill's decision to transition I'm the board was in no way related to this matter is also under scrutiny builds a relationship with convicted sex offender from every amnesty that stealing Easter morning Epstein allegedly gave bill in light on ending his marriage when they men between 2011 to 2014. A spokesperson for mr. gates telling the Daily Beast that characterization of those meetings is inaccurate -- Eddie cleaning needs and spoke of his marriage or Melinda and it disparaging manner. Is balls. After a week long search from the Indian tiger now safe after 14100. Acre Cleveland Amory black beauty ranch in north Texas. Our goal is to provide him the best quality of life. More and arrested him like yeah. India was surrendered Saturday night by Victor Clemens is light after police received a T yeah yeah. Went as well as the person last seen with the tiger one week ago in Houston but tigers are illegal. Yeah. Authorities also say whoever is India's owner even though his lawyer has denied he kids he's now behind bars are separate 2017 murder charge. Which he has pled not guilty to. No more thank you an extraordinary honor I'm Ron tank is married to superstar singer tied the knot with her fiance passed. It's real estate agent on the film as. A rep from grundy confirmed to ABC news people magazine's reporting that the ceremony at her modesty go home plus tiny an intimate that's less than twenty people it's unclear whether this was an official ceremony. Back in April grundy shared her engagement ring on social media from the pair has kept their relationship fairly private ground it was previously engaged test announced our heat Davidson or breaking it off and when he team.

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