The Rundown: Top headlines today: May 4, 2021

Stay up to date on the developing stories making headlines.
4:10 | 05/05/21

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Transcript for The Rundown: Top headlines today: May 4, 2021
From. This afternoon president I didn't sending you vaccination goals from calling for 70% of the US adult population to have at least one shot in the 160 million Americans to be fully vaccinated my Independence Day. That means giving closed. Hundred gunshots or something first shots on second jobs boom next sixty days when I was planning to use democracy gardeners to offering market vaccinations in the news was supported mobile clinics to reach rural areas. Monday and move could be controversial aluminum Kaiser health reported that two pharmacies and CVS and Walgreens were responsible for majority of them more than a 182000. Wasting doses of vaccine today an unidentified between December she. According to the CDC more than a 105 million Americans are now fully vaccinated. Let demand for coated vaccines is declining down by sixteen and a half percent in the last week. The White House is now beginning to suggest that herd immunity is not counting describing their end goal. What our objective business records to them vaccinated as much of the population. As quickly as we can. In Colombia at least nineteen killed hundreds more injured during these protests. Tens of thousands taking to the streets to demonstrate a tax write commands and compensate for revenue lost during the pandemic it is that plan was later some ground but the protests continue seeking social reforms. Police responded with force. Reportedly opening fire on protesters and prompting condemnation from the United Nations. Colombia's defense minister facing pressure to resign. Consists of officers acted in accordance with the law in the war protests are expected. It happened in the blink of an eye on nine year old boy climbing onto this airport luggage belt getting pulled inside. Seen in surveillance video obtained by NPR news. The boy had wandered away from his family in the Minneapolis airport on Saturday afternoon he and launch of the baggage conveyor system Delta Airlines staff immediately stopping the Belgium and the boy escaping onto another one that eventually brought him to the screening area and seen crawling out and jumping down. Officials telling ABC news airport police found the child who was uninjured and in less than four minutes and returned him to his parents an investigation is now under way. While New York City students to say goodbye to snow days starting next year's snow storms will no longer be an excuse for a day off. The city's Department of Education systems will be expected to log on remotely when and personal learning is canceled. Election Day he will also be a remote learning day pending state guidance for the first day of school for the next calendar year is September. T. Tonight Brandon Mitchell one of twelve jurors who convicted former comedy are children of killing George Floyd is defending his impartiality as a juror after this picture of him last August 2 resurfaced our minds. At the march on Washington commemorating doctor Martin Luther King's I have a dream speech. We need Edward George Floyd's family members who were among the speakers and thoughts and finally saw us. Mitchell wearing a shirt with a picture of doctor king and the words and keep your name off our necks and Cleo Lemon and after the guilty verdict to Mitchell telling our Robin Roberts that video children's media and Floyd's neck was key amendment that was believed. The most important little piece of eyewitness dimensional during jury selection answered no when asked if he participated in demonstrations about police use of force. Children's defense attorney Eric Nelson filing this motion for a new trial citing a number of reasons including jury misconduct. For the largest jewelry producer in the world will no longer use mined diamonds pandora says it is items including rings and necklaces. We'll feature of lab created diamonds and the jury will also be more environmentally friendly since will be mostly made with the renewable energy it's expected to launch globally next year. Last year and your officials said they went to only use recycled gold and silver forest products by 20/20 five.

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