Sacramento Kings coach accused of sexual assault

Former reporter Kelli Tennant filed suit against Sacramento Kings' Luke Walton alleging sexual battery and gender violence.
2:31 | 04/24/19

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Transcript for Sacramento Kings coach accused of sexual assault
And guys I want you to know this name it's Kelly Tenet that's the name of the woman who has accused. Luke Walton in these Sacramento the Sacramento Kings head coach. Of sexual assault in 2014. She is now spoken out and said it's occur so long to publicize. The allegations because. A fierce I want to go to Maggie really who's in Los Angeles with more Maggie. Kimberly beans are disturbing allegations against Luke Walton Kelly Tenet. A former sports reporter is accusing Walton a sexually assaulting her about five years ago at a time. She was just 25 and consider Walton a mentor. I'm Walt and if it up for Miller's one of the most high profile coaches in the NBA has coast. Basketball superstars like LeBron James until recently he was head coach of the LA lakers but is now with the Sacramento case. This allegation dates back to 2014 when Walton was with the Golden State Warriors and was visiting LA. Tenet claims she went to Walton hotel because she had just written a book that he had supported her on and she want to give him a copy that they can't she says he asked her to come up to his hotel room she hesitated but claims he told her he didn't want to stay in the lobby with the players that things would be okay. So she says she trusted him. Now it was inside that room that ten alleges Walton attacked her particularly I want you here in her own words she spoke at a press conference yesterday described the alleged incident in graphic DT to listen. He got on top of me and she me down to the he just my neck and my face and my chest. And as I kept asking him to please stop in to get. He laughed at me I thought he was going to rape me. Now Walton lawyer is countering that has come out with a statement saying he strongly denies the allegation and says Tenet. In an opportunist not a victim and her claim is not credible in a statement adding we intend to prove this in court. Please app told ABC news Tenet never reported the alleged assault of them. The ten spoke back about that she says she waited these five years because at the time she was 35. And feared for her career she had only been working as a sports reporter for about a year at that point thought it would jeopardize her entire future says he also feared for safety. I'm saying. Exactly about that it would quote jeopardize every aspect of my life the Kimberly she's now saying time's up in that she's speaking out. For the older woman women who abandoned her alleged situation saying quote if sharing my story makes another woman appeals heard that's what matters to planning where to come on this Kimberly Hampshire. Thank you Maggie for those updates.

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{"duration":"2:31","description":"Former reporter Kelli Tennant filed suit against Sacramento Kings' Luke Walton alleging sexual battery and gender violence. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"62601553","title":"Sacramento Kings coach accused of sexual assault","url":"/US/video/sacramento-kings-coach-accused-sexual-assault-62601553"}